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This thread is a compilation of all stories and news posts related to Duke Shasta Ardeind and the Dark Wolf Legion
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  1. Expelled from the Family!
    Following an argument between Shasta and his older brother, his father, Duke Tion, orders Shasta to leave the estate for a while and cool off.

  2. Breaking Away: The Beginning of a New Noble House
    While docked in the Emperor’s Family Academy station in Amarr, Shasta is shocked to learn that his father has passed away and the new Duke of Ariend, Kyvon, has expelled him from the family.

  3. What We Going to Do Now?
    Kira Predi’s gang, the Slum Kings, are in trouble. A DED raid has cut off their narcotics supply, and rival gangs are closing in. Kira meets with her gang’s leaders to find a way out.

  4. Forging a New Partnership
    Shasta’s new military outfit, the Dark Wolf Legion, is ordered to raid pirate bases and gang hideouts. One day, they raid Kira’s headquarters while the Slum Kings leadership are meeting to discuss their increasingly dire situation.

  5. To Supply Our New Friends
    Shasta is given a mission to intercept a Guristas troop transport bound for a nearby Guristas hideout. Instead, he decides to start currying favor with the Guristas by reaching out to the Guristas based there.

  6. Abducted!
    Kyvon starts a mass abduction of Shasta’s supporters and Ariend critics. Shasta orders an emergency session of the Defense Council to discuss a plan of action.

  7. Assessing the Damage
    The abductions continue as the Dark Wolf Legion begins evacuation protocols. Shasta decides to supervise the operation and investigation directly.

  8. Scrambling for Leads
    The Dark Wolf Legion investigation has stalled, with few leads to run down. Luckily, an unexpected face appears bearing important information.

  9. Denied Aid!
    Shasta requests Caldari security forces to aid him in a planned raid of the kidnapper’s facility. Unfortunately, a Caldari corporate lackey caring more about profit than morals has other ideas.

  10. The Gathering
    Shasta’s Hail Mary pays off, and Suha Raibuya is able to arrange a meeting between Shasta and a select group of Gurista captains. Shasta and the Legion high command briefs the captains on the planned operation.

  11. … And It Pays Off
    Shasta launches the rescue operation with the help of the Guristas.

  12. Frantic Preparations
    After Kyvon’s mass abductions, Shasta realizes that Amarr space isn’t very safe for his supporters. He orders the Legion to begin moving people to his newly founded colony in Venal, resulting in a flurry of activity in his hangar.

  13. Drunken Sailors
    During a stopover in Torrinos, the crewmembers of the industrials in the Legion convoy head out to hit up the bars and clubs. Of course, there is some rowdiness.

  14. “Trouble but Not Results!”
    Director Chastot chews out Sergeant Willis after his squad gets into a firefight.

  15. The Hunters Become the Hunted
    A group of drunken Legionnaires head back to their safe house after a night of hitting the bars all over the colony. Someone decides to follow, leading to a game of cat and mouse.

  16. Business Ventures
    Kheqali is ordered by Shasta to sell off a stockpile of commodities. Only problem is, the Guristas buyers that he has found are angered by the theme of the product.

  17. Fair Day
    Guristas flock to Beseth Dunijia to sell stolen goods during a week-long market fair

  18. Pirates or Privateers?
    A series of pirate raids against Duchy transports threatens a recent trade deal between the Sovereign Duchy and the UNF, provoking concern and forcing the Duchy nobility to devise a plan to protect their interests.

The Patriarch of the Ariend Family, Duke Tion Ariend, is Dead!
DED Raids Angel Cartel Narcotics Warehouse in Sarum Prime Deadspace Pocket!
Ariend Arms Signs Massive 300M ISK Arms Contract As Part of House Sarum’s Rearmament Program!
Hostage Situation in Amarrin City Suburbs!!!
UNF Opens Embassy in Dam Vishen!

Dark Wolf Legion Reports:
A Report on Recent Empire Hostilities


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