Where are the cool expansion videos bro?

Straight to the point, back when my character was young in EVE we got these cool expansion trailers which, while certainly low budget when compared to something like WoW, would still hype me and my friends every time.

I haven’t seen one out in ages. What gives, did all the capable video editors move on to do youtube videos or whaT?

Some classics like this (when the bass drops, I jizzed)

The meme one (obiviously) :

This is Vic:

We just got the 15 year anniversary official video, bring back teh hype as well!


I don’t think any of the above videos are cool or worth watching.

These videos, Prohphecy in particular, are cool and worth watching. Every trailer that focuses solely on player stuff is nothing but annoying rubbish.

On the other hand … that one is “good”.

And then there is the Citadel trailer … For christ’s sake I cannot find the parody version of the Citadel trailer that shows how citadel fights really are. This is so annoying. :weary:


There are never enough awesome or sort of awesome EVE videos :smiley:

Ccp just saw a bunch fired or quit i don’t think they have the resources

You can have expansion videos, or you can have new content and ship redesigns. There’s not enough time for both.

We used to get both


Eve online forever evolving, or dare I say cutbacks. Quantum rise trailer is a personal fave along with the mandatory I was there. Just ask Lumio and his Tristan about that one. I’m sure he would agree.

There we go. This is the citadel trailer I was talking about. This is how CCP’s new trailers should be if they portrait player related things.


lol CCP’s version is an amazing ad for the game, but yeah, a bit different from reality :smiley:

Always and forever

Next best would be Prophecy.


Wow! That was a great vid. I wish Eve was really like that.

I just wish we had a large bloc that still actually liked playing the role of the enemy/bad guy like the Russians used to. It did so much to spur conflict and fun stories.

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