[UNF-A]Eugales VI Orbital Yard Development

This has grown distinct enough from my terraforming and colonization projects now to warrant its own thread.

Some of you may be aware of ongoing developments in orbit of planet VI in Eugales, adjacent to my running projects on planet, and those will be detailed here.

What is it:
The Orbital Yards over Eugales VI(Shine Ehklel) are a collection of growing facilities, including one Astrahus citadel, the planetary customs office, and several non-upwell structures established between the two, including several orbital drydocks, fighter hangars, and defensive installations at a middle distance between the Astrahus and Customs Office.

The Central Yard facility comprises six major structures, and a number of secondary and tertiary platforms, an expanding primary platform that is, in the long term, planned to be the central hub of an Orbital Ring installation which houses primary docking facilities and screening points for incoming materials and personnel, repair gantries, medical centers, and close in and far range defensive weapons. Four external drydock facilities are in place for larger vessels, and an assembly drydock structure is in place to facilitate industrial processes and construction.

An Orbital Tether Receiving point is also connected to the central yard facility, which connects to a ground station at the Arcology and is now a mass transit hub for both material and people.

These orbital developments are extremely resource intensive, and expansions are projected to continue as time goes on, and materials will be required to fuel this. I will likely be posting opportunities to assist in meeting ongoing goals of expansion in the near future.

Thank you for your time and Fair Fortunes,

Lauralite Brezia
Director and Administrator


Namas Khasri Brezia,

The scale of this project seems extensive I have been delighted to aid you in small ways in the recent past it is exhilarating to note that works continue and now knowing the full extent of your plans I am delighted.

I look forward to seeing this project in full motion.


In light of some recent developments

I’d like to formally invite the commander of the FIO’s Taskforce to visit the Orbital Yards and Security Corridor astrahus, or even to thee Arcology itself on the planet below, so that perhaps some amount of coordination can occur. To my knowledge however, aside from the usual Serpentis activity common of low security space, there’s very little for them to dig their hands into. I do believe this task may be an unfortunate snipe hunt assigned to these esteemed men and women.

I am a day (or ten) late, which is a habit of mine - though I have upgraded my cybernetics, which may help.

It would be unfortunate if Intelligence resources were wasted on a snipe hunt. However, if the trail of political terrorism does lead through Eugales, whatever the likelihood, your invitation would give the Eagles a roost. I hope they take advantage of the opportunity to save on some startup costs.

An few notable updates regarding the Orbital Yards have occurred in the past month, many of which I am quite proud to be announcing!

The addition of five more XL external drydocks has, as of this morning, been completed, as well as the addition of another XL assembly drydock. These additions correspond with the demands placed by increased output of the Orbital Yards in the past weeks and projected shifts in industrial activity.

Further expansion of the primary platform is proceeding at projected rates, with a seven kilometer logistics and receiving center being added for incoming and outgoing shipments to and from the orbital tether, multiple habitation units including a counterboarding security barracks, and more launch bays for patrol fighters across system nearing completion.

The FIO commander has, as yet, not responded to my offer for them to stage from the Security Corridor astrahus, though there have been some notable encounters in-space, none yet resulting in conflict. FIO units have indeed been stepping up system patrols, and often have placed themselves in positions that inevitably have led to standoffs with UNF’s own patrols. No shots have been fired, and UNF units maintain a ‘do not engage unless aggressed’ policy toward them at this time.

Also of note, is an increase in sightings of Serpentis Clonesoldier vessels(as many as four in an asteroid belt, and eight in system at a time), and material transport vessels passing through belts, and a number of Mordu’s Special Warfare Units… it seems Eugales is becoming popular, and further security operations will have to be stepped up.


I am no official liaison on behalf of the Federation, but I sincerely hope you might seek to apply for ascension at some point given the extensive developments you are doing on Eugales VI (a system within the historic borders of the Federation). I also hope that some kind of discussions were held with the local system inhabitants prior to the initiation of such developments. It would be a shame if, in your entrepreneurial capsuleer spirit, you engaged in territorial powerplays without regard for the opinions of those who have settled the area before you.

In any case, the development of the system whether by a recognized Federal member state or an independent group can likely only serve to the benefit of all those who reside in the area. I look forward to continued updates.

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I would like to apologize in the delay of reply Mr. Aristide, things have been somewhat hectic of late.

Currently and previously, Eugales VI in particular was largely uninhabited save the occasional Capsuleer or corporate material harvesting colony, we have since encountered some small undocumented homestead domes and harvesting operations, but each has, after being promised their small holdings wouldn’t be uprooted forcibly, agreed to fold underneath the ongoing Arcology and Terraforming initiative, and infrastructure projects in exchange for protection, access to resources, and such.

Other holdings in system, such as the floating city of Argalant on planet V, are their own, though oft UNF assets will be diverted to such places to help push away pirate raids or criminal activity, of which both have notably been on the rise even with active sweeps through the system by fighter and small ship patrols engaging pirate ships as they’re found.


A more concrete update to things in space, and pertinent to the Orbital Yard as well.
Further materials continue to stream in regularly. There was an in-space incident that led to the loss of control of the Orbital Customs office over planet VI, but this has negligibly affected the state of the Orbital Yard or the planetary colonies.

There was also a more recent and worrying incident and stand-off between UNF patrol fighters and destroyers, and a small contingent of FIO vessels led by a seemingly junior officer, over a baseline piloted Deep Space Transport that was briefly seized by the aforementioned FIO squadron while enroute from Archavoinet, and its holds ransacked. This standoff lasted for approximately four hours, but was resolved when a higher ranked FIO lieutenant came forward and order the squadron to stand down and withdraw… Unfortunately, several bulk crates of mechanical parts, and nanofactories were damaged during the squadron’s search of the hold, and a container of critical components for one of the still under construction gantries at the orbital yard, and a new terraforming reactor planetside, are now missing. The reason for the seizure and search have not been stated, and has caused a great deal of friction amongst UNF employed parties, and the FIO presence in system.

Insofar, CDIA and DERAIL continue to loiter in system, but have been… notably quiet.

The use of upgraded clone pilot craft alongside small ship patrols in system have been quite successful in pirate suppression ops, particularly the use of Wraith MKVII and Strix MKII craft in support and picket roles alongside specifically configured destroyer craft.

Additional defensive installations and platforms are in the process of being installed near the orbital yard and most other major infrastructure points, and along the orbital tether corridor to ensure further safe operations.

I also would like to make it known that, as of this writing, the Bosena Accords has been gifted an embassy holding aboard the Orbital Yard primary platform, and is recognized as a sovereign territorial unit under their Avalon initiative.

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Not a great deal to report today other than the Relic Enclosure for the YC119 Ruin extracted from Eugales V - Moon 1(Umai) has finished integration into the central Yard complex.

Instead of rambling on of the minutiae so early in the cycle for many, I leave you all with a holostill of the primary platform, and the Security Corridor astrahus over Eugales VI.


It is rather unfortunate that I must inform the public at large that the Shine Ehklel Security Corridor astrahus has been reinforced to its Hull period last night by Dreadnought pilots belonging to Snuffed Out.

As unpleasant as this is, it will have minimal effect on the primary yard complex, and SNUFF pilots remained outside of defensive weapon range of the Yard main platform itself.

All critical assets that were staged within the Security Corridor astrahus have been, or are in the process of being relocated to the Orbital Yard, or other sites within system.

All baseline personnel have since been evacuated to the Orbital Yard, and the Security Corridor astrahus is now running a skeleton crew of warclones and clone pilots to oversee final asset relocations and the final defense timer. Chances are that the astrahus will be lost come 04:39 NEST 23.08.YC123, and any individuals with assets staged at the Security Corridor are advised to transfer those assets to the nearest station or the Orbital Yard proper.

The Security Corridor has long outlived its expected lifespan in the area, and though its seemingly imminent destruction is regrettable, it has served as an important staging point for major developments and expansions in the Orbital Yard subproject.

The attacks by Snuffed Out are, it seems, largely opportunistic, and not a targeted campaign on the system, its resources, or non-Upwell infrastructure.


As expected, the Security Corridor astrahus has been destroyed. But its Quantum Core, as well as several secure databanks that had not been able to be fully voided before the hull siege phase ended werr able to be recovered thanks to the selfless efforts of @Clementine_Lafleur , who was able to pull both the QC and databanks from the wreckage before Snuffed Out’s own salvage team was able to do so.

The Quantum Core and databanks, for the moment, remains in the care of Captain LaFleur, but will in time be transferred to the Orbital Yard proper for storage.