What has happened to The Scope

Anyone know what has happened to The Scope news on youtube? Last scope post was in may, and a lot has happened since then that the scope should be reporting on.


They are correcting their focus. Try again in a few twists n turns.

I always loved The Scope and the way the reporter dryly said stuff like “thousands have been lost in this incident” just like he announcing it was going to be partly cloudy tomorrow. Ditto when he quoted the words of some political hack who was explaining that “nothing here to see; move along”. Don’t know how much time/resources/money it takes CCP to make these; wondering if the community could fill the void, since I’ve seen some credible attempts of reproducing them on youtube.


Have you not seen “The Discourse” ?


Thank you for spreading the word :wink:

We are running close to a year now and I think have 15 episodes? covering major lore and PVP developments. Our static crew of Elinari Rhodan, Cyrillian Voth, Makoto Priano and your humble servant tries to bring in community members and their work in each episode like we did with some graphics by Corrin Mor, Kyoko Sakoda and Noene Drops.

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Due to removal of CQ’s… The Scope had to destroy their broadcast headquarters…

yes, I know, I know… its a sad day since CCP destroyed all immersion in game with removal of our precious CQ’s now The Scope has no choice but to make spaceship only video’s…

the end of an era… the rest of the scope staff has been laid off and are watching reruns of their youtube videos for the rest of eternity…:frowning:


I thought I see one-liner of concord arresting gigx in a EVE Online video, forgot which one it is.

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