The Pochven Situation

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Diplomatic Update - The Pochven Situation
(partial redactions made in accordance with TISKER protocol)

The purpose of this document is to formally announce the formation of a new highly specialized coalition of proven kybernauts. The Osculum Infame. This newly minted organization’s first task will be the besieging and removal of all Upwell structures in Pochven.

Generous investments by both Pandemic Horde and Fraternity have allowed OI to enlist the services of several mercenary groups including Warlords of the Deep to assist in the purging of Pochven.

False Panginoon and Unethical Power have both been instrumental in establishing the logistical backbone necessary for prolonged siege of citadels within the region. Bogdanoff Nano-Tech and Mind Games. have offered to provide additional support fleets in the event of unexpected resistance.

After the impurities of upwell are extirpated from Pochven, OI will disband and all standings will be reset.

So will their structures also be removed or what?

I’m assuming you’re going to allow Kybernuat friendly organizations to keep their structures but if we’re saying ALL upwell structures in Pochven then would that include the freeport fortizar they’re operating in raravoss?

If they’re structures are the exception and everyone else is removed… Kinda comes off as Mind Games trying to own the monopoly on freeport services and using this pact as a way to make it happen.

Supported by FRT? So you are saying that FRT spent resources on a group of people to bash their own citadels that they anchored there?

Or are you lying and you are bashing the citadels that benefit YOUR group of people?

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What an amusing work of fiction.


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CEO of Mind Games. Here.


Edit: Hi mum im on the forums o/


I think, we have here an example of what the ancient Terrans referred to as: Alternative Facts.

Or, as the kids call it nowadays, Fedo Feces.

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Considering that Pandemic Horde’s interactions with Warlords of the Deep in Pochven haven’t been particularly friendly in my experience, I’m not sure that I believe Xenuria’s conspiracy theories.

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OK I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but…

Who are you?


Xenuria represents no-one other than themselves, and their…unique perspective…


They sold them to a holding corp called Bogdanof Nano-Tech, Filgor is going to hold onto them and they will be destroyed last. But yes, ALL citadels will be removed. And no, Kybernauts will not be given any citadels. Ashterothi was keeping a Swanery the entire time, using Fat Leg as a drop off point for smuggled Zirnitra blueprints.

Nothing can stop what is coming, your opinions can’t tank this damage.

Can you hook me up with your booster dealer ?
His ■■■■ is apparently epic.


You should start purchasing your cerebral boosters from a different source, just putting that out there.

Your mockery of this serious situation is amusing. The Triglavians will NOT allow new citadels to be anchored, if these are destroyed there will be no more. This foolishness is the same variety that secures the success of this plan.

In that case, I await your attempts with a kind smile, and open gun ports.

FFS, Xenuria, would you knock off this pathetic ■■■■■■■■? This is… stars, this is just cringe.

And no, I don’t mean blowing up structures. I mean all this weefly, cringey, kinda nauseating posturing about it. If you’re gonna do it, do it. Don’t sit around like some kinda pubbie, talking about doing it.


What does “weefly” mean? Is this some sort of bootlicker colloquialism that I am unfamiliar with?

It’s the adverbial form of ‘weefle’ a portmanteau of ‘weak’ and ‘waffle’.

Obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
Put up or shut up. (see also: show up or shut up, ffs just shut up)


Who are you exactly?

No one of consequence.