Joint Statements UNF/EDA - Eugales SuperProject Defense and Red Troop/DERAIL Atrocities

As we begin to enter what appears to be the second week of ongoing fighting across the system of Eugales, across multiple stellar bodies, infrastructure emplacements, and colonies, it is now the time to bring more light to the situation.

On the Friday the 10th, CONCORD SARO Red Troop, CONCORD DERAIL, and what appear to be attached units of Federal Intelligence Office SDII observers and operators, attempted to begin a largely indiscriminate campaign of destruction and demolition against United Neopian Federation, and Eugales Development Authority related colonial centers, gigastructural projects, terraforming stations, and more. Some evidence exists that assets intended for EDENCOM/AEGIS units have been co-opted and diverted from the nearby MV systems of Renarelle and Archavoinet, while trying to enact this barbaric purge attempt.

As of this time, many of these attempts have been stymied, though at great cost by mass deployment of Arcology Security, Clone Pilot defense wings, Countersiege MTAC battalions, localized and passing Clonesoldier forces, and advanced technology pattern support and combat materials.

Unfortunately, before these efforts could be properly waylaid, the Sky Platform colony of Argallant, in the atmosphere of the gas giant Eugales V, was severely damaged, and ultimately, destroyed by its descent into the deep pressure of the gas giant. Fortunately, forces of the Dark Wolf Legion, under direction of @Duke_Shasta were able to respond quickly to the platform’s emergency broadcast while other forces were occupied fighting, and were able to evacuate the fifty-thousand strong population before the platform reached its final terminal descent, and they forever have the gratitude of the UNF, House Brezia, and EDA.

As it stands, catastrophic damage has been inflicted to several dozen outlying terraforming stations on the surface of Eugales VI(Shine Ehklel), significant damage to the Orbital Ring/Yard Project’s construction and expansion spur, including heavy loss of civilian workers overseeing the construction, and the loss of dozens of outlying colonies.

The Masaariin Gazaar arcology, and primary Orbital Yard platforms, and a great many other colonies and facilities are holding, however continued siege has caused damage across multiple locations, further endangering civilian life, and data processing facilities containing long term terraforming and colonial development data.

At this time, there is evidence of active, indiscriminate executions within colonies that were overtaken by DERAIL and Red Troop that have been bothered to be occupied, with word intercepted communications condemning any individual living in associated colonies as ‘little more than traitors of humanity for even entertaining the thought of working alongside unshackled minds.’

It is, at this point, I, speaking in my capacity as Diplomat for the UNF at large, capsuleer alliance and baseliner polity both, as well as as the Director of the Eugales Development Authority and SuperProject, that, indeed we have for some time worked with, and alongside a mixed assortment of Sapient and Sentient level non-organic entities often proscribed by CONCORD. The United Neopian Federation baseliner polity, with regard to its remoteness and relatively recent access to the contemporary cluster, has to this point not been party to the laws and treaties and proscriptions as enacted by CONCORD, and having no particular hope of influencing the interstellar status quo by that apparatus, remains non-signatory, and has offered safe harbor to meta-stable instances of Artificial Life, such as the Warminds Glitter Edifice, Rose Eagle, and Silver Smile, as well as near on two million examples of human equivalent artificial Sapients. Many of whom have thus far, willingly, fought in defense of their fellow sapients, organic, and non-organic both.

The warmind classified non-organic sapient Silver Smile, as well as scores of lower classification non-organic sapients and Sentients, have willfully given their lives in the course of safeguarding a great many installations across the Eugales stellar system. Their true deaths are not in vain, as they, and the deaths of many humans of Arcology Security, and other defensive forces, bought valuable time for more concerted defensive establishment and reinforcement.

The fighting yet continues, but we will not yield.

The co-existence with non-organic sapients has, for a long time been something of an open secret, not expressly stated but generally ‘known’ to any who have passed through. Most have been content to live and let live, so long as they remained unmolested, and the EDA and UNF have thus far been in agreement that that was the best course available. But these blatant and flagrant acts of slaughter, and crimes against Sapience, cannot go unanswered or contested. Even now, Glitter Edifice continues to coordinate the mass defense of dozens of installations, supported by Rose Eagle as auxiliary. They have stood, and continue to stand in defense of stable Sapient life, against those that would commit genocide and sapiocide of what they refuse to understand.

Every attempt was made to pursue a strategy of deescalation and non-confrontation with DED enforcement. Despite this conflict with Red Troop and DERAIL, sadly, could not be entirely mitigated. In addition to aforementioned security forces, Glitter Edifice determined the necessity of a separate high-threat response unit. High-threat response was drafted from non-UNF affiliated augmented mercenary warclone units skilled in emergent warfare and that have a demonstrated history of conflict resolution with Red Troop agents.

As there is now no open secret left to be quietly ignored, the remaining Warminds, and other high level non-organics have been given authorization to begin accelerated reconstruction of damaged and destroyed installations retaken, or that have otherwise held.

These events will, inevitably, change how the cluster at large, those aware at least, will view the United Neopian Federation, both capsuleer affiliates, and baseline polity and colonies. Unfortunately, the choice to quietly co-exist has been forcibly removed.

Those that have stood in defense of us, your actions are not forgotten. Those that have struck at us in malice, you will forever be reviled for the monsters that you are.

Let it be a matter of the record that we have tried for peace at every juncture, and that these acts of senseless bloodshed will not be forgotten.