[Event] New Texel Opening Reception & 47th Birthday Celebration

What: Opening reception for the New Texel Biomedical Research Centre & my 47th birthday
Who: Everyone (with a few exceptions)
When: 31st August at 19:00 (gates open at 18:30)
Where: New Texel Island (Landing instructions will be provided later)

I am proud to announce that the construction of New Texel Biomedical Research Centre nears its completion and I would like to offer you an invite to the open Opening Reception on the 31st of August at 19:00. As I will soon be turning 47 years this event will also double as my birthday celebration.

The celebrations will take place on New Texel Island itself and will be a prime opportunity for You to see the facility. I will personally give a tour to some of the labs. Landing instructions will be provided later.

Hueromont’s most talented bartenders and chefs will provide You with the finest drinks and snacks for the evening. In addition, artists from all over the Federation will provide the music and the entertainment for the night.

The dresscode is formal and the invitation is open – with a few exceptions. Please note that due to the nature of this facility the security will be strict.

Preliminary schedule:
18:30 The gates are green
19:00 Opening speech followed by tour of the facility by yours truly
21:00 Entertainment (More info will follow)

I am looking forward to seeing You and showing You the future in Biomedical & Cybernetic research.
-Dr Mizhir Devara


Wonderful! I’ll be there!


The Blue Energy Consortium will surely send a representative, looking forward to collaboration opportunities on this field.

Doctor Bastrom,

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Barring some emergency, I’ll endeavor to be there!


The premise of your research sounds interesting, and the facility itself looks quite advanced. I’d be honored to attend.

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I’ll be there on behalf of ARC.

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Please see if you can drag Makoto out of the lab for the occation :wink:

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I’ll certainly give her a message to let her know.

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