[VARY] Varyazi Clade AEGIS Data Requisition


Managing the groundwar in Pochven requires significant contributions from our intelligence attaches and forward observers. Varyazi Clade prides ourselves on our ability to act as a light, asymmetrical force and a force multiplier for conventional troops in Skarkon, Pochven, and in pathfinding across Ancient Domains. Doing so is heavily contingent on not just a strong network of sensors and operatives, but complete information dominance to be shared across our web of allies in the region.

This in mind, Varyazi Clade wishes to publicly offer the opportunity to contribute to our ongoing campaign to stabilize Pochven against EDENCOM insurgency by augmenting our intelligence network. In clear terms, we will offer:

  • 5 Million ISK for AEGIS Security Patrol Reports
  • 5 Million ISK for AEGIS Personnel File Backups
  • 30 Million ISK for AEGIS Covert Operations Reports
  • 50 Million ISK for AEGIS Fortification Schematics

Consider this an open offer. Contact me privately for details, I can assure you that any transactions will be handled discretely and anonymously.


According to some angry people I met the other day, any use of Napaani words like Saisa by Triglavian supporters is a rough cultural equivalent to taking a Book of Scripture, urinating on it, burning it, and then burying the ashes upside down, in terms of how offensive it is.

Happy IGS cakeday and the worst of luck in your scheme.

Whatever you think you are trying to convey, I’m not sure “I, an Amarr, find it offensive that you are speaking your own native tongue” is the argument you think it is. I think we can have the usual claptrap over the situation in Pochven without debasing ourselves to whatever this is.

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The implications should have been obvious. It was the angry people that I was talking to, that considered it offensive for triglopedes to speak Napaani. And those angry people would be Caldari obviously. And you know, the State came off rather poorly in that whole affair.

But maybe I have to spell everything out in simple sentences with no more than one idea in them. Because Trig grammar is renowned for its clarity of meaning.

Oh wait, it’s not.


To be honest, I’d prefer for even gallentean swines to learn Napanii and would at least start speaking like humans instead of oinking.

Napanii is even not our cultural language. It is an artificial language made by best linguist scientiests to facilitate communications between different ethnicities in the State and outside.

It’s a first language every educated human in our cluster shall learn after their native language.

Are for others, darling.

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