[AZDJ] Kybernauts assault Edencom Fortifications in Bei

This morning, Kyerbernauts from Azdaja Clade assaulted Edencom Fortifications in Bei. The goal was to liberate the system from the oppressive presence of the Gunstars in system. These Gunstars are a frequent nuisance to Kybernauts who choose to support the Minmatar Republic.

The Gunstars were valiantly defended by Minmatar Republic Aegis Forces who responded to the attacks. The conflict attracted onlookers and scavengers, hoping to acquire the valuable salvage from the well fit defenders. Some even asked questions so that they could try their luck against the Gunstars in the future.

With recent news of the scandals between the Gallente and Amarr, it should be even more clear that Edencom itself is used for the Empire’s objectives. Capsuleers of the Republic should choose wisely at the next call to support these authoritarian police forces in their space.

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So Kybernauts has been awaken ? Well… good luck in reinforcing the structures then…

luckily we intercepted that message here…

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If you represent the Collective, why does your excuse for attack smell like a gallentean degeneracy?

The two are very closely related in mindset, if not in alliance. Their ships are as ugly as the gallente too.
I have had fleetmates urge me to “improve my standings” with these bizarre beings for fleet safety but I steadfastly refuse.

Your fleetmates are Glorified.

Idk what that means. Maybe you should take that metal thing off your face so people can understand you :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry sweaty, it was a gift and picture day is coming up.

Which of the three major Clades does Azdaja Clade align themselves with primarily? The inter-empire conflict has been a prime opportunity to export inter-clade disputes outside of Pochven. Rather than battling each other on the home front and weakening our defenses from the empires of the old world, I see this as an opportunity. Instead of getting bogged down in a pissing match in our own backyard, I’m happy for us to settle things by proxy acting as mercenaries abroad.

Varyazi Clade, my clade, is currently engaged in operations in Eugidi as part of our ongoing goals to support Krai Svarog’s field testing in their arms race against Veles. We do not represent or support the aims of any single militia in this conflict but will happily accept mercenary contracts against Shipcaster research sites between the empires to leverage the ongoing conflict to fund further operations. Directly supporting the territorial claims of either empire, however, is not something we are interested in at this time and something best left to the people of the region themselves through Proving. I understand, however, that many Kybernauts are prior members of the Republic themselves or are of the opinion that Amarr slavery is antithetical to the ideology of the Collective. Regardless of which side of the conflict we find eachother on, I wish you luck.

For Varyazi, being a mercenary is a way of life since long before the siege of Skarkon. It’s my sincere hope that through this struggle the people of Pochven can enter a new era where we are not simply isolated from the intergalactic community, but can fulfill a new role in inter-empire politics as mercenaries to the mutual benefit of ourselves and the empires of old.


The two are very closely related in mindset, if not in alliance. Their ships are as ugly as the gallente too.

You know, as a capsuleer, you don’t have to keep neurological and/or optical conditions. You can have new clones be perfectly healthy.


I personally feel like interclade conflict, especially with capsuleer proxies, is mostly a waste of time.
I feel like Pochven should be secured, especially considering it’s value as a future invasion route.
I think that playful communication should take place in the forests of glorification.
I’m overall very interested in protecting synthient rights as well, which may mean coming to support Veles at some point, but who knows?

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But if triglonauts don’t automortify themselves by selfproving their flow how will they cladewinnow their lockconsent ?



… What?

If you’re thinking of automortifying, broadcast for reps.


I feel the Triglavians undertsand that, despite the consequences and obvious drawbacks of cladistic proving, see the benefits of technological advancement, personal and community development & military improvements that the constant Proving & flow of Vyraj offers to us as Kybernauts within the domains.

We tune our skills, hone our tactics & refine our strategies in this constant state of Proving to become Sobornost however at times of need and calamity, unite udner a single collective, as we done so during the timer gate standings were dropped and the largest fo the Kybernauts sub clades who spent so much bitter time at each others throats, united to face the common foes from the ancient & null-sec domains.

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