[INVITE] Club Inferno Reopening: Biko's B-Day Bash 2.0

Greetings Summit,

Club Inferno has for a long time been the biggest club in Origin (J120442) but that time has, not without some regret, come to an end. Last month we had a big celebration at the Club’s original location before it closing, and now we (I have become co-owner a while back) are setting up at the Yashunen III - Genolution Biotech Production station.

The second edition of my legendary B-Day Bash will also be the grand reopening party. I will be celebrating birthdays 37-41. There will be free admittance and an open bar, so the Club will be likely filled with non-capsuleers, but I will make sure that the club is not totally filled to maximum capacity so my friends and fellow capsuleers can join the party. Additionally there is a VIP lounge, but that is also where the too-hot-for-holo stuff happens, so while you can request access to that in advance, some of you may not want to go there.

The party starts at 1800 NEST on the 26th of March and will go on until at least 0000 NEST.

I might invite some “freaks”, so be prepared, my civilized friends.
I might invite some “squares”, so be prepared, my crazy friends.
I expect you all to get along for the duration of this party.

The code for this party and this thread will be Love, Peace, and PARTY!
Dresscode: Go for Silly Crazy Party outfits (if you dare).

Those listed below are explicitly invited, but if you are not among them feel free to drop by anyway.

:v: :heart:
-Ché Biko

Location: Club Inferno
Yashunen III - Genolution Biotech Production station
Time: 124.03.26 1800-0000+

@Aria_Jenneth @Arrendis @Arsia_Elkin @Auriga_Menkalinan @Aurora_Morgan @Azia_Burgi @Bataav @Caroline_Grace @Catherine_Gillot


More explicit invites:
@Elsebeth_Rhiannon @Elythiel @Garion_Avarr @Halcyon_Ember @Haria_Haritimado @Isis_Dea @Jacq_Andriu @James_Syagrius @Jandice_Ymladris @Jennifer_Starfall

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More explicit invites:
@Jjaro_Durandal @Jorianna_Gallaire @Julian_Flavours @Julianni_Avala @Julianus_Soter @Juno_Xi @Kalaratiri @Kalodote_Lafisques @Karene_Avarr @Kassa_Biha_Parvi

More explicit invites:
@Katia_Sae @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia @Louella_Dougans @Lunarisse_Aspenstar @Makoto_Priano @Maria_Daphiti @Mika_Firestorm @Maldis_Vern @Mimi_Hennver @Mizhara_Del_thul

More explicit invites:
@Mizhir @Olga_Drottning @Pixxiedust_Fairymeadow @Raxi_Elamp @Saccade_Amir @Remilia_Malitia @Samira_Kernher @Selenna_Scarlet_Solange @Sinti_Vailatti @Stitcher

More explicit invites:
@Streya_Jormagdnir @Tessande_Falconer @Trii_Seo @Tsao_Aubbes @Yskari @Yucie_Van_Burean @Yun-Hee_Tight-lips_Yubari

Not a fan of discotheques, especially if you fill that with extremists, lawless gangs, madmen…

Going around there for security tasks reasons that will rise.

Well colour me out of the in-crowd, I guess… And I had just started to learn to rollerskate too!

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Thank you for the invitation!

However, do you realize that inviting me and… Soter… into the same room would mean starting a bloodbath, not a party? I can say that I hold dear to my heart incident when he tried to tackle my kiki with his nergal - well, I don’t say he tried to actually kill me, since after I actually killed him the rest of his gang entered the installation. He lost and I outmaneuvered his blob! I am just saying, that I won’t lose a chance to repeat that in person.

As well I have to warn you ahead, that as a soldier of the State I’ll immediately put handcuffs on people like Priano to drag her into the tribunal, she’s still on my to do list.

Any other outright enemies of the State or those suspected in crimes against Caldari State will be also demanded to surrender on sight or be destroyed. Surrendered enemies will be handcuffed and transferred to the State for tribunal.

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dixalen u want a paint or not

Oh well, not that much different from a visit to L’Amore in Ballo, for example.

Apologies, but I do not recall ever meeting you.

You are welcome, apart from everything you wrote after that, so consider yourself to be the first on the “Invite revoked, not allowed entry” list. I thank you for your honesty, though.

I wrote you a mail, I hope that clears it up.

Also, stealing this:


This being didn’t even try that one.

I’m surprised, Strike Commander Kim, that you would loose your composure in such a way in such a public venue. It would only go to show that the Caldari cannot train their officers in composed decorum. I suppose you could make a spectacle all in the name of arresting enemies of the State, but in the end, it will only dishonor the Caldari and paint us as untrained rabid dogs.

You should save it for the battlefield or a covert operation to extract them.

An enemy is an enemy. This is an informal social gathering organized by a foreigner, not a diplomatic event to warrant treating them any differently.

I would recommend you refrain from making any further stupid insinuations.

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Or else what?

Glare at me?

There are opportunities to be made here and all you see is a chance for vendetta.

If you want to brawl, take it outside.

Or else I will just have to assume that this isn’t an innocent error on your part and you are actually just a malicious deviant looking to slander the State to appease its enemies.

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Empty threat and you know it.


It’s always lovely to see a couple having each other’s backs :heart: