Expelled from the Family!

-Duke Shasta Ardeind

12 December YC 122
Sarum Prime III, Ariend family estate

“What in the world?” Shasta Ariend asked as he reviewed the monthly economic reports brought to him by his financial manager, Kheqali Bullahadian. “Kheqali!!! Get in here!”

“Did you authorize the hiring of, lemme see, 200 warclone mercenaries for the ‘defense of Ariend holdings’?” Shasta asked as Kheqali rushed into his office.

“What? No!” Kheqali replied. “I only authorized the payment of the militants you hired. You know, the former Blood Raiders?”

“Really? Then explain these transactions to me,” Shasta replied, handing Kheqali his neocom. “4 transactions over a span of 20 days hiring 200 warclone mercenaries for the total price of 100,000,000 in Amarr script. Did you not authorize this?”

“N-n-no, sir,” Kheqali stammered. “I-I don’t have access to this account. I-I-I manage it along with all of your other accounts, yes, but this account is a family trust account for the Lord Ariend’s offspring, so you and your elder brother Kyvon. Only you and your brother have access to this account.”

“You mean that Kyvon hired these warclones, Kheqali?” Shasta said, looking hard at his financial manager.


“And you are sure?” Shasta pressed.


“I’ll look into it. My own brother, hiring mercenaries! What is he doing?” Shasta said, standing up from his desk. “Kheqali, I’m sorry for putting you under any stress. I just … I knew I didn’t hire these mercenaries, and I wanted to find out who did.”

“I understand, sir. Do you also want me to look through the accounts, see if there are any other similar transactions?” Kheqali said.

“Yeah, yeah. I’d appreciate that,” Shasta said, distracted. “Yeah, you should do that.”

“You all know your orders?” Shasta asked the troopers arrayed in a circle around him on the parlor. “Do not attack. We are here to confront Kyvon, not kill him. We want him to confess to his crimes.” He surveyed the ten men standing next to him. They were dressed in black bodysuits and wore Ariend Arms bolt pistols at their hips.

“Sir, Kyvon just entered the main hall. He’s got four guards with him,” his commander, Najir Darim, said, walking up with another four guardsmen.

“Alright, let’s go.” Shasta said, pushing open the door and marching down the corridor. His guardsmen fell in behind him.

“What do you think your father wants?” Kyvon’s aide, Kahim, asked.

“I’m not sure,” Kyvon replied as he strode down the hall. “If I had to guess, it would be —”

A door banged open to the side of the corridor. “Kyvon! We need to talk” Shasta shouted as he walked in, followed by his guards.

“Kyvon, what the ■■■■ are you doing?!? You used our account to hire 600 mercenaries! Three FULL companies!” Shasta shouted at his brother. “You’ve been embezzling company funds. You’ve ‘lost’ shipments of arms to pirates that YOU funded! Are you trying to create your own criminal empire? What the ■■■■ are you doing?!?”

“Mercenaries? I’ve hired no mercenaries! The only ‘mercenaries’ I hired were 30 former Imperial Army troopers to help with security on the weapons transports! I have no idea what you are talking about,” Kyvon exclaimed, turning to face his younger brother.

“The ■■■■ you mean? 30,000 from the account of one Kynon Hill to the account of Kailin Hoitz, a known pirate with a bounty of 3,000 credits issued by CONCORD. 50,000 from the account of Kylin Goltez to the account of Cheirn Tomeis, another suspected pirate and drug dealer. 76,500 from the account of Metron Glintz to the account of Heiro Golitz, a known human trafficker. And 30+ other transactions! All traced back to a network of five shadowy bank accounts! Those funds traced to Ariend Arms! To our family’s company and to accounts that YOU manage in your capacity as regional director of corporate operations!!! You are doing this! Don’t deny it! But why? Why are you doing this?” Shasta shouted at his brother.

“■■■■■■■■! ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■! I never did ANY, SUCH. THING!!! You fabricate accusations against me! YOU tarnish my reputation! You are jealous of my power, of my wealth, of my intelligence! You … ”
“Oh, shut the ■■■■ up! Tell that bull to someone else. I know you did it. My only question is, what is your motive? What is your alliance with these pirates gonna give you? More money? More prestige? Tell me, what makes you betray OUR family, tarnish our FAMILY reputation? What?” Shasta pressed, advancing towards his brother.

“STOP!” One of Kyvon’s guards shouted, drawing his bolt pistol and leveling it at Shasta. At that moment, all the guards launched into action. Slides were racked as every guardsman drew their pistol and aimed it at their foes. At the same time, 4 more of Kyvon’s guards appeared, flanking Shasta and his guards. Kyvon walked towards Shasta with a smirk on his face.

He whispered, “You ask what motivates me? Power motivates me. Power. The power over hundreds, no, thousands of people. The power to manipulate events, to guide those weaker than me on paths that I choose for them. Power.”

At that moment, the lord of the family, Duke Tion Ariend, walked into the hall, flanked by his wife, Mariett, and his brother, the CEO of Ariend Arms, Herien Ariend.

“What is the meaning of this?!? Drawn guns in my estate? GUARDS!!!” the duke shouted. Twenty House Ariend security guardsmen ran in with their tactical assault rifles leveled.

“Father! Shasta accosted me and ordered his men to draw on my entourage!” Kyvon wailed to his father. “He should be expelled from the estate!”

“What?!? Kyvon- Kyvon, you bastard! You- Father, Kyvon has been betraying us! He has been allying with pirates and stealing weapons from Ariend Arms! I confronted him!” Shasta replied, stunned at Kyvon’s words.

“Yeah, right! I did no such thing, and you have no proof of wrongdoing!” Kyvon responded, furious. The two brothers began a heated argument.

“STOP! Shasta, did you attack Kyvon?” Duke Tion said angrily.

“Yes, but … ,” Shasta answered quickly.

“Very well. And you say Kyvon is allying with pirates to steal weapons?” the duke asked.

“Yes! He has been financing raids on Ariend Arms weapons transports! I-I have the financial reports! I can show you!” Shasta exclaimed. “I have the reports in my office!”

“Alright. I will investigate this matter. Have one of your assistants deliver the relevant documents to me,” Duke Tion said. “But you accosted your brother. This is not forgivable. For the time being, please leave the estate. The security guards will escort you and your men out. Once I have finished going through this information, I will notify you and ask you to return. Guards?”

The House Ariend guardsmen quickly surrounded Shasta and his guardsmen and the group quickly walked down the hall and out of the estate.

“Kyvon, is anything that Shasta said true?” Herein said.

“No! Of course not! Do you really think I could do such a thing?!?” Kyvon exclaimed as his guardsmen lowered their weapons. Herein raised an eyebrow at him.


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So I do wanna give this bit of feedback. I have only one real gripe with your work and that’s just how crammed all the line breaking is. Makes it a little hard to read.

Instead of this, do this.

Much easier to read if you do it this way imo.

Otherwise nice work, look forward to seeing more.

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Oh, ok. One thing, though. How do you think I should separate the different sections, like when I had the characters in a different location? Thanks for the feedback.

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Never mind. I figured it out. Again, thanks for the feedback.

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