[ISLTG] Intaki Space Lanes Closing Its Doors For Good

Public Statement
Delivered by Caatar Zayan

Due to the continued Militarization, Societal unrest and the Terrorist Attacks propagated within the Intaki system. What I hoped once would be a temporary situation has now seemingly turned permanent and though the security of the Intaki system has technically raised our finances have dried up.

I expect the closing down of offices and the selling off of assets may take some time as well as the preparation of official redundancy packages for our remaining skeletal baseliner support team.

It is with sadness I declare this project a failure and look to move onto other endeavours.

Thank you to all who travelled with us over the years and those who supported us in the couriering of Tourist Transports between the colonies of placid.


What’s that? Federal military adventurism gleefully paving over entrepreneurs and citizens who just happen to be in their way as they strut their high morals and big guns around? Why aren’t I surprised?

Sounds like it’s more than Federal military adventurism responsible here. No matter how the Feds screwed up (and they did), anyone taking up arms against them still bears responsibility for the collateral damage they allow themselves to inflict.

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Friends to be candid I have noted three reasons above militarization, social unrest and terrorist activities.

I have now provided links and shall for complete clarity site some further specific reasons below.

  • An explosion on stage
  • A truck laden with explosives detonated at the Tarimkar Hospital
  • My organisation receiving initial backing from the Capsuleer Richard Masseri a man with ties a vast amount of commercial interests within Intaki but also links to the separatist movement and the Caldari Militia
  • The fact we have had some previous employees who have been outspoken in their defence of the Free Intaki Army
  • Our own refusal as a company to engage in political rhetoric which either outwardly praises or admonishes the Gallente Federation
  • Death threats to our employees and to our potential passengers from various entities
  • A rise in the practise known as Ganking within the Intaki System.

Mz Zayan,

As much as I appreciate your citing of Terrorist threats and political upheaval these have always been a fear within Placid. Is there more financially poignant reasons for your closure.

You mention you had initial backing from the Capsuleer known as Richard Masseri I too received a fair sizeable donation from him for shares in MR-TI however he is by no means my only shareholder and at this point does not even come close to holding a majority.

He has on occasion levied that initial backing as a tool to try and encourage me to be more outspoken regarding his own politics in relation to Intaki. My organisation however has done very well for itself and I have told Mr Masseri that if he wishes to sell his shares he may believe himself to be; as valued an asset he may be to Intaki no one personage should stand in the way of the collectives interests.

As a former partner to your enterprise Nahulpalan wishes you the best in your future endeavours.

Despite some of the words said above I wish you all the best in your endeavours its a pity it didn’t workout.

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