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“Each machine produced light and absorbed light, light which flowed from the sun at the heart of each solar system”

“By this method I traveresed myself looking at the hundreds of machines inside me and then I saw it, where my heart had been saved by the ingenuity of surgery a new machine lay within me but this seemed more pure the light it esposed more bright and where it fed back into the sun, instead of the waning, the sun grew in strength.”

Quotes from Idama Modire Volckeel The Way : A Study On The Ida and The Capsuleer


Body Camera Footage Recovered from Eugales Mercenary, 3-12-125


“–introduced her a type of unshackled warmind hidden within some Holovid VFX software. This is just an access terminal, the actual frame is apparently already in play. Don’t worry about the visuals I’ve been told its just a form of deterrent mimicry, like eye-spots on a moth. Though they might have just said that to make me feel better. I’ve been staring at it for a while, they say it can actually react sort of like an octopus changing shape by reading the vitals of the observer. Or. Maybe its all the VFX, while the warmind is more like a fish living in an anemone using the visuals as a sort of defense.”

“You’ve been watching a lot of nature documentaries lately?”

“No. Just. You know. You remember the whale thing. And the crabs before that? And the submarine? Anyway. Evidently, its been waiting to meet us a while now.”

“I’m not plugging into that ■■■■■■■ thing.”

“I’m not thrilled by it either Rot but we’re a bit limited on options here.”

“Even if it was designed for it, which it’s not, this is a step backwards. This is the exact opposite of what we–”

“I know. Get in ■■■■■■■ line if you want to add it to the list of compromises and every time we’ve gone off-script, I’ll make sure not to read it. This was supposed to be a quick pitstop, asking to borrow a cup of flower, grab a few documents on our way ou–”

“Hey can she hear us when we talk ab–?”

[Taps on monitor]

Talk about what? I didn’t say anything. Look I’m not gonna lie we got caught with our pants down here and even if I didn’t feel the need to help these poor bastards fight their way out of here after all they did on Skarkon. Which I do. Gods and spirits you should too, remember when we broke into Ishohuolvi? That was ARCSEC running combined arms at the time when you were breaking rocks in a CBD jumpsu–”


“Yes yes, even if you didn’t which you do, you were saying?”

I was saying I’d be more afraid of Red Troop putting you on ice than whatever the hell this thing is capable of shitting out. If we’re going to push back we can’t risk transfer interception, so we need to do this rogue-like. Closed casket. No reclones, dropsuit detects a breach at all nanites go into self destruction and a simple radio tone alerts the caches of blanks to load a softclone from before first contact. You either get one shot, or you start again with a clean slate. Troika testing means we’ve drifted too far from conventional TACNET protocols and we don’t have the tools to do this in the field. We need something more equipped that can access our network and reprogram our setup on the fly before we risk combat.”

“This is gonna wreck hell on the Artificial Troika, we’re talking serious impact to the tactical zeitgeist for four to six months.”

“Its worth it.”

“And there’s not another way?”

“Even if we leave now the same ■■■■ will happen if they run us down or intercept our flight. It’s jack in, or risk of becoming Kasiha’s lapdog and humping her virtual leg in time prison on some asshole’s SSD until they decide to let you out on parole to hunt the rest of us down.”

[long pause]

“Okay. ■■■■ it. Let them know I’m okay with it and we can start. And don’t glare at me like that if I’m going first. I hate it when people watch… This thing have a name?.”

[third voice enters the room]

“Glitter Edifice.”


Explosion Rocks Downtown Subil-Kayat Killing Intaki Banker

Garoun Enquirer

15 March YC 125

by Vesh Jodexi

INTAKI – The busy downtown suburbs of Subil-Kayat were rocked by an explosive blast in early rush hour traffic killing two men now identified as prominent Intaki financier Uvil Tarman, 74, and Devam Ruvilross, 57.

Mssrs. Tarman and Ruvilross were travelling in an armoured sedan on Yekam Road in the Zebin district when another vehicle arrived next to them in the morning traffic and detonated an explosive device as witnessed on traffic surveillance camera footage.

As terrified onlookers and other drivers ran from the site of the explosion the local Subil-Kayat Gendarmerie were quickly on the scene and cordoned off the area as police from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit searched for other potential explosive devices.

Subil-Kayat Gendarmerie Chief Inspector Rutim Avaskaya has released a preliminary statement regarding the incident.

“This morning at approximately 0845 Hours local Subil-Kayat time an AI piloted vehicle borne explosive device was detonated in the Zebin district leading to the deaths of two men now identified as Uvil Tarman aged 74 a local resident and Devam Ruvilross aged 57 who was a fugitive wanted by Federal Police.

Evidence gathered at the scene of the explosion has lead us to believe that the device used was an explosively formed penetrator consisting of an industrial pressure cooker containing a copper jacket and commercial high explosives.

We believe this to be a deliberate and targeted attack with the device aimed at defeating the protection of Monsieur Tarman’s armoured vehicle. Both Monsieur Tarman and Monsieur Ruvilross were killed instantly by the superheated copper plasma used in the explosive device.

With information released to us by the Special Department of Internal Investigations we believe both Monsieur Tarman and Monsieur Ruvilross were on their way to meet with members of the Free Intaki Army in secret when they were targeted for assassination by a splinter faction of the FIA.

The crudity of the explosive device used and the politics of Monsieur Tarman lead us to believe that this is the case.

No other casualties or injuries have been reported although counselling services have been made available to witnesses of this attack.”

Uvil Tarman was a prominent banker and financier who made his initial fortunes in commodities speculation and collectible card games before moving into politics later in life. He helped form and fund the Movement For a New Future Party which has been a long fixture in fringe Intaki right-wing nationalism although he never ran for office. He had long been suspected of having strong ties to the criminal underworld of the Intaki Syndicate.

Devam Ruvilross was a member of the anarcho-syndicalist “urban guerilla” Zefil-Keram Gang advocating for Intaki rights which terrorised the low security frontiers of Solitude between YC95 and YC100 in a spate of high profile heists, kidnappings, and bombings before they were corned by the Federal Police Special Enforcement Unit in the notorious Hotel Jerache massacre of YC100. Which resulted in a three day siege and running gun battles in the streets of Souvonne City and the deaths of most members of the gang.

Devam Ruvilross survived the Hotel Jerache massacre and was tried and convicted on murder and terrorism related offences in YC101. He escaped from Federal custody along with two other members of the Zefil-Keram Gang during a prison break in YC103. His whereabouts have since long been unknown until his recent death in Intaki.

Uvil Tarman is survived by his wife and three children.


Caille Trader Dead After Freak Accidental Defenestration

Garoun Enquirer

17 March YC 125

by Vesh Jodexi

CAILLE – Party-goers and revellers in Caille’s trendy L’Neiro district were met with a grisly scene in the early morning hours of Thursday as a local man fell to his death from a penthouse suite in the heritage Tousille Building.

The man, identified as Guilam Buvienne, 63, was attending a party at the penthouse suite in L’Neiro hosted by the fashionista Vedila Colleaux when it appears he fell out of a bathroom window to his death 82 stories below.

M. Buvienne worked as a trader for Garoun Investment Bank and was a long fixture in Caille’s nightlife and social scene.

“He worked hard and he partied even harder, everyone loved him,” Said friend and fellow trader at GIB, Zentam Jaideron, “I can’t believe what happened, I guess the party life catches up to you eventually.”

No one was more shocked than fashion idol Vedila Colleaux, “I still cannot process that my dear and lovely Buvi is gone. The pain I feel right now must be nowhere near to that of his family. My heart goes out to them. Wherever you are dear Buvi I hope you’re partying as hard as you lived and loved life.”

The Caille Police have made a preliminary statement regarding the death of Guilam Buvienne.

“In the morning hours of Thursday the 16th a local Caille man identified as Guilam Buvienne, aged 63, fell to his death while attending a social event at the Tousille Building in the L’Neiro district.

At this time we believe the circumstances leading to Monsieur Buvienne’s death was a result of heavy intoxication while leaning against a plate glass panel in a bathroom of the event site.

Unfortunately for Monsieur Buvienne we now believe that due to the age of the building and improper maintenance that the restraining bolts holding the plate glass in place failed catastrophically resulting in his fall to his death.

Due to this we are not treating the death of Monsieur Buvienne as suspicious at this time and not the result of any foul play.

Our condolences go out to the family of Monsieur Buvienne.”

In a surprising twist to events the local Caille office of the Special Department of Internal Investigations or Black Eagles issued their own statement regarding the accidental defenestration of M. Guilam Buvienne.

“According to a separate investigation conducted by the Department it is the belief that Guilam Buvienne, a resident of Caille was in fact the alias of one Ansom Touvinne a former member of the terrorist Zefil-Keram Gang responsible for murder and kidnapping in Solitude and a wanted fugitive by the Federal Police.

It is our belief Ansom Touvinne aka Guilam Buvienne came to Caille and secured a job as a trader with Garoun Investment Bank with the express intention of conducting money laundering for criminal elements of the Intaki Syndicate and placing rogue trades to the benefit of Intaki terrorist and anti-Federal groups and has done so for the past two decades.

We are currently conducting forensic accounting of M.Touvinne’s records at Garoun Investment Bank where we believe he was recently responsible for diverting large amounts of capital to a splinter faction of the Free Intaki Army.

We do not consider the circumstances of the death of Ansom Touvinne aka Guilam Buvienne as suspicious.”

The Zefil-Keram gang was a notorious terrorist militia operating in Solitude in the mid to late YC 90’s and were responsible for multiple murders and bombings before the eventual death or capture of all members of the gang by the Special Enforcement Unit of the Federal Police at the infamous Hotel Jerache massacre.

The circumstances of the death Guilam Buvienne aka Ansom Touvinne has motivated the Caille city council to consider the possibility of a new public awareness campaign warning revellers and residents of the dangers of high-story windows while intoxicated.


Actor Dead After Being Hoisted By Own Petard

Garoun Enquirer

18 March YC 125

by Vesh Jodexi

INTAKI – An explosion on stage has killed the actor Nushil Vesprata, 64, during an evening performance of Dusivette’s classic play, “Paths of Ruin,” being held at the Narikaam Theatre in the city of Subil-Kayat.

Terrified audience members rushed out of the theatre for safety after the explosion.

“It was total havoc in there. I know act two was meant to finish with a bang but not like that!” Said one theatre patron.

Monsieur Vesprata was killed during a soliloquy in act two just after delivering the seminal line, “For this becomes a death and a beginning.” Before disappearing in a cloud of smoke and debris.

Gathering crowds and shocked theatre-goers outside were surprised when armed officers of the Federal Police Special Enforcement Unit arrived on the scene in a convoy of armoured personnel carriers and quickly cordoned off the scene at the theatre.

Tactical assault teams of the Special Enforcement Unit then stormed the theatre and sounds of gunfire could be heard by the crowds outside as it has been reported that the Special Enforcement Unit engaged with insurgents belonging to a splinter faction of the Free Intaki Army, killing 4 insurgents.

A further search of the theatre revealed explosives and other bomb making equipment was being stored beneath the main stage in addition to small arms and ammunition where it is now believed they were to be used in future terrorist attacks.

Senior Detective-Constable Juanil Razim of Federal Police had this to say regarding their operation at the Narikaam Theatre.

“Today the Special Enforcement Unit acting on actionable intelligence we have received conducted an operation at the Narikaam theatre in Subil-Kayat with the intention of apprehending the actor Nushil Vesprata.

We believe Nushil Vesprata was the assumed identity of the wanted fugitive and terrorist Rushil Keram, co-founder of the Intaki ultranationalist terror group the Zefil-Keram Gang responsible for mass-murder and other atrocities in the Solitude region in the mid to late YC 90’s.

Given evidence gathered at the Narikaam Theatre and at Rushil Keram’s residence it is our belief that he had been using his position under the identity of Nushil Vesprata to recruit and radicalize members of the community in the hateful ideology of Intaki ultranationalism and conduct future terror attacks as part of a splinter faction of the Free Intaki Army.

Rushil Keram was killed when he accidentally activated an anti-personnel mine that had been stored beneath the main stage of the Narikaam theatre during a performance being held.”

In response to the operation by the Special Enforcement Unit the Subil-Kayat city government has raised its terror alert level from ‘Probable’ to ‘Expected’ in which a terrorist attack is believed to be ‘highly likely’ in the near future.

The Subil-Kayat Gendarmes office of public affairs cautions the public to exercise extreme vigilance in the near future and to report any suspicious activity to the local Gendarmes or the Federal authorities.


Placid News In Brief

  • Warzone Control Remain hotly contested in Pegeler Constellation as fighting reaches wavering stalemate in Aubenall
  • Unrest In Intaki on Downtrend, Though Evidence of Arms Movement Remains High
  • Unour District Court Rules in Favor of Abandoned Station Salvage and Restoration Rights Claim to Windstalker Security Corp and Wolf Brothers Inc in Algasienan, after years of contestation by local FedNav Forces, Contingent on old Federal Military Station Ruins remaining untouched. Similar Ruling in Pegeler District for Salvage and Restoration Rights for ruined station in Archavoinet near Eugales gate.
  • Uproar across Pegeler District and beyond as leaked footage of SARO Red Troop and DERAIL units brutalizing colonial centers and infrastructure in Eugales spread on GalNet, footage described as exceptionally disturbing
  • Unexpectedly High Serpentis Movement Noted In Pelille
  • Multiple Pegeler District Memberstate Self-Defense Forces and Auxiliaries Reportedly Mobilizing and Braving the Dangers of Warzone Fighting To Enter Eugales System, Despite Protests of Local FedCom Liaisons, assorted SDF Unit Intentions Generally Stated To Be ‘To Stop the Madness and Bloodshed Caused by DERAIL brutality’
  • Darigan’s Devils Special Task Squadron of Archavoinet based Solinari Swarm Habitat Accordiat Memberstate Reportedly Canceling All Aerospace Display Shows And Already Deploying to Eugales
  • Federated Republics of Renarelle V Self-Defense Force Units Waylaid By Heavy Fighting In System between Gallente Militia and Caldari Militia forces
  • Reports Indicate Standoff Between Aubenall IV SDF Units and FedCom Interdictors Trying To Prevent Memberstate Units from Leaving System, Tensions Noted As ‘High’
  • Moclinamaud based Memberstates Abstain from Mobilizing SDF units, But Still Protest Red Troop and DERAIL Actions
  • Frarie Memberstates In Froth Over Disagreements About Mobilization and Precedent, Delaying Any Attempts at Deploying Despite Vocal Dissent Against CONCORD Actions
  • SDII Involvement in Eugales Remains Unconfirmed, Though Observer Units Using Tactics In Accordance With Known SDII Procedures Noted
  • Visual Recordings of Damage to Eugales VI Orbital Ring Project Described As ‘Heartwrenching’ As Several Sections of Expanded Construction Spar Begin Atmospheric Re-Entry Over Uninhabited Sections of Planet, Majority of Completed Sections Remain Heavily Defended and Operational
  • Experts Report That Eugales VI Terraforming Progress Likely Setback Several Years
  • Massive Movement of Narcotics and Exotic Equipment Reported from Serpent’s Coil In Vilinnon
  • Spike In Mercenary Contracts Market, Baseline, Capsuleer, and Warclone, From Fighting Over Past Week in Eugales
  • Taayusaka Eskeitan Forces Noted to be Coordinating with State Peacekeepers in Eugales Investigation of CONCORD Atrocities
  • Whistleblowers in Archavoinet EDENCOM Second Line Units Leak Reports of Unorthodox Unit Transfers Supposedly Authorized by CONCORD DERAIL
  • Dispute Over Intaki Melon Exports Ends In Tragedy As Federation Customs Officers Brutally Beat And Hospitalize Three Transport Workers, One in Critical Condition, FC Officers Suspended Pending Investigation
  • Syndicated Republishing - Mind Clash Worlds Champion Joelyn Donalokos shares thoughts on Intaki separatism and the recent ongoing C3 shortage in newest tell-all CailleGirl interview
  • Footage of a large Combat MTAC Rushing DERAIL Emplacements Carrying What Appears To Be A Landing Pad Support Strut, Blaring Warhorns, And ‘Windmilling Arms Aggressively’ On Eugales VI Circulating Region, ‘Enter The Squared Circle’ a Lesser Known Song By Permaband Playing Over Footage, Multiple Similar Recordings Popping Up With Regularity
  • Localized Gallente Police Directorate Forces Initially Slated To Monitor Serpent’s Coil Diverting To Investigate Eugales Atrocities
    -Mastir Reborn Technologies inc. continue to report profits despite worries that the Higher security might reduce sales and are rumored to be opening a further market in null security space.
  • BREAKING: ANNOUNCEMENT IN EUGALES BY SO CALLED ‘WARMINDS’ GLITTER EDIFICE AND ROSE EAGLE, SUPPORTED BY ASCENT FROM EDA DIRECTOR AND UNF DIPLOMAT LAURALITE BREZIA STATES THAT ‘All Remaining DERAIL and Red Troop Units That Have Not Evacuated System Will Be Allowed to Surrender To Investigating State Peacekeeper, Or Gallente Police Directorate Forces If They Cease Fighting Now’

Hospital Bombing And Mass Shooting By Intaki Ultranationalist Gunman Leaves Hundreds Dead And Hundreds More Wounded Or Missing

Garoun Enquirer

22 March YC 125

by Vesh Jodexi

Subil-Kayat, Intaki – A truck laden with explosives detonated at the Tarimkar Hospital and simultaneous gun attack at the Kumilyan botanical gardens by a lone gunman has left over 120 confirmed dead and hundreds more injured or missing as distraught friends and family search for their loved ones.

The culprit has been identified by the Subil-Kayat Gendarmes as Numil Jasaraya, 27, formerly a fulfilment specialist with FedMart who is said to have been known to authorities and has prior convictions for assault and racial vilification.

Numil Jasaraya was cornered in a kiosk during his rampage at the Kumilyan botanical gardens and killed by a tactical assault team according to the FedPol Special Enforcement Unit.

Numil Jasaraya was banned just last month from a popular social media platform in Intaki after a hate-laden rant filled with racial invective against the resident Gallente minority of the system made under the handle, ‘FreeIntakiPatriot’.

M. Jasaraya left a hate-filled and deranged manifesto prior to his attack on the fringe Intaki ultranationalist and conspiracy galnet site, Echelon Front, in which he described his actions as, ‘a strike against the Gallente imperialist elites and a path towards true Intaki liberation,’ and, ‘in memory of our Intaki martyrs such as Zefil and Keram.’

Which is believed to be an allusion to the politics of the notorious Intaki ultranationalist Zefil-Keram Gang whose co-founder, Rushil Keram was killed in an accidental explosion at the Narikaam theatre late last week.

Senior Detective-Constable Juanil Razim of the Special Enforcement Unit of FedPol has confirmed the links between Numil Jasaraya and Rushil Keram.

“We believe that the culprit behind today’s terrorist attacks in Subil-Kayat was inducted and radicalised in the hateful beliefs of Intaki ultranationalism by the terrorist leader Rushil Keram.”

Numil Jasaraya was formerly a member of the Movement For a New Future political party known for its fringe right-wing and nationalist politics but was ejected from the party after his views were considered too extremist even for their policies. It is now suspected M. Jasaraya was behind the targeted assassination of the Movement For a New Future party founder and donor Uvil Tarman on the 15th of March.

It is believed the Tarimkar Hospital in Subil-Kayat was selected as a target for today’s terror attack as it was where mercenary operatives of the Namtar Elite private military company had been evacuated for treatment for wounds suffered during an ambush late last week in the nearby Akat Mountains by a splinter faction of the Free Intaki Army now believed to have been led and sponsored by the now deceased Rushil Keram.

However, according to Namtar Elite Public Affairs spokeswoman Vieve Alleronds all Namtar Elite mercenaries recuperating at the Tarimkar Hospital had been evacuated to the Fort Harner Federal Marines base for further treatment just “mere hours” before it was bombed.

Tarimkar Hospital is a scene of devastation after the truck bomb autonomously piloted by the terrorist Numil Jasaraya has left the Gamesh Vasrilya Memorial Wing flattened and the surrounding area covered in scorched debris left behind by the attack.

In one heart-wrenching scene uploaded to social media the still burning remains of a child’s stuffed animal can be seen among the wreckage of the explosion.

As emergency services struggle to search for any survivors of the attack among the rubble of the Tarimkar Hospital distraught friends and family of patients await for any news outside the exclusion zone. Many struggle to understand why the hospital was targeted.

“They call themselves the Free Intaki Army but is this what a free Intaki is supposed to look like? Where innocent people are killed just because they don’t hate the Gallente?” Said Tariya Inderlan whose mother was undergoing treatment in the oncology department, “What did my mother do? Why do they want to free us by killing us?”

Similar sentiments of confusion and despair were shared by others.

“I just don’t understand it, it’s all so senseless. What do these deaths serve?” Said Lamik Umilkan, “My daughter is in there somewhere. Alive or dead, I don’t know. She didn’t oppress anyone. Is this what liberation is meant to look like? It just looks like suffering to me.”

Surviving patients and victims of the bombing at the Tarimkar hospital have been transferred to neighbouring hospitals in Subil-Kayat.

Soon after the bombing at the Tarimkar Hospital Numil Jasaraya conducted a lone wolf style mass shooting at the nearby Kumilyan botanical gardens. Armed with a rail rifle and heavy combat armour M. Jasaraya shot indiscriminately into crowds gathered at the botanical gardens made popular by tourists, especially Gallente, who have enjoyed the cultivated styles of the renowned Intaki landscape architect Inkeril Tuvipaata.

The Special Enforcement Unit of FedPol responded swiftly to the attack at the Kumilyan botanical gardens and the skies were filled by the sounds of FedPol gunships as tactical assault teams landed and quickly cornered the gunman at a kiosk where he was then killed without further casualties.

Senior Detective-Constable Juanil Razim of the Special Enforcement Unit of FedPol commented on today’s attacks and the operations of his unit.

“Today it is with great sadness that the people of Subil-Kayat had to experience first hand the horrors caused by the hateful ideology of Intaki ultranationalism. Make no mistake that those motivated by ultranationalist beliefs do not fight for your sake or your freedom. They fight and kill only because they hate and they have no qualms killing those they purport to defend.

We who have long fought against Intaki ultranationalists such as in Solitude understand this well. We cannot negotiate with such people whose hatreds have blinded them against any and all reason or desire for peace. We can only fight them, and in the end win.

To the people of Subil-Kayat I say this, stand with the Federation in these dark times and the Federation will stand by you.

And win we shall.”

So far no group has claimed responsibility for today’s attacks in Subil-Kayat.


Over the past few days, CONCORD DERAIL and Red Troop command elements responsible for troops deployed in Eugales reported unusual and sometimes sustained glitches in communication software and decreased reliability of some long range guided munitions. In the worst cases, units had comms reduced to garble long enough for warnings of impending counterattacks on their positions to be missed, resulting in notable losses. Interference is suspected and investigation is underway.


Republic Star

RSS Anti-Warclone Units Intercept Foreign Mercenary Probe in Eugidi


Echoing the latest reports from the New Eden Cluster Security Committee of renegade warclone activity in Placid, the Tronhada Free Guard have confirmed ongoing operations against Triglavian-affiliated mercenary warclones in the Eugidi constellation.
The report, allegedly presented to the Sanmatar’s Circle for Security Co-ordination prior to public release, details initial contact with a small expeditionary force of Triglavian raiding parties on the surface of Floseswin III by the Tronhada Free Guard. After repelling destructive probing attacks on Republic infrastructure the Free Guard continued to track and pursue the withdrawing enemy troops across the rugged terrain of the storm world.

Unable to make use of dropship support due to an ongoing spike of high energy storms battering the planet, Tronhada agents were forced to shadow the hostile raiding party on foot in a grueling thirty-six hour chase across the mountains. Trained in the frozen Tronhada Mountains of Matar, the Free Guard were eventually able to close the distance and reengage the enemy. Despite taking a disadvantagous position while their targets held the high ground, a pitched battle ensued with the Free Guard ultimately coming out ahead in the firefight.

Post-combat investigation revealed the guardsmen were not engaged with regular army, ‘Siege Elites’ or Pochven conscripts, but renegade warclones known to act as insurgents and pathfinders for the Collective. These “varyazi” units match the description of other warclones teams intercepted by Red Troop in Eugales. While their purpose on Floseswin III is unknown, comments from the Circle for Security Co-ordination indicate concern that agent provocateurs may be leveraging “irresponsible and unvetted” mercenary contracts put forward by foreign powers seeking to gain an advantage in the ongoing arms race to develop an Interstellar Shipcaster. As tension continues to build between the empires of New Eden, Triglavian-aligned warclones may use this “shadow war” to mask an insurgency or commit false flag attacks aimed to prevent any one side from achieving dominance.

Fearing reprisal or further raids, the Tronhada Free Guard have been deputized into existing RSS anti-warclone units. Originally created due to the Tribal Council’s refusal to permit DED units to operate with impunity within the Republic, comparisons with SARO’s RED TROOP are unavoidable. According to one RSS operative who chose to remain anonymous, with suspicion of CONCORD overreach and doubt in EDENCOM’s impartiality at an all-time high the stage is set for a “major pissing match” [sic] between RSS and RED TROOP anti-warclone units over the necessity of CONCORD leadership to provide protection against these emergent threats.

“RED TROOP would like nothing more than to point to Eugales as an example of why we should tolerate their routine meddling in tribal affairs. The numbers they cite of enemy KIA are obviously outrageously inflated for that exact reason. Our teams have been training in Mikramurka for this type of confrontation for three years now. We’ll show the cluster that the Republic can fight its own battles and win without them.”

The Varyazi for their part have been quick to avenge the loss of their combat teams, sending assault ships with boarding parties to harrass Republic research stations and Krullefor outposts across Eugidi under the gaise of mercenary contracts dispatched by The Agency. The Agency has a long history of issuing mercenary contracts to unscrupulous warclones without proper vetting, dating back to its origins as Ostrakon. Despite these attacks, the amount of troops Varyazi have deployed remain relatively low-- hinting at recent egregious losses that may take time to recover from before they can launch a full offensive in force without burning through their network of imbedded insurgents.


“The Ida is a choice of paths by which we understand the universe to a greater extent and are enlightened by said understanding, to die and not be reborn is a failure to appreciate your place in this world.”

“Of the capsuleer I am in awe may it be said that such beacons of magnificence have never lit the dark void to such an extent then when these person traverse the skies.”

Quotes from Idama Modire Volckeel The Way : A Study On The Ida and The Capsuleer


The following has appeared in encrypted messaging channels related to Intaki separatists:

From: Zefil-Keram Compact Office of Public Instruction

We are the revolutionary soldiers of the Zefil-Keram compact and adherents of the thoughts of the martyrs Anil Zefil and Nushil Keram.

We claim responsibility for the attack carried out in Subil-Kayat by our martyr Numil Jasaraya against the Gallente imperialists who shackle our bodies and our spirits in colonialist bondage.

Those who question our methods know that those who harbour the Gallente oppressors and provide them succour are just as complicit as the oppressor of the state in stifling the freedom and autonomy of the Intaki people by collaborating with the coloniser and imperialist.

We are the Zefil-Keram Compact and we reject the hierarchy of power that the Gallente Federation embodies as immoral and unethical as it exists only to provide protection to the owners of capital to exploit the labour class beneath their boots and engage in colonist enterprises at the expense of indigent communities.

Our rejection of the authority and power of the state embodied by the Gallente Federation can only be carried out through violence for diplomacy or negotiation will always fail to convince those privileged with the power and wealth gained through human exploitation to relinquish it freely.

Only through the blood of martyrs and revolutionary struggle can there exist a true liberation of the Intaki body, thought, and spirit from those who would seek to enslave us to a system we did not choose or consent to.

We are the Zefil-Keram Compact and we will fight against the Federal imperialist, capitalist, and coloniser with blood and bullet so that the Intaki people may exist free to return to our true culture and history free from foreign influence and the oppressive hierarchy of state power that enriches the capitalist and impoverishes the worker.

Our struggle seeks to liberate labour and create a new system of intentional communities based upon the Intaki ashram where workers are able to freely associate and contribute without state violence or authority.

Our struggle is your struggle.

Join us.


Investigation into the communications disturbances of DERAIL and SARO Red Troop in Eugales have concluded. The cause has been determined to be a localized breach by Triglavian malware affecting devices operated in the Eugales system, particularly those used on and near Eugales VI. Analysis has revealed that the breach allowed for manipulation of the receiving and transmitting frequencies of communications equipment. CONCORD IT specialists are now at work trying to hunt down and seal up the vulnerability exploited to infect the devices.


See & Hear.

In a stunning turn of events, a romantic involvement between two high-profile individuals has been revealed to the public. Ms. Shintoko Akahoshi, an employee of Eve University, whose athletic low-gravity build and striking good looks are rumored to be more the product of genetic manipulation and significant body modification than natures gift, and Mr. Edward Adams, now a member of the Federation Milita, strangely with roots in the State Protectorate, were caught on a public channel discussing their romantic involvement.

What’s more, shocking is that this revelation has uncovered an apparent love triangle involving Mr. Zentron Kalkoken, a member of the Minmatar Militia and notorious bull boy. Sources close to the situation have reported that Mr. Kalkoken was also involved with Ms. Akahoshi. His presence in the situation may have prompted Ms. Miran Tereven, a well-known member of the State Militia also with rumored ties to the State Protectorate and perhaps even the Provoists and Dragonaurs, into a jealous pout.

The drama doesn’t end there. Rumors are swirling that Mr. Adams and Ms. Akahoshi will be participating in a ritual allegedly involving some type of sacrifice. While the ritual details are unclear, it has caused concern among those close to the couple.

Many wonder how this tangled tale of love, loyalties, and lies will end and how the love triangle’s bonding ritual’s outcome will play out. Will there be a sacrifice, or is it all just speculation?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – this scandalous situation has captured the public’s attention and will surely be the source of much speculation for weeks to come.

Reporting for See & Hear

Ailer Stane


Sigil Solutions Headquarters
Litiura VIII - Moon 12 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support

“They want us to transport what; to Intaki?”

“From Jita. How did they even come by soo many. Wait we brokered the deal, the contact goes by Chilibear?”

“Scientists, well of course there are scientists, makes perfect sense.”

“So we are dealing with the loading and with the procurement but due to our current financial constraints we won’t be doing the delivery!”


“Is that correct?”

“We are a haulage company its what we do.”

“What do you mean, not this time.”

“I know we’re in administration, I’m the arse who gets the damn polite emails from Richard regarding the selling of our assets and assuring me he takes no pleasure in it.”

“Does he know about this contract?”

“He doesn’t yet… well maybe that’s for the best”"



We would like to respond to recent rumors about a romantic relationship between Empyreans Shintoko Akahoshi and Edward Adams of the Federal Militia. The tabloid Speak & Hear reported on this, maliciously fanning the flames of this rumor, as well as attempting to link Ms Akahoshi with another Empyrean, Zentron Kalkoken of the Minmatar Militia. While Ms Akahoshi, a student at Eve University, does know Mr Adams, their relationship is strictly platonic. Likewise, Ms Akahoshi has spoken occasionally to Mr Kalkoken, but the two remain merely acquaintences.

Our company regularly initiates legal proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to the our Empyreans, including defamation, personal attacks, sexual harassment, the spread of groundless information, and ill-intentioned criticism. We would like to provide an update on these activities.

We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives.

The act of personally attacking individuals by spreading false information on a certain website is becoming increasingly severe. We are fully aware of the evolving nature of such malicious postings, which may be skillfully created with the intention to evade the law. However, despite how well-crafted these postings may be, we are taking strict measures to address this issue by applying appropriate legal articles to each type of posting, ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable.

In the case of individuals who continue to engage in such behavior, showing no signs of regret despite being investigated for numerous malicious postings in the past, we have filed additional criminal complaints against them. We have collected evidence of their recent postings and will pursue justice through legal channels.

KABUKI TRANSSOLAR regularly collects information on malicious postings regarding Shintoko Akahoshi, reports them to the authorities, and files criminal complaints. We would like to stress that we will continue to initiate strict measures to ensure that these illegal behaviors toward our Empyreans are not repeated, and our policy of no leniency remains in effect.

We ask that you make continued use of our hotline to report any cases of abuse.

We will continue to work to ensure that the rights of our Empyreans are fully protected.


Region: Placid

System: Agoze
Colony Common Name: Agoze V
Colony Local Name: Dubaana

UNITED Local News

In a genuinely surprising action Mastir Reborn Technologies inc.[MR-TI] has officially recognised the unionisation of its workers at its Test Cultures Manufacturing facility in Dubaana. The Mastir Reborn Technologies Union [MRTU], a working name at this time; was formed in an effort to overcome not just the dangers inherent in many capsuleer industrial working facilities but also the colonies own strict rules allowing for only unionised employees to hold formal citizenship.

“We were incredibly nervous, such actions have been tried before but with very little success, many capsuleers simply flout employment law or hire thugs to threaten workers then simply fire all employees and recruit offworlders to replace them.” Camélia Choudhary current spokeswoman for the union effort.

We congratulated the workers at the facility and asked how they thought MR-TI differed if at all from other capsuleer enterprises.

“I started working in MR-TI fairly recently in early YC125 the workplace they offer is not the standard capsuleer environment that I have previously been used to. They give breaks for meditation and offer employees tons of Idic literature, that is not to say that they discourage other religions they seem fairly open to all forms and practises. I think I have ended up reading more varied writings on Idic philosophy here then I ever did when I attended weekly monastery readings as a kid on Intaki Prime. I had never heard the works of Idama Pakami Durahma in my youth or the off the wall ■■■■ from Idama Jeevan Nirantar.” Hassan Arundel worker at the Test Cultures Manufacturing facility in Dubaana

It seems for some that the freedom offered for meditation and community opened the doors at MR-TI for this unionisation to take place. To hear there are capsuleers who want to assist their workers is always a good thing however this writer would urge caution and remind all that while there is an employing class and a working class their will never be true equality.

In Solidarity,

Avyaan Goal


Thoulde Broadcast Network

Announced yesterday by capsuleer Emilia Dallocort, the ‘Dallocort Social Fund’ has launched for Kohiri City with short term plans to expand support across Yona, and long term goals aimed at the wider Thoulde District. According to Ms. Dallocort, the social program is meant to assist in the needs of those living in impoverished conditions, targeting urban demographics. Specific subprograms will focus on health and medicine, food assistance, housing subsidiaries, education funding, and childcare provisions.

A holo-clip of Emilia Dallocort speaking into a microphone on stage plays.

“I understand how hard it can be to simply get by, given the many expenses an average Federal citizen must face on any given day. I understand the struggle of the lower class, of the low-income households. I was there. Just a little over two years ago, myself and family were in your shoes, standing where you are now. It is still somewhat of a shock to me how fortunate I have been, to get to where I am today from where I once was… But I can assure you I have not forgotten the struggle to meet payments on the seemingly endless bills, to chip away at the looming mountain of debt, or at times, to even put enough food on the table for dinner.”

“The goal of this program is to help provide to those who cannot reliably provide for themselves. To succeed where many governmental and Federal programs, ultimately and unfortunately, fail. There are too many in need, with too little funding to adequately provide what is needed. It is our goal, after successfully establishing and organizing this program across Kohiri City, that we may expand support across all cities on Sovolia, and across all urban establishments in the Yona system. It is my hope in the future, the Dallocort Social Fund may assist those in need across the entire Thoulde District, and possibly even reach further across the Federation given time. But we must start small, and it makes the most sense to start here. The place and the struggle in which I am most familiar.”

Despite the seemingly gold-hearted nature of the program, critics of Ms Dallocort have been quick to point out the convenient timing of the announcement. It comes at a crucial time in both of Ms Dallocort’s lawsuit against the Kohiri branch of Aliastra, as well as the charges brought forth against her by defendant Javas Clardoux. Both legal battles have met significant delays, with the former now dragging on for well over a year. Vocal opponents of the capsuleer site the announcement as a stunt aimed at gaining public favor during the closing months of her suit against the retail giant, and to curtail the allegations coming forward of her attempts to coerce the legal opposition through veiled threats and bribery.

A holo-clip of Ms Dallocort answering a reporter’s questions after the announcement plays.

Reporter: “Some would say that the unveiling of the Dallocort Social Fund has a rather convenient timing. How would you respond to that?”

Dallocort: “Given the recent economic downturn for Kohiri and the unrest from recent events involving the four Empires, I suppose the timing is convenient yes. It is a primary reason I pushed for establishing the program sooner, rather than later. People are in need, we cannot wait.”

Reporter: “And what to the timing of your legal suits? Would you say you have motive to push this social program now, to lessen the damage of the recent allegations that have come to light?”

Dallocort: “My legal disputes with Aliastra and the unbased allegations brought forward against me have absolutely nothing to do with the Dallocort Social Fund. This is a program I have been planning on implementing for some time, which has taken logistical and organizational effort, all of which begun before any falsified rumors were spread by the defendants.”

Reporter: “So you would claim that this is purely selfless and you have no motives as to greed or political gain from either your lawsuit or the new social fund?”

Dallocort, in a notably more annoyed tone: “I would say that if you are intent on uncovering motives of greed and political gain, you should look at Aliastra, or just about any other mega corp in the Federation for that matter. Entities such as these routinely bully until they get their way, monopolize the markets, and consolidate power. I am not fighting against Aliastra solely for the sake of my image, I am standing against this habit of corporate exploitation and control, for the sake of anyone who has suffered from the corporate hand. If we let them do as they please, unchecked, the Federation will become nothing more than the likes of the State.”

The reporter moves to speak again, but Emilia cuts her off: “Thank you for your questions, but I have more important matters to attend to than fuel the lies of the tabloids.”

Despite the allegations and the skepticism of critics, it as been shown Ms Dallocort holds the favor of a majority of Kohiri citizens based on local polls conducted after the announcement. Proponents of Ms Dallocort dismiss the rumors as nothing more than the typical noise of Federation tabloids, and rally behind her drive to stand up to “the corporate hand”.



Celebrations over the recent significant stellar transmutation research contribution by State Protectorate organization ‘Taayusaka Eskeitan’ have ended on a sour note as large numbers of Taayusaka’s research staff have anounced a general strike, protesting an “inhumane and suffocating work environment” and “unreasonable quotas” imposed by their corporation.

“This is ridiculous! I haven’t seen my family in weeks now, and HR still hasn’t gotten back to me about my overtime! I have staff members sleeping in the break rooms instead of going home! I don’t care how much that damn glory hound wants to show off, it’s my people that are slaving away in the labs all this time.” said Chief Researcher Dr. Tezuko Siita, organizer of the strike.
“No more. Either our CEO will have to give us a more realistic workload, or compensate us for this meatgrinder of a project. Not a single datacore more will be reconstructed until then!”

When reached for comment, Taayusaka’s Chief Executive insisted that the strike would not negatively impact the corporation’s ability to meet their goals, claiming that they were well projected to have contributed over a quarter of all required data by the end of the State project.



After 24 hours into a general strike, the stellar transmutation researchers of Taayusaka Eskeitan have reportedly returned to work.

According to a brief press release by the corporation, the cause behind the strike was revealed to be the “intentional incitement of unrest by subversive anti-state entities aiming to disrupt operations and jeopardize the security of the State.”

Interviewed science staff involved in the project reported extremely high satisfaction with both their work conditions and compensation, and completely disavowed any anti-corporate statements made by previous staff.

“The Shipcaster Project is far too important to the long-term security and well-being of the Caldari State to be derailed by petty dissidents, and it is deeply shameful how any of my peers allowed themselves to doubt this fact due to the honeyed words of enemy operatives. We all vow to redouble our efforts and ensure that our production quotas are met consistently.” said Chief Researcher Dr. Jaahira Lauppi in a recent interview.





Labor-Nationalist Workers Bloc Endorse Taaysaka Eskeitan Workers Settlement, Emphasize Strategic Importance of Interstellar Shipcaster

Breaking from historical precedent set by past administration’s absolutist approach to labor strikes, Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa has issued a statement endorsing Taaysaka Eskeitan’s efforts to resolve yesterday’s attempted general strike. Spokesperson Niina Eskola wished to emphasize their focus on reforming the labor-nationalist movement to purge subversive elements responsible for inciting civil unrest that only served to discredit the movement’s goal of encouraging social harmony in a post-Triglavian Invasion State through left-wing nationalist reforms.

Eskola-haani praised Taayusaka’s swift resolution to the crisis by echoing the importance of the Interstellar Shipcaster research project, Taaysaka Eskeitan’s instrumental role in it’s rapid progress, and the “prosperity that the success of this project promises to the worker across every State industry.” Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa went on to cite the ongoing threat of espionage and saboteurs brought by the so-called “shadow war” while drawing parallels in tactics used by alleged agent provocateurs in Aokinen with those used to infiltrate legitimate workers protests to carry out attacks on CEP Spire and the Jita 4-4 space elevator. Without swift action from their allies, they state, the attempted wildcat strike may have been used as a hotbed of terrorist activity aimed only at “immiserating the very people they falsely claim to represent.”

Seeking an “all-Mountain” approach to the success of the Shipcaster research project, the labor-nationalist bloc until now has worked behind-the-scenes to develop a shared agreement between Kaalakiota workers, rigorous SuVee project budgetary standards, and the demands of the State to ensure the security of its people. Competition for resources and primacy between factions within JSL heavily stalled the ability for the labor-nationalists to mobilize en force during the development of the Stellar Transmitter, due in no small part to concerns over safety standards due to the Turnur incident. With the attempted general strike without the authorization of the Labor-Nationalist vanguard however, the Labor-Nationalists have acknowledged the necessity to forgo further negotiation. According to Eskola-haani–

“Past mistakes from parties no longer involved in the movement have proven that collectivist zeal without ideological discipline only leads to anarchy and subversion. We will always advocate for the worker to self-organize within their specific role to better serve the material realities their job demands. However, liberation of the worker cannot mean abolition of systems of accountability. An ideologically educated workers vanguard must exist to police ourselves to ensure the long term success and viability of the movement. By delaying our involvement until now in the pursuit of idealist demands, we’ve failed to carry out that responsibility and allowed subversion to fester in our spaces. This, to me, has proven Labor-Nationalists must be directly engaged at all times in the greater national project of the State even if that means agreeing temporarily to unfavorable terms. To sit things out, even temporarily, is for less virtuous elements to fill the space we have left vacant.”

The Labor-Nationalist have clearly affirmed their support for the Interstellar Shipcaster and Stellar Transmuter projects, pledging to suspend labor disputes and collective bargaining until it’s conclusion in exchange for promises of renegotiation at a later date. Any attempts at disrupting this agreement, they say, will be met with internal suppression from Labor-Nationalist militia and direct cooperation with Home Guard authorities whenever possible.