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Beth, you need to see this, now.
Come on, I know you’re receiving.
This is actually important.
I’m gonna send a squad over.
I mean it.
Pick up or I will do it.
I’ll leave the station and come over personally and murder you out of whatever hangover or attack of self-pity you’re nursing.
… oh ■■■■ this ■■■■.

Lleyl: I don’t know what you are up to but when you receive this you have to abort everything of it and scatter the network. Do not reply, all possible channels have to be assumed compromised. Actually, just do not reply. Ever again. This needs to stop.

Beth. Seriously.

My Chief; I will be sending some data for safekeeping via normal courier channels. The information is sensitive and concerns multiple organizations, including governmental, and if revealed could cause significant political turmoil in the Republic. Sadly, it also includes information that would seriously compromise my principal. My recommendation would be to just sit on it, as life-insurance in case things get even worse. It’s a double-edged blade, and even the Circle of Chiefs for Security has too many who would use it against our allied clans.

OUTOING, 08:30
Beth, for the love of all good gods.

To Capsuleer Captain M Rhiannon/Quildar, RFS Sobaki Rain, current location classified
I wish to again express my delight in having seen you face-to-face, if only on the grave of a mutual brother-in-arms. No talk about nonremittal of old debts needs to mentioned again; I am certain counting kudos between us has been unnecessary for years. Please accept the attached modest gift as wishes for your good fortune in this new year of 123. Spirits at the back of our Fleet.

For the love of gods yourself, stop pinging me, Iro. I know what’s what, I am not stupid, nor am I deaf. If Seykal intended me to die, either me or them would be dead already, and I assure you I am only hung over enough that I wish I was. This was a warning, not shots fired. Ashok is more complex a beast than you probably assume and no more a nice little loyalist than I am. “Let us look forward but remember our mistakes, and do so with vigilant eyes.” Kanth Filmir, YC122. Now let me sleep, it’s way too early for a loyal Republic warrior to be awake on a New Year’s morning.

image image



The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist performed a low-key opening of its newest branch at the Guristas Assembly Plant in P-VYVL today. A Reverend Ardashir Naresh presided over a congregation of about a dozen worshipers, primarily assembly line workers who build Gila-class cruisers for the Guristas Pirates. The Sedevacantist Church believes in the efficacy of the Amarr Imperial Rite, but considers the Imperial Throne to be vacant, and so like Fr. Balash Kavad at the church’s first branch on the Gallentean world of Lamadent III, Fr. Naresh deviated from the Imperial Rite in omitting a prayer for the sitting Empress and instead prayed for the so-called Restoration of a legitimate ruler to the Throne.

The Sedevacantist Church’s newest branch presents something of a contrast to the church’s Lamadent branch and its lavish facilities and fire breathing sermons. His church tucked into a retail front between a dive bar and an off-site Mindclash betting facility, Fr. Naresh gave encouragement to his hardscrabble congregation, for whom 12-hour workdays are not uncommon, telling them that come the Restoration, should they join the Reclaiming voluntarily, they would live lives of luxury and leisure with slaves to do all the hard work. Perhaps in deference to Brutor over-representation among Guristas leadership, Fr. Naresh’s sermon declined to identify the bloodlines that would supply the slaves following the Restoration, even as de facto leader of the Sedevacantist Church Mr. Nauplius has on many occasions described the Minmatar as a permanent slave people who will serve his church’s faithful forever once the Empire has a legitimate Emperor again. Fr. Naresh’s sermon also avoided any confrontation with the religion of Wayism, either in its mainline Caldari form or the so-called Windchime Wayism variant promoted by Guristas-loyalist capsuleer Avio Yaken.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist refused to comment on whether it paid bribes to secure its church’s storefront in Venal.


The following was first broadcast in SPNN’s morning broadcast on 03 January YC 123.

Ariend Arms Signs Massive 300M Arms Contract As Part of House Sarum’s Rearmament Program!!!

“In other news, the armament company Ariend Arms has signed a massive arms contract with House Sarum-affiliated PMCs. Kaylin West has more on this sweeping deal.” The holo switches from showing the anchor, Jacob, to showing a young Ni-Kunni woman standing outside Ariend Arms’ corporate HQ.

“Yes, Jacob. According to sources familiar with this massive arms deal, Ariend Arms is being paid 300M in ISK to supply a number of House Sarum-affiliated PMCs such as the Shining Flame with small arms and ammunition as part of House Sarum’s rearmament program. A few hours ago, the CEO of Ariend Arms, Heriend Ariend, held a press conference to announce the deal. During the conference, he shed some light on exactly how groundbreaking this deal was. He told us that if Ariend Arms fulfilled this contract, they may go on to create a long-term partnership with House Sarum. He also expressed hope that House Sarum would also buy Ariend Arms products to supply their Amarrian Navy forces in the future. Jacob, it seems that Ariend Arms is expanding quickly under Kyvon Ariend’s control.”

“Yes, Kaylin. Well, we’ll see how it turns out for House Ariend. Now, in other news … ” The holo begins showing the anchor, Jacob, sitting in SPNN’s studio.


Followers of GalNet social media platforms might note the following video being shared actively under #IntakitunShuparaabParakol, last widely used during the protests against the Intaki Assembly in mid to late YC121.

Digital analysis indicates the video was originally produced at the Impetus Development Studio in VV-VCR.


Article in The Pegeler Inquirer, 6.01.YC123

Start of First Kendu Community Open on Eugales VI Draws Thousands from Archavoinet, Frarie, and Aubenal
Today marks the beginning of the first Community Open tournament series set on Eugales VI(locally known as Shine Ehklel), focused primarily on community scratch teams and established rookie teams for the popular sport Kendu. The tournament has already drawn thousands of spectators to the newly built Yuo Stadium at the Masariin Gazaar arcology on the stormy world from across the local constellation, and more continue to flow in to watch or participate in the tournament.
The Community Open is currently sponsored by noted colonial director and capsuleer siren Lauralite Anne Brezia, who has thus far welcomed all comers to the event with open arms. The Community Open is expected to run over the course of the next two weeks, with two opening games scheduled for a staggered start later tonight, planetary local time.
Live coverage of the games will be available at several venues across the pegeler constellation, and beyond.


The Solitude Sentinel, YC 123/1/7

Raided Drug Lab in Heluene Deadspace Pocket Found To Contain Aenebra Cult Paraphernalia
Heluene, Elerelle District

Following an uptick in reported activity by the Aenebran Intaki death cult in Solitude, and sparked by the assassination of another slain Federal Drug Enforcement officer in the Octanneve system, Federal Navy authorities have recently stepped up patrols throughout the more lawless districts of Solitude in an attempt to crack down on further criminal elements that would compliment the existing saturation of Serpentis drug lords in the region. In part due to the gradual return to normalcy for Federation forces in the wake of the Triglavian invasions, numeros Serpentis-affiliated and other independent drug and booster distrubution bases have emerged in Solitude, including in areas such as the Orvanne district where the Niballe system saw Federal authorities halt a large drug distribution operation that distributed boosters, primarly Exile, to buyers across the entire district. As the assasination of the FDE official occured a day later, Federal Intelligence officials had been called in to deduce whether the Niballe operation had any links to the Aenebra death cult, although no such link had been found.

Previously active in the Placid region, most notably in the Intaki system, the barbaric cult operates around a variation of the concept of rebirth in Intaki spirituality that glorifies death, and have a history of willfully slaughtering Federal citizens to achieve their macabre goals. While mostly beaten back in to the Syndicate by Federal forces in YC 110, the relatively dormant cult seems to have emerged again in Federation space, thus prompting the increase of Navy patrols in the region. While raids on numerous drug labs in the Elose, Braille and Elerelle districts had not yielded any trace of Aenebran activity, a recent raid on a facility in Heluene led Federal forces to discover a cache of weaponry that had been emblazoned with the Aenebran insignia.

Pictured: The suspected Aenebra Cult affiliated drug facility, which now remains in Federal custody.

The facility, located in a deadspace pocket near Heluene V, was guarded by vessels that were reminiscent of the typical Serpentis liveries, although no formal decals or other designs on the ships indicated that they were of Serpentis origin. The outward defenders were dispatched through the efforts of the Mobrault Security Consultants in an operation conducted by capsuleer Clordilen Ellevrette, which then allowed FDE authorities to board the facility in overwhelming force. Numerous arrests were made, including the staff of the facility, as well as buyers seeking to procure some of the Drop supplied by the drug runners. Initial searches of the drug facility returned standard results, but upon a search of the cargo platform directly below the facility proper, a container holding various small arms and bladed weaponry emblazoned with confirmed Aenebra iconography were discovered. As a result, the arrested staffers of the facility have been turned over to local FIO authorities for questioning.

Neither the FDE, FIO, nor Mr. Ellevrette could be reached by the Sentinel for comments on the matter, however, the MBSC had released a statement acknowledging the Aenebra cult, and their “dedication to stamping out their activity wherever in the region it is detected.”


Conversation overheard on 7th January YC123
Homeworld Fortizar, Wirashoda, Krai Veles, Pochven

“CONCORD made it public that they’ve lost a bunch of operatives and teams out here in Pochven. You know if any of that happen in Wirashoda? It’s one of the tougher environments to work in for hostiles. No large settlements to hide in, just assorted resource extraction colonies, easy to monitor. On top of that, we’ve got boots on the ground going after the resistance in cooperation with the Clade Veles conscripts.”

“We have been informed of the capture of a group of CONCORD agents by the uh… Paramount Strategic Troika, I think that’s the one that told us. They were caught during that last major engagement with the resistance on Wirashoda IX by…I assume he or they…? were talking about their equivalent of a clandestine operations unit. It’s still tough to understand them, due to the odd syntax.”

“I heard about that fight. Serious blow to the resistance on Wira IX, but not enough to kill it. Didn’t know the CONCORD guys were present, PMCs saw neither hide nor hair of them judging by the reports. Makes sense, they’re good, but not that good. CONCORD’s Commandos are obviously on another level, and by extension so are the Veles guys who caught them. If they didn’t tell you explicitly that they existed, you’d have no reason to believe they did except for it being logical that they do. Might as well be spirits. Say, any idea on how they plan to get info out of them?”

“I haven’t the slightest. It could be horrible or they could just magically suck out whatever they want to know. The Triglavians are so strange that it’s hard to even think of a starting point. “

“Maybe to you. I can think of some potential methods. Could see specialized mutaplasmids being used to manipulate the brain into a state of obedience or truthfulness, or maybe their minds get dumped into the cladeflow and the Navka and Koschoi just sift through the data. If they can do the latter…they’d learn quite a lot about CONCORD I imagine. A lot of options for torture too. Sucks to be them. Good for us. “

“I certainly don’t envy their position. Do you know of any new developments regarding the various planetary resistances? They don’t tell us about the state of the conflict often.”

“I most assuredly do. In addition to continued suppression of the remaining resistance forces on Wirashoda IX, the Eagles of Storm Wind are planning to ambush a contingent of the Wirashoda IV resistance in a few days, in cooperation with…”



The third known branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist opened today in the Syndicate colony of DD-8153, following a procession of an empty throne through the colony’s main street. The Sedevacantist Church, which believes the Amarr Throne to be vacant and Empress Catiz to be illegitimate, is not the first Amarrian church in the colony, as the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive’s so-called “Project Dustbowl” successfully brought Amarr missionaries to the colony nine years ago, and Amarrian churches remain active there to this day. The Sedevacantist Church’s DD-8153 congregation was led by former street preacher Boran Khosrow, who like the church’s de facto leader Nauplius hails from the Khanid Kingdom world of Danera V.

Fr. Khosrow’s first sermon continued the Sedevacantist Church’s practice of adapting the church’s teaching to local conditions. While sermons at the sedevacantists’ Lamadent branch have fulminated against Minmatar immigrants, and those at their Venal branch emphasized the benefits of slavery to its working class audience, Fr. Khosrow had another message for his Intaki congregation: Turn or burn. Fr. Khosrow began calmly and quietly, describing the facts of Khanid Sa-Baron Atazil Kufail’s assassination by Intaki militants a year and a half ago. His voice rising, Fr. Khosrow then explained that God is angry with the Intaki who are collectively guilty of this murder, that he is angry with this very congregation, that he burns with hatred toward them, and that at that very moment only his mysterious will prevents them from sliding headlong into the Pit of Hell, whose fires lapped at their heels that very moment. His voice reaching a furious crescendo, the Reverend then described in exquisite detail the horrific, grusome punishments that his audience would suffer in Hell. Finally, Fr. Khosrow immediately shifted tone, his face and words becoming kindly and merciful, telling the congregation that soon, very soon, God will restore a valid Emperor to the throne, an Emperor who will open his arms to the Intaki and allow them to join the Reclaiming voluntarily, saving them from the wrath of an angry God.

While some of the congregation walked out in disgust during the sermon, others were visibly moved, swooning and crying out, “What must I do to be saved” as Fr. Khosrow detailed all the various ways they will be tortured in Hell. After the service, some of the congregation gathered around the empty throne in the center of the worship space, weeping and bowing down to it, praying that the valid Emperor would come soon and save them from Hell. While they prayed, Fr. Khosrow comforted them and sprinkled them with holy water.


CVN Morning Broadcast 10th January YC123

Welcome to Clade Veles News, the only official news station in all of Pochven. Sponsored and operated by Clade Veles, we take advantage of the Triglavian Collective’s extensive information network to bring you the latest developments in the Domain of Pochven.

Pochven recently saw a surge in activity from local capsuleer organization Stribog Clade and their allies the Void Republic. The sobornost Kybernauts moved beyond their usual security operations and enacted a search and destroy operation that tracked down and eliminated at least 4 EDENCOM stellar monitoring operations across Pochven including their accompanying dreadnoughts. Stribog Clade is well known in Krai Veles as the primary provider of independent infrastructure and millions of jobs, as well as being a constant thorn in the side of EDENCOM and associated resistances. Their continued service to the people of Krai Veles is always appreciated.

Our next story takes us to Wirashoda, where an ambush against the rebel group operating on Wirashoda IV was successfully conducted by private military contractors Eagles of Storm Wind and Sobornost Security Force. Formerly known as Sortet Security Firm and originating from the same system, Sobornost Security Force have officially rebranded to show their support for the Collective and come under the employ of Stribog Clade along with the Eagles of Storm Wind and Swords of Geros to provide security for their planetary operations as well as aid Clade Veles in eradicating opposition. We are pleased to report that most of the rebel contingent was destroyed and supplies confiscated. On Wirashoda IX, following the massive confrontation last week that saw the local resistance movement suffer a major defeat, the Swords of Geros are continuing to apply pressure. Two holdout rebel cells have been uncovered and detained by the Swords, soon to be turned over to Clade Veles authorities. Clade Veles News is dedicated to keeping the residents of Krai Veles informed and will keep you updated as the conflict develops. Stay tuned as next we examine the latest economic surveys from across Krai Veles, right after the break.


Conversations along the following lines might be overheard in tea shops and over market stalls throughout a certain part of Syndicate.

A: “Did you hear about this new preacher from the Kingdom? It’s ‘turn or burn’ for us, apparently.”

B: “Not surprised, that lot from DD-8153 deserve it. I mean take the Ishukone money, of course, but did they really have to buy into the whole afterlife nonsense?”

C: “You can’t make a circle into a straight line. It’s just weird.”

A: “Hey, those missionaries did a lot more good than harm. Life there’s a lot better than in most of those settlements.”

B: “So, what’s different about this new bunch then?”

A: “They say the Empress isn’t really the Empress.”

C: “What’s that got to do with our souls?”

A: “It means there is no legitimate source of divine guidance to followers of the Rite.”

B: “Well, I could’ve told you that…”

A: “Shush, it’s serious! These people are more than just the usual refugees we get hiding out here. They are challenging the Empress and she won’t let it go unanswered. Think what all those Amarrian capsuleers you’ve been selling robotics too might do about it!”

B: Audible gulp “The Syndicate wouldn’t let them, surely?”

C: “Sister, the Syndicate officially denies those settlements even exist and the last thing they want is to anger the Empress… Anything could happen down there.”

B: “What about ‘our’ capsuleers? They’ve been making good money from those colonies.”

A: Dismissively “Why would they get involved either way? The preacher hasn’t actually done anything wrong so they’ll probably not take action but, at the same time, I doubt they’re going to lift a finger to defend DD-8153 against the Amarrians. Colonies like that are easy to rebuild.”

C: “Better tell your cousin with the electronics factory to pack up.”

B: Angrily “Those Deteis beancounters should’ve never invited them here!”



A holoreel purporting to be part of a “House Church Starter Kit” produced by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has surfaced on the Achuran homeworld of Saisio III. In the holoreel, an unnamed Amarrian priest, referring to its heavy losses to the Triglavian Collective, describes the Caldari State as “failed” and furthermore criticizes the indigenous Achuran spirituality as a quietism that enabled the colonization of Saisio and the subsequent ravaging of the Achuran people. Changing tone, the priest, whose church believes in the coming restoration of a valid Emperor to an Amarr throne it considers vacant, preaches that the restored Emperor will bring salvation to the Achuran people should they voluntarily join a renewed Reclaiming against the Caldari and all other deniers of God and Faith.

In addition to this sermon and mundane instructions for building the vacant chair that decorates the center of all Sedevacantist Church worship locations, the “House Church Starter Kit” holoreel also offers advice on security. Mimicing the tactics of revolutionary groups, sedevacantist house churches on Saisio are encouraged to operate a “cell based” organizational structure where units are kept small and each sedevacantist has contact with only a few others. Pre-ordained sacrament is said to be distributed in drop locations. Ordination to Amarrian so-called minor orders like Acolyte and Lector are said to be offered to qualified Achuran house church members, but the holoreel doesn’t provide details, ostensibly for security reasons.

Religious scholars are divided on the Sedevacantist Church’s chances for success on Saisio. Julien Antoine of the University of Caille stated that the sedevacantists might find a ready audience among an Achuran people that is taking to the stars and finding its place in the wider cluster, while Thierry Benoit from the same university indicated that the Caldari State doesn’t distinguish between public and private worship and thus the sedevacantists could expect persecution despite their security precautions. The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist commented only that the holoreel was genuine and that the church has “at least one” priest operating upon Saisio III.

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Sent at: 10 January YC123 2154
From: Duke Shasta Ardeind
To: Amarrin City Police Commissioner Francis Johennson
Subject: Recent Abductions of Ardeind Supporters and Ariend Critics
I’m sure that your department has heard that a number of my supporters have been abducted over the last few hours. As a result of these events, I have ordered my Legion to begin evacuating supporters. Of course, the Legion’s operations will likely result in calls to the police. Could you order your officers to ignore such calls?
Additionally, should the Legionnaires find a house that has already been ransacked, and the inhabitants kidnapped, I have ordered them to search the premises for mementos, and to remove them from the house. This is because I doubt that the abductees will be able to return home, even after being rescued. That said, they would still want to have their personal mementos for when they build a new home for themselves. Of course, the houses would also be a crime scene, and removing the mementos could mean that I am compromising your investigation. I would like to know what you think is the best way for me to do this without compromising your investigation.
And speaking of your investigation, I would like to be updated on any breaks in the investigation. I will not interfere in your investigation, unless it is to help evacuate my supporters, but I would still like to keep tabs on your investigation, as my Legion will also be pursuing leads. The Legion will be working to identify the location(s) where the abductees are being held and to find out whether or not Duke Kyvon is the perpetrator of these kidnappings. For this reason, I think that a joint investigation between the Amarrinn City Police Department and the Dark Wolf Legion’s Investigations Division would be extremely beneficial to both of us. Do you agree?
Thanks in advance.
Duke Shasta Ardeind

Sent at: 11 January YC123 0250
From: Amarrinn City Police Commissioner Francis Johennson
To: Duke Shasta Ardeind
Subject: Re: Recent Abductions of Ardeind Supporters and Ariend Critics
Duke Shasta,
I have reviewed your requests, and I think that they are extremely feasible.
I can order my officers to ignore calls from certain locations, but I would like a list of the locations, and the people who live there, beforehand. This is just for security reasons, so that I know where the Legion is operating, and who are the people who will be “kidnapped”. This way, my officers know to both ignore calls from the location, and to ignore reports of missing persons about the people that the Legion will be evacuating. Additionally, if the Legionnaires find that the people they are responsible for evacuating are missing, I would like them to IMMEDIATELY notify ACPD,
As for the mementos, this is a bit more complicated. I would like the Legionnaires to take holos of the mementos, and to avoid touching them before CSI arrives. If CSI decides that there is no forensic or other evidence on the mementos in question, the Legionnaires will be allowed to remove the mementos. If CSI decides that the mementos are evidence, and are crucial to our investigation, then the mementos will be preserved as evidence by ACPD. However, I will see if I can get those mementos released as quickly as possible. As soon as CSI finishes processing the mementos, I will send them to you for you to return to their proper owners. That is a promise that I intend to keep.
As for a joint investigation, this can work. I have spoken to the detectives in charge of the investigation, and they are willing to work with your investigators. However, I will ask that your Legionnaires only conduct raids on targets outside our jurisdiction. That means that if we find that a suspect currently resides at an apartment in the city, he will be taken into custody by ACPD, and ACPD only. But if the suspect is on a luxury liner that is in the Amarr system, your Legionnaires will be in charge of working with local law enforcement to apprehend him and extradite him back here. CSI has also informed me that you have some excellent forensic technicians and equipment, so I will have a courier bring some evidence to you. Where do you want this evidence to go?
Anyways, it’s always good to see you. Wish it were under better circumstances, though.
Francis Johennson
Commissioner, Amarrinn City Police Department

Sent at 11 January YC 123 1201
From: Duke Shasta Ardeind
To: Commissioner Francis Johennson
Subject: Re: Recent Abductions of Ardeind Supporters and Ariend Critics
Thank you for agreeing to a joint investigation. The Legion has rented a penthouse apartment at 150 Youil Street. It will serve as the Legion’s headquarters for this investigation. Agent Marisa Balinez will be the chief investigator for the Legion on this case. As for the evidence, I am sending a courier to ACPD HQ today. You can give it to him when he gets there. This courier will also be carrying an encrypted datacard with a list of the families that the Legion will be evacuating and the addresses of their residences. You should be able to decrypt the card. I hope that we can find the perpetrators quickly. Anyways, I’ve gotta go now. Thanks for your help!
Duke Shasta Ardeind



Amarr authorities on the Imperial Armaments Warehouse in Esecama have moved quickly to suppress the clandestine distribution of explanatory leaflets by agents of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. On the front of the leaflets is an empty throne, the church’s symbol, framed by the words “Sede Vacante” and “The Throne is Vacant!” Inside the leaflets is a picture of an Amarrian male dressed in traditional robes, a Minmatar female in tribal dress, and a half-Amarr, half-Minmatar child between them, also in tribal dress; this image is captioned with the words, “The Future?” The text of the leaflets goes on to describe in lurid, sensationalist detail the relationships of so-called Amarr Loyalist capsuleers Lunarisse Aspenstar and her daughter Maria, Utari Onzo, Garion Avarr, Arline Kley, and members of House deSilvestris, all of whom are romantically involved with non-Amarrians, some of them Minmatar.

According to religious scholar Julien Antoine of the University of Caille, the purpose of the leaflets is to stir up resentment for the Amarr elite among traditional-minded station workers, making them more open to the message of the Sedevacantist Church, which believes that Amarr ruling institutions lost all valid authority with the promulgation of the pacifistic Pax Amarria. While some if not most Amarr commoners begrudge the wealth of their culture’s elite, many of them do expect that elite to show evidence of their higher breeding and ancient lineage – uncorrupted by original sin – in their public lives, said Mr. Antonine, and few traditionalist Amarrian commoners would accept miscegenation. The sedevacantists, he continued, seek to connect instances of public degeneracy among the elite with church’s thesis that Amarr authorities have become illegitimate.

Church spokeswoman Calyce Io confirmed the authenticity of the leaflets but declined further comment, saying the content of the leaflets speaks for itself.

Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 22 Jan YC123


A highly localised, but significant storm in the Severny region of Nakri VII caused damage to a number of facilities yesterday. Planetary officials had predicted the storm’s arrival, a not unusual phenomenon in that area, and had accordingly issued warnings for the small number of production facilities located there. The intensity of the storm was greater than expected, however, as was the resulting damage. Although there are no reported casualties, production at all facilities in the region was affected. A spokesperson from the deSilvestris Family, who own the largest facility in the area, issued a statement, confirming that power generators at the facility had been damaged, but that they have been swiftly repaired and that any disruption to the production line at the facility, which supplies test cultures for research, had been minimal.
Authorities on the planet are analysing the data from the storm, in order to better understand the weather systems in this region of Nakri VII, that better predictions on ice storm severity may reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.


Channel ID: local
Channel Name: Local : Perimeter

[ 123.01.24 17:02:11 ] Dal Briagon > hello beautiful people. i start my begging career: i’ll appreciate if you donate me some isk (i gift back a big smile and a pray) :smiley:
[ 123.01.24 17:04:08 ] Lucerne > Dal Briagon are you actually making isk this way?
[ 123.01.24 17:05:47 ] Yun-Hee ‘Tight-lips’ Yubari > Well, he just made 591.856.116 and change ISK.


The Solitude Sentinel, YC 123/1/25

Anama Wracked By Pirate War as Braille and Elose Aenebra Bases Raided
Pertnineere, Elose District

Federal forces have identified multiple criminal deadspace pockets that have been housing members of the Aenebra, an Intaki death cult that is responsible for the murders of two high-ranking drug enforcement officials in the region, along with undetermined levels of drug trafficking primarily focused in the low-security systems bordering the cluster of high-security eastern Solitude. Large quantities of the booster Exile, and the material used to make it, celadon cytoserocin, were discovered in a deadspace facility in Pertnineere, which seemed to facilitate the manufacture and distribution of the booster throughout the Elose district. A similar such operation occurred in the Yveve system in Braille, although unlike the Pertnineere facility, a large transmitter sending coded messages to locations believed by Federal authorities to be somewhere in the Syndicate region was also present in the latter’s case.

The Aenebra drug distribution facility in Yveve. Much like in Heluene, the ships defending the operation had Serpentis liveries and the facility itself contained Aenebra paraphernalia, such as engraved daggers and other small arms.

While the Serpentis have always been a blight upon the region, especially in the lower-security districts, the presence of the death cult in the region marks an escalation by forces affiliated with the pirate corporation in the region, particularly when it comes to violence. However, the Federal Intelligence Office has indicated that despite the Intaki cultists’ beliefs around ritual murder, there should be no cause for alarm amongst the general populace.

“The Aenebra are not a foreign adversary to the Federation,” remarked FIO official Witte Sorgard in a statement from the office’s garrison in Pertnineere. “Federal forces have routed them from Placid nearly a decade ago, and we are absolutely confident that they will be similarly routed from Solitude in short order.”

While eastern Solitude has been safeguarded in the wake of Federal raids on the two drug production and personnel housing facilities, western Solitude remains much more uncertain in that regard. Rumours have abounded amongst miners in the Elerelle district that a recent vanishing of a party of miners in the ore-rich Babirmoult system has to do with the Aenebra, as various spacefaring Federal citizens have reported an increase in the amount of Serpentis vessels in the area, particularly in the systems near the border gates to Aridia and the Syndicate. In the case of the former, the Aenebra’s violence seems to have not been constrained to Solitude, either.

Per sources from Imperial Navy stations in Aridia, the Sentinel has learned that numerous Serpentis installations have been detected lately by Imperial forces in the Anama constellation in Aridia. While previously a rarity in the area, they have reportedly increased rapidly in the past month, although all instances have been confined to Anama. Imperial surveillance has also noted in one instance, what appeared to be attacks from ships affiliated with the Blood Raider cult on the Serpentis installations. While the two pirate factions have never been on good standings with each other, hostility in the area surrounding Aridia and Solitude had never materialized itself in the form of violent retribution until recently.

“I sure hope that the FIO knows what they’re doing,” a miner from Babirmoult who wished to remain anonymous remarked to the Sentinel. “First we got those damn Intaki murdering folks for their sick rituals, and now they’re poking at the Blooders! Last thing we need are fights around here between crazies obsessed with murder, and crazies obsessed with draining people’s blood in our space.”

While the FIO has maintained that Solitude will remain safe from incursions from the pirate organizations, capsuleer organizations like the Mobrault Security Consultants have also pledged their support in fighting the Aenebra, as news regarding the cult seems to be shifting to the west of the region.


Sent at: 11 January YC123 1946
From: Duke Shasta Ardeind
To: Kheqali Bullahadin
Subject: Ardeind Supporter Property Buyback

Hey Kheqali,

I’m just checking in. How’s the buyback program going?


Sent at: 11 January YC123 2058
From: Kheqali Bullahadin
To: Duke Shasta Ardeind
Subject: Re: Ardeind Supporter Property Buyback

Shasta, the program is going very well. We’ve been able to compensate about twenty households out of the forty five that the Legion has successfully evacuated. I set up three companies to buy the land: Ardeind Real Estate LLC, Praesidium Real Estate Inc., and Amarrinn Land and Estates. We’re getting ready to sell the land off already. My staff is starting to draft a number of advertisements that we can publish in the Amarrinn Post. Hopefully, a number of people will see the ads and want to buy the land. Can I cut the prices a bit? Like, charge less for the land? We’ll be in the red as a result, but more people will be able to afford the land.

Your honorable financial manager,


Sent at: 12 January YC123 1241
From: Duke Shasta Ardeind
To: Kheqali Bullahadin
Subject: Re: Ardeind Supporter Property Buyback

That’s excellent! Sure, you can cut the prices. I want my supporters compensated, and I also want people to be able to own this land. Civilians, that is. I don’t want Kyvon to be able to get his hands on a massive amount of land and force people to pay rent. Just one thing: make sure that you don’t spend any money you don’t have. The money I’ve allocated for your corporations is money that we can spare, but I don’t want you to get into a massive debt. We can’t afford for that to happen. If you need more money, clear it with me first. Understood?


Sent at: 12 January YC123 1400
From: Kheqali Bullahadin
To: Duke Shasta Ardeind
Subject: Re: Ardeind Supporter Property Buyback

Thank you, my lord. My staff has finished with the newspaper advertisements. I’ve got them drafting scripts for a series of advertisements that we’ll air on holo as well, and the Amarrinn Post will start publishing the newspaper adverts tomorrow.


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The following was first broadcast by SPNN on 23 January YC123

Hostage Situation in Amarrinn City Suburbs!!!

“Just into the newsroom, there’s a hostage situation in the suburbs of Amarrinn city. Tanya Novaya is on scene.” The holo changes from a shot of the anchor to show a young blonde woman standing in the street. ACPD officers can be seen in the background.

“Yes, Jacob. I’m on West Hill St. About two blocks down that way, ACPD officers are in a standoff with a number of armed suspects in a van and two SUVs. The officers were responding to a report of a break in and possible kidnapping. They came upon the suspects throwing at least one bound and gagged person into the van and ordered the suspects to put their hands up. The suspects began firing on the responding officers, hitting one of them. SPNN was able to acquire redacted dash cam footage of these first moments.” The recordings began to play. After they finished playing, the holo changed back to show Tanya.

“ACPD is not releasing any statements yet, but it is believed that the suspects that have been cornered here are some of the men that have been roaming through Amarrinn over the last couple of weeks and kidnapping Ardeind supporters. There are about a dozen suspects, and ACPD says that there are four to six hostages. Wait!” The holo goes wild before settling on a SUV that pulls up behind an ACPD marked cruiser. Two people get out. They are both wearing windbreakers.

“Yep. This is definitely related to the Ardeind kidnappings. Those are Legion investigators. They are in conversation with the senior officers on scene and hostage negotiators.” Suddenly, some officers begin shouting. The Legion investigators and senior ACPD officers duck down behind a nearby sedan. The hostage negotiator and one of the officers begin shouting into their radios as the Legion officers draw their pistols and run towards the commotion.

“Well, I don’t know what happened there, Jacob, but ACPD is telling us to move back twenty yards again.” The holo shows two ACPD officers telling the news crew to start moving back. In the background, an armored vehicle pulls up and ACPD SWAT officers jump out.

“Well, Jacob, it looks like ACPD is still bringing in more units. This is really big. I’ll keep monitoring this, and get back to you with more. Tanya Novaya, reporting from Amarrinn.” The holo changes back to Jacob

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The Solitude Sentinel, YC 123/1/29

Federation Forces, Mobrault-Based Capsuleer Commit to Elerelle Defense Amid Aenebra and Blood Raider Skirmishes
Arittant, Elerelle District

Federation Navy patrols in Solitude have recently stepped up patrols in the Elerelle district, in response to what appears to be a pirate war between two hostile parties. The Aenebra, an Intaki death cult that has been believe responsible for the deaths of two drug officials in the Octanneve system, as well as the disappearance of a mining fleet in Babirmoult, are known to be backed by the Serpentis Corporation, who Federal officials believe are using the Aenebra to assault an opposing pirate entity in the Blood Raiders. While many gate-to-gate travelers may not have noticed any activity in the corridor between the Genesis region and Solitude, the conflict has since spilled in to the many deadspace pockets and asteroid belts that dot the area, as the Blood Raiders, who usually limit their operations to Aridia and the rest of western Amarr space, have since been monitored in the western fringes of Solitude.

Pictured: A Blood Raider re-supply depot located in the Shirshocin system in Aridia. Facilities like these have recently come under fire by the Serpentis-backed Aenebra, sparking the conflict that has recently spilled in to Solitude.

“We’re used to dealing with the Serpentis,” an Astral Mining employee who wished to remain anonymous remarked to the Sentinel, “but those Blooders are something else. The Feds better get on this thing quick, because at this point, it’s becoming too unsafe for us to go out there and do our jobs. Hell, the last belt we tried to clean out, right here in Agaullores, the both of them warped in at the same time! We were at least able to get out of there okay, seeing as they were more interested in killing each other.”

Federal Navy officials based in Solitude have remarked that they believe they have successfully ousted the Aenebra from most districts in the region, as while the Serpentis still plague many systems throughout the region, the other five districts have not seen any raids resulting in the discovery of Aenebra paraphernalia. Conomette and Pertnineere, the two systems that border Syndicate by way of the Y9G-KS system, have been meticulously patrolled by Federal Customs officials, seeking to limit any kind of illict baseliner presence in the region.

Capsuleer and Solitude resident Clordilen Ellevrette, whose corporation, the Mobrault Security Consultants, had seen successes in limiting the presence of Serpentis drug peddlers in that particular district, has recently moved operations to the Arittant system, with the intention of monitoring and combatting the rising pirate problem in Elerelle. In a statement given to the Sentinel, he stated that he intends to corral the fighting pirate forces in their entirety towards the west of Elerelle, and hopefully back in to the Syndicate, also pledging to continue the fight in Aridia should skirmishes continue there.

The Sentinel could not reach any sources in the Imperial Navy for statements on the conflict in Aridia, although it is rumoured that the Amarr have recently acted swiftly against the Aenebra/Serpentis in the region. The Western Report, a Genesis-based news agency had recently reported on a fleet of Serpentis vessels meeting “swift annihilation” by Imperial Navy forces in the system of Van, noting that a group of what appeared to be scouts engaged Blood Raiders in an asteroid belt in the system, turning their guns on local miners after the Blooders were destroyed.


The following appeared in an independent news feed that focuses on the constellation of Sanctum.