What we known about Triglavians now?

I could just as easily say that you have biases for wanting structures to remain in Pochven. I can easily guess that those with structures in Pochven don’t want to lose them and would resort to anything to ensure they remain. I pointed at where I heard about it, and thus far, no one has even mentioned it yet. Instead people have come to say that CCP has just abandoned the plot and we don’t live in a world with multiple things going on.

There are people who have this theory, saying otherwise is just invalidating those who do believe in it. I’ve been saying to debate the theory, but no one is addressing it, only dismissing it.

What interests? We were talking about where the Trig are at now. Some suspect that things won’t happen until Pochven is “complete”. These are just factually true. I don’t live in Pochven. I do have interest in watching the Trig and advancing the story as we can. Do I think they have something ready to go if it happened? Probably not. Do I think that they could use this if they wanted to and thus make it true? Very high.

I really feel like this is just gatekeeping about what people are willing to accept as a theory. I, an out-of-character human being, believe something. That is based on all in-game info so Ashterothi the character could have the exact same belief. They have absolutely said that the Stabalization continues. It is absolutely reasonable to believe that destroying the structures will aid. They were told to exterpate all forign Poshlost. I was quoting their own post.

My point wasn’t to say this is a in game propaganda or anything. I say things with flair because it is fun. It also in this case echoes the very statements made that lead us to this conclusion.

I’ll say the quiet part out loud here.

Their is a way to prove if killing all the structures advances the story-- kill all the structures. There is a war going on in Pochven to do exactly that, some of the reasoning being IC but the majority of it being far more practical, self serving, and economic OOC reasons for most people involved. Thats fine, nothing new. Naturally, there’s disagreement on the idea that killing all the structures will do anything to change the status quo between this groups but its not just among people defending their structures like myself.

Killing all the structures in the region is something that can only be done once and will permanently alter the landscape of Pochven and its accessibility. Without the ability to replace those structures and the changes made post-siege green, they’re going to eventually die either way. There’s an argument there about what that will actually do to the region and is best left to a different discussion. It is what it is, whatever, at this point we’re all just fighting to keep the flame alive another day.

But if the people fielding to destroy those structures are going around telling people its to advance the Pochven story despite being repeatedly told “hey I don’t see any evidence of that so you shouldn’t go around claiming that” then I would at least like to be able to say “I told you so” down the line instead of people pretending to remain non-committal to their unfalsifiable theory just so later they can downplay their hand in it when nothing significant happens.

And I’ll say the other quiet side out loud:

Every structure in Pochven is a chink in the armor of the pro-Trig that live there. It is nothing but a thorn in the side. There is every practical reason that the Kybernauts want the structures in Pochven destroyed.

That said I don’t really monitor it all that closely. I have my own war to fight.

Suffice to say I disgree, for reasons that have been made clear in diplomatic channels in private with our Warden. But this isn’t the place for discussing game mechanics. If you’d like, please send me an EVE mail and I’ll be happy to explain why going after small structures without the removal of larger ones first will just result in nullbloc consolidation of Pochven and the role that small freeports play in keeping it a healthy ecosystem in spite of its flaws.

Ash, if I wanted to be a gatekeeping ■■■■, I’d just call you an idiot and be done with it, without even entertaining the line of conversation. Gods know there’s plenty of the sort in the RP community as is.

I’ll dig out some context for my belligerence here against you specifically. Kybernauts Clade(a specific kybernaut entity, but not the only one) has been acting like they speak for all Kybers, and frankly, your affiliation with them has led me to the belief that you’re along for the ride or even directly in support of their narrative, which they purport encompasses all Kybers. It does not, if you look at Stribog as just one other example.

Another would be Galm, who is pretty full red blood trig supporting, generally.

Not much a kyber player myself, but I do also nominally have, in-character affiliations to both kybers and trigs generally.

Like I said, I was just clarifying based on what Malak said. As far as what is going on in Pochven from the NEN last we heard they were hunkering down as Turner boomed

Pretty sure the larger ones need to go too.

I did just refer to Kybernauts previously to refer to trig as loyal to the Triglavians. No one here ever suggested it was everyone. I do believe there are others outside of the the Kybernaut Clade (the actual corporation) who believe this way.

I used the language of the Trig explicitly to NOT imply that this is a known thing. Simply to present the words that the position is based upon.

I cannot stress enough how little I pay attention to the in-game politics of Pochven.

To dismiss it so aggressively is just as propagandistic as trying to present it as all Kybernauts believe this way.

“Extirpate” does not mean “leave the big ones”

I actually really agree about the idea of taking the large out first. I assume they are having trouble with it.

Anyway, to try to put this back on topic for the OP

Not sure if this has compiled all the most recent things but its a solid resource on the state of trig Lore.

Hope this is useful @tabat


For an additional bit of reading I’d also recommend taking a look at the documents put together for the Triglavian Compendium assembled by ARC. Parts of it are in-character from a (kinda sorta) EDENCOM-aligned group (its a long story best told by them) so bare that in mind if you’re hoping to make content from the Trigs perspective. Its an irrefutably detailed and well constructed piece though and I recommend giving it a look for more detailed information and snapshots on the Trigs.

KINDA IMPORTANT: Their webhost that their content was originally posted on seems like its down but you can still access the documents by copying the links and plugging them into the Wayback Machine here.

Theres a lot of other documentation assembled from other sources that I’m sure I’m forgetting, and as far as I know there hasn’t been a single source to compile all the information and context on the Trig civilization that’s surfaced from the newest Faction Warfare arc. If anyone from any of the militias has anything saved, I’d encourage that they post it here. I’m far more familiar with the Placid arc than Tannor, as that was were the Triglavian presence was strongest and most active outside of Pochven.

Forgive the double post but theres at least three major areas of interest within Pochven I think are worth mentioning in terms of developments or settings to tell a story someone should know about.


Skarkon is… Skarkon. In-lore it’s started to be called “The Snake Pit of New Eden.” It was a mess before the invasion, its a mess after. It will be a mess when we are all dust. For a broad, biased perspective on the history of Skarkon leading up to today I made a little podcast style video on this planet in particular. Just keep in mind though, while all of it is based in real lore and in game events its just one story and perspective of a much larger conflict with many, many more sides to what happened and what will happen next.


Vale is a Veles clade system, and one of the few if not the only system that willingly surrendered to the Triglavians after the system fell. While their is room to play a resistance movement, defectors of the previous administration created the Provisional Vale Government of Unity and the Triglavian Revolutionary Organization as a collaborationist government. We don’t know if it’s a Vichy France, East Germany, or South Korean type organization between Vale’s government and Veles clade itself. Its a client state, but there’s really room so far to portray it any way you see fit at the moment. @Seriatim_Foucault , one of the few named Triglavian characters we have seen speak in news videos, is an ex-federal resident part of that Revolutionary Organization. Given that he used to be part of the Black Eagles (the Gallente equivalent of the CIA basically for those who don’t know) and his history of interfering in the development of the region by sending messages to Kybernauts claiming to speak on behalf of the Triglavians themselves, his exact goals are… Well they’re questionable.

The fact that Intriguerre ( Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization) is ran by a former Black Eagle, acts under the authority of the only known collaborationist government that is a direct successor to the previous government, and whos ability to speak for the Triglavians has only been confirmed DENCOM Intelligence, CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency and Federal Intelligence Office but seemingly not the Triglavians themselves-- its just all very suspicious. I suspect that not only Foucault but Intriguerre and the Provisional Government themselves are either double agents who surrendered under the direction of the Federation to preserve the planet and create a “man on the inside” but we can only guess at this point. In all likelyhood, since this was a highly populated system, there are enough people in these organizations for their to be members that are Trig loyalists, secret Feds, and everything in between. I personally like the ambiguity and think its a great setting if you wanted a spy-thriller backdrop for your stories.

Its also one of the major systems that Stribog has set up operations in as the Kybernaut stewards of Krai Veles, who have taken a much more organized approach to setting up shop in the area. I’d recommend reaching out to @Jamal_Frederick or @Clementine_Lafleur if you want more information of Vale, Krai Veles, Stribog, and anything else in that corner of Pochven.

P.S.: Krai Veles, being detestably the most innovative of the Clades, has also really doubled down on expanding their attempts at integrating rogue drone hives with the Collective and have built superstructures to help them achieve that.


Raravoss is another corner of Pochven seeing a lot of developments and action. @Arline_Kley has done a lot of work fleshing out the Amarr Resistance there. Even before the weaving of Pochven Mordu’s Legion seemed to have a special interest with whatever the Trigs were doing there so I’m convinced there’s more to Raravoss then it seems and we’ll see more on it in the future, however distant that might be.


I created this thread to learn something new, I read it to be honest already 12 times lol.
But anyway, thanks everyone guys

Krai Veles, being detestably the most innovative of the Clades

Did I say detestably? I meant debatably. Sorry. Fraudian slip. #SvarogGang

I know nothing.

It does seem like a tactic nationalist elements of the Gallente would pull. Manipulate the ‘strange aliens’ from the inside until a point where they can be convinced to join the ‘happy’ Federal family. That nearly 2/3rds of Pochven are composed of systems that belonged to their arch enemies and within striking distance of their capital and largest trading hub is a nice bonus, albeit unintended due to game AI and mechanics.

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