What we known about Triglavians now?

I would really like to know what is happening with Triglav now, or what we generally understood about Triglav during the invasion and the formation of Pochven?

I would suggest watching this playlist, and then their precursor playlist for what’s been happening. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0vgzVtQocWc14ujIGJUW71ziMZgKS8I1

The next Factional Warfare campaign and expansion will likely center around technology gain from the Triglavians. Who knows when Pochven will enter it’s next form, there are theories that once all player structures are destroyed, Pochven will sink deeper into the abyss.

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Who knows when Pochven will enter it’s next form, there are theories that once all player structures are destroyed, Pochven will sink deeper into the abyss.

Sounds interesting and intriguing

I hope we can deploy steler transmitters as weapons in null and as sources of isk in high

Fixed that for you.

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no we both know when that happens the jove will come back and go to war with them

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I’ve been involved with Pochven and the Trig storyline from it’s inception and I’ve not heard this or seen a shred of evidence about it. Hearing that now when people are starting to bash structures in the region seems like a pigeon banging it’s head against a Skinner box that’s run out of food at best, suspiciously astroturfed at worst.

I have a lot of personal theories on Triglavian society but we have remarkably little to go off of beyond surface level information like their interclade conflicts winding down in favor of consolidating their forces. Attacks on the Svarog shipyards by independent capsuleers seemed to remind them that their immediate focus should be forming a united front against any potential conflict with New Eden. Raids between Clades based on ideological differences in annexing conqueror systems are being put on the back burner. For example, Svarog seems to have pulled their forces back from skirmishes with Veles and the Tribal Resistance on Skarkon to focus on controlling keypoint fortifications and industry while rotating troops and equipment back into space.

I can honestly, sincerely say as someone that attempted to involve themselves in the previous Faction Warfare storyline as well as directly in Pochven-- Pochven will likely continue the status quo until CCP has a purposeful reason to change it. Even assuming all the structures are kill (and they already basically are with no way to replace their loses while defending post-Siege Green) Pochven will not change and will just continue on as a the high risk highway system CCP clearly designed it to be. Trying to dig for something else is a cope by people that are impatient and haven’t played EVE RP long enough to have ever had to sit through an abandoned plotline.

There’s no secret hidden objective arc at the moment, or any hidden goal. Trigs were used mostly as set dressing in the Faction Warfare storyline. Admittedly, that seems like it was a missed opportunity but it’s a lot more healthy to recognize that CCPs focus is on amplifying Faction Warfare for the existing empires. Not elevating the Trigs from being a glorified pirate faction to one of the Big Four. When will there be new Trig movement actually for Trig players?

I mean god. Hopefully soon. But I wouldn’t hold my breath and would be warry of getting too overzealous until some sort of clear indication like the “Trig lore document dump” meme finally happening. I suspect that there might have been clear writing ready to go to make it feel like the Invasion has a proper resolution and like the Trigs can exist in status quo for a bit, but some sort of retcon or rewrite happened leaving us with this phantom limb feeling of missing something that leads to people making baseless theories of “CCP wouldn’t just leave us hanging, we just haven’t earned it yet but if we do this then we’ll finally know everything!”

My advice? Find your angle and pet theory of how to play it. Live in the grey a little bit. Stop worrying and view the vagueness as an opportunity for now to build out small parts of subclades as you see fit, because I did the whole grasping at straws for objectivity thing and it doesn’t make you any happier. Especially if this ends up like the Drifters.

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A very eloquent way of putting how you should look at the whole game!

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Structures are clearly anathema to Pochven.

The stabilization must continue. The Sobornost are exhorted to extirpate all foreign poshlost.

You’re much more optimistic than I am.

I’m pretty sure the fabled “trig storybook” never existed and does not today. What they had was some notes or guidelines about it; nowhere close to anything publishable to players. Maybe they planned to write one, but they didn’t.

I believe the reason you’re not seeing CCP tell you more trig lore is neither because they’re waiting for some hidden story trigger nor because they have retconned it. It’s because they don’t have any, and they have moved on to developing other things in the universe so they’re also not writing any.

(Destroying structures in Pochven fits the story so far, gives you a goal in the game, and hopefully some fun fights. So it can be worth doing. Just I advice people do it only if they think it’s fun to do for it’s own sake - not expecting it to do something.)


Ash, normally I’m all for people being enthusiastic, but can you piss off with this line? Structures have dick and all to do with the stabilization of the region in any lore context.

If you just want all the structures dead, just fuckin’ say so, but don’t be an ass about it out of character like this by screaming off this stuff that has no real evidence to it. Its fine if you want to push that line in-character, but don’t act like this has anything to do with you trying to advance a lore goal that isn’t there


To be fair, last we heard from the trigs was more or less what Ash says. Taking it as your mission to see th.e extirpation finished is entirely valid take on what lore exists - certainly as much based on existing lore as inventing your own subclades is.

Just don’t expect more story to come out of it than what you make.

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The second bit is the point I’m making, and I acknowledged its a fine enough stance to have in character, but I’ve sat back and watched Ash in more than one place, out of character, peddling this narrative about Structures being the reason we don’t have lore development… yeah, no.

They want the structures dead because they don’t want people to have the advantages of structures because they’re almost out of having their own. Its not because it’s going to change pochven anymore than it already has been, and its not because it’ll actually cause a major lore shift or the region to ‘stabilize’ when the trigs have already done the thing.

I just want them to be honest about it in out of character discussions @Elsebeth_Rhiannon


And what evidence do you have that it will do nothing though? At least one side is trying to do something to see if anything will happen. Sitting on your hands while putting others down is not going to do anything. And who says what Ash is saying is out of character?

I didn’t scream. The point was some people have this theory. I am one of them. Structures being counter to Pochven is a pretty defensible position and your stating it is not true has as much if not less validity.

You may not like the theory but telling anyone who doesn’t believe as you should “piss off” and is “screaming” is somewhere between ad hominem and arrogance.

You are not the cannonical police. People can come to their own conclusions.

Structures are anathema to Pochven. The stabilization will proceed.

Additionally, all of that position comes from in game perspective and 0 out of game knowledge. In fact any argument you could make that it is NOT true would rely on out of game knowledge…

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Funny, you blew past the part where I said it’s fine to have that line in-character. Your character can absolutely believe its such a thing.

But you, are smarter than that, so I can only assume that you’re trying to sway people to act in your own interests, and hope CCP follows after you. Which, CCP tends to follow after and react to players, see my following paragraph.

This is out of character and out of game discussions, and from the evidence currently available to us from that out of character lens, there is not a further ‘stabilization’ stage for Pochven in the case that structures are destroyed fully, not is there going to be any significant seismic lore shift. What I do think will happen, based on CCP’s track record(and Delegate Zero’s MO) is likely some news mention about the final structures dying, followed by continued status quo, at best. At worst, silence.

I’m not an arbiter or police of the game’s canon, but neither are you.

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Oh okay so… You’re admitting there is no evidence for this idea that you are advertising in an out of game conversation about Trig lore? Other than your supposed in-character motivations, which absolutely has no conflict of interest with your own motivations?

Given that this is a conversation about Trig lore then that should be that. The issue isn’t that you have personal character motivations with your own fan theories. Its that it makes me wary when it seems like you try to speak on behalf of all of Pochven as a Trig lore expert when it seems like you arrive at the conclusion that just so happens to agree with you and work backwards from there without much care or emphasis on alternative viewpoints in the region. Much less trying to advertise your perspective as fact in a thread seemingly meant to get outside members not as hip on the lore up-to-speed following you personally fielding for numerous structure bashing fleets that have been repelled.

Its a bit of a lie by omission, and pretty transparently self-motivated. The burden of proof when claiming these things is on you, doubly so when theres a clear bias. By all means flex the way you want to roleplay however you want and we can settle it on grid and the IGS, but not in an out of game conversation on firm trig lore. And I sincerely hope that this doesn’t effect how you present the facts in your videos that you share with the community without presenting all theories and perspectives of Pochven residents that aren’t your own.

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Right, so why are you trying to say that someone’s theory is not a theory. You can say that you think it’s foolish, but anyone can have their opinion about where the lore is heading. YOU are the one talking in what you believe are certainties. Only CCP can say with certainty of something happening or not happening. What you have is a guess based on your knowledge and observations, just like any of us. Neither Ash nor I have claimed that only by destroying all the structures will we further the Trig’s goals of bringing their home into known space. Only that we theorize that it’s a possibility.

If you want to debate the theory, by all means, bring up arguments as to why you think otherwise. Ash has made their thoughts on the matter public in stream and in video. All I’ve seen from you are just claims of CCP having just dropped the plot. Show us how you came to that conclusion, where they said as such.

For those taking score at home, the burden of proof is not on Laura to disprove unfalsifiables. Especially in a thread that is supposed to be based on out-of-character lore.

People made a vague claim about “some people’s theory” without elaborating and omitting the fact that “some people” means “themselves” or mentioning their personal motivations, their biases, or alternative perspectives. Some people decided to challenge that, and somehow that was turned into “you’re trying to dictate other people’s roleplay!” and “you have to prove that this thing that I claimed without proof doesn’t exist.”

Thats not how things work. And if it’s someone’s theory that they want to state publicly then they should be open to criticism. Its their theory. Words mean things, you can’t just claim anything that disagrees with you is anathema then when challenged on that remain non-committal to pretend that just because something is a theory you shouldn’t have to defend it or claim its on other people to disprove.

What? Malek said that there are theories. I personally think it makes sense, but I also wasn’t the one who first postulate it. What I said is that all of the information that it is based on is based on knowledge that would also be known in game, not using out of character knowledge.