Hi from a rookie player

Hi all,

I’m not going to bother you with any loooooooooong story explaining who I am, how I came into EVE or what I use to do in real life; that’s what user profiles were created for, I guess --and I’ve just filled mine before daring to post a first thread here!

(Just one previous remark: as you’ll notice soon if keep reading, english isn’t my native language; please be indulgent with any likely misspelling or word misuse I might incur) :flushed:

Honestly, after a couple of months getting started with a first character (Jeanette Oliu) and later daring to run a second one (Laia Feraud), I’m liking and enjoying a lot this game.

However, as an avid consumer of almost any sort of games (either boardgames, RPG and miniature wargaming), I soon started missing the chance to develop my characters’ life in RPG mode, so I began running some short stories about them, shared by mail with my Corp mates under form of ship logbook, or simply as letters written from character to character.

Later I read about Intergalactic Summit. So that’s why I’m here :slightly_smiling_face:

Would it be right to use this forum to share such stories? If so, what format is advisable to use? I mean, how to mark when it’s the capsuleer who tells the story (IC) and when it’s the player who does (OOC)? Any practical tips?

That was a bad beginning, I’d say. I promised this would be a short post :roll_eyes:
So better shutting up :zipper_mouth_face: and reading a bit more.

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Player Fiction is best for stories that you, as a player, might write about your character or the eve universe.

The Lore forum is a good place to ask questions, as a player, about eve lore.

Intergalactic Summit is meant to be in character and can best be understood as almost like a comment/message board capsuleers use, icly. It’s generally best to avoid OOC there but if you must (( )) indicate something is OOC.

Another resource is http://backstage.eve-inspiracy.com/ which are ooc forums used by a number of eve roleplayers.

I hope this helps!

I would kill to hear player stories, I have so many stories that felt so big to me yet is a drop in the bucket of eve.
Would love to hear others.

Moved to a slightly more appropriate section of forums.

Intergalactic Summit - section for character roleplay discussion and announcements.

Player Fiction - section for Reading and discussing Fan Fiction created by the community. If you, as a player, want to write stories about your character(s) this is place to do it.

EVE Lore Discussion - section to discuss official Lore and Fiction of EVE online.

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