Eve Pulse vs Eve Scope

What is the difference between the two? They both seem to give news, the only difference I can gather is that one seems to be “in game” almost spectator news and the other is more Game developer updates, events Etc. Is this correct or am I misinformed?

They serve basically the same purpose but the Scope is role play and Pulse is not. Scope has always been somewhat random. Pulse was a regular Friday event last fall and winter but they stopped 5 or 6 months ago and we’ve only had a few random videos since then.


As mentioned in one of Pulse video (do you guys even listen to what they are saying in those videos). They stopped doing Pulse due to pandemic. Not worth the risk for filming crew and most important news will be pushed as Scope video since they can make them while working from home.

Even if by now CCP office in Iceland works like before, pandemic has it’s comeback in Europe so they will have issues again.


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