To: Seriatim Foucault // Subject: Aid in Athounon VIII Revolutionary Struggle

Aid in Athounon VIII Revolutionary Struggle
From: Galm Eskola-Fae
Sent: 2022.05.29 01:02
To: Seriatim Foucault,

Seriatim Foucault,

Based on your dossier, I am led to believe that we share a similar background and predilection toward aiding the revolutionary struggle of the collective against the reactionary forces of the Old World. While, up until now, the warclones of Varyazi Clade have worked to preserve stability and security of Skarkon II it has become clear that to ensure the long-term success of Pochven we must not merely combat internal threats. We must continue to do our part in keeping the Clades united and exporting the revolution to the Forests of Glorification.

Following in the footsteps of Veles, Varyazi Clade have carried out pathfinding operations in Athenon identifying targets working lockstep with our adversaries in AEGIS and conducted operations both direct and covert to subvert their grip on the region. Most crucially, we believe that we might deal a crippling blow to their resolve by further forcing a rift between the old-world empires of EDENCOM and their constituent militaries. Already, we have worked to establish contacts with revolutionary sympathizers within the ranks of the Caldari State militia to loosen the Federation’s grip on the system and create the conditions necessary to work towards a potential thawing and normalization of relations between Veles and the State. While the prospect success in such a diplomatic mission is intriguing, it remains somewhat outside the scope of what you and I are able to effect. Only time will tell where things go from here, and what direction the Caldari people choose to pursue with the Collective. Instead, more importantly, I suggest we focus on the potential it causes to whittle away at AEGIS’s assets and support network.

Its no secret that the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security and your former employers at the Federal Intelligence Office have worked directly with AEGIS and EDENCOM since the earliest days of the revolution. They maintain a persistent threat by backing insurgencies in former Federal territories such as Vale after the weaving of Pochven. Through pathfinding operations, Varyazi has identified forty potential targets within Athounon where the Black Eagles are working embedded with EDENCOM. While Varyazi will continue our operations on the jungled temperate worlds and dazzling storm planets of Athounon, our resources are strained against such a wide front on our own. You have intricate knowledge of SDII and their operations. This gives Intriguerre a unique advantage in securing Athounon and severing the Black Eagle’s support of AEGIS there, should you choose to contribute to our efforts here.

If you are willing to fight alongside us, and allow us to Prove our mettle as loyal allies to Intriguerre and the Collective, I will happily coordinate an intelligence transfer with the location and schematics of twenty AEGIS-SDII fortifications in Athounon. Should or efforts prove successful, we have an additional 20 secondary targets to provide as well to further hamper AEGIS and the Black Eagles in the region to better secure the Collective’s flanks in minor victory systems.

Yours in Service,

Galm Eskola-Fae, The Red Knight
Varyazi Clade Leadership Echelon


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