[TSUF] A Statement on the Tears of Reschard Terrorist Attack

The scene takes place at a public gathering in the outskirts of the capital of the United Republics of Aristidia, Nouvelle Revelareaux. The platform is on a hill which offers a view of the shimmering skyline of the registered alpha-level city. To the other side, an untouched landscape of desert mountains and valleys. The setting sun creates various hues of orange, pink, and gold across the landscape.

"We come here to mourn the lives of 200,000 citizens of the Federated Union of Chantielle, a member state of the United Republics of Aristidia. Mothers, brothers, fathers, and wives. Talented and innocent children. Wise and cultured grandparents. And every other title in between.

The murderers used high-energy explosive yields in makeshift transit containers that managed to sneak aboard the Chantielle station, more commonly recognized as the Garoun Investment Bank Vault in orbit of Shandelle (planet 6, moon 1). The murderers, a cowardly group of Intaki extremists who advocate for Intaki separatism - the Tears of Reschard.

Two of the containers managed to make it aboard transit carriers. One of them, now identified as part of the Intaki Forever series of weapons they used in their spate of terrorist attacks across the Federation, managed to detonate at an industrial station which caused a further explosion than otherwise would have happened. The destruction spilled over into an adjacent station sector that functions primarily as a population center. Another container exploded near a commercial center which sees heavy traffic from civilians regularly - this container is now identified as part of the Justice for Intaki series of weapons used by the terrorists.

To an extent, fate prevented further disaster from taking place. One of the containers failed to detonate due to an error made in the manufacturing of the weapon. Another container, perhaps the one with the most potential destructive power, was discovered and neutralized before it could detonate. Thanks to the vigilant eyes of a station dockworker, who noticed the handlers of the weapon acting suspicious and reported the incident immediately to his supervisor, countless lives were saved. The Chantielle police force responded promptly to the report, and intercepted the handlers and the container before it could be loaded onto a transit carrier. All six individuals have been arrested, and the bomb was defused electronically from a highly trained tactical response team.

That dockworker, Mister Jaqcues DeFons, is a hero. The first-line responders to the explosions are heroes. The medical workers, some of whom immediately reported to duty while on vacation or enjoying a day off, are heroes. Every URA citizen who has banded together in solidarity in the face of extreme evil is a hero.

We mourn our lost fellow citizens. But we will not falter. These cowardly attacks against the URA and the Gallente Federation will not discourage us from continuing our path. As a Senator in the Senate of the United Republics of Aristidia, I am recommending that the URA consider listing the Tears of Reschard as a recognized terrorist entity. Furthermore, I hope that the Federation-at-large will also consider listing the organization as a recognized terrorist entity.

To my fellow independent capsuleers who may come across this speech, please keep the URA in your thoughts. My corporation, the Tri-Star United Front, will be looking to organize a donation drive of construction supplies, food, medical equipment, and other goods in the coming days. All of these donations will go towards a rebuilding effort for the Chantielle station, which sustained considerable damage.

Country, People, Democracy. Plus Forts Ensemble."

The crowd chants “Plus Forts Ensemble” as a golden beam of light is directed straight to the sky - a symbol of remembrance. The camera drone footage fades into a flag of the United Republics of Aristidia.



On behalf of the people of Beseth Dunijia, I extend our deepest sympathies for the people of the Federated Union of Chantielle. Our condolences go out to the families of the fallen; our prayers to the injured, may they soon recover, to the fallen, may they find peace, and to the families of the fallen, may they find solace. I am ordering a government funded donation drive to go into effect as of today, February 20, YC125. This weeklong drive will gather food, medicine, and construction supplies. In a week, on February 27, the gathered supplies will be loaded onto transports and delivered to the Chantielle station to assist in the rebuilding effort.
Additionally, Beseth Dunijian intelligence agencies have been tasked with finding information about this Intaki militant organization, the Tears of Reschard. Representatives will be in touch to enact an information sharing agreement with the URA, to keep them informed of any developments in our investigations.
May the station be swiftly repaired, and may the people swiftly recover. May the people of Chantielle prove resilient against this threat. May the perpetrators of this tragedy be found and brought to justice swiftly.

  • Duke Shasta Ardeind
    Ruler of Beseth Dunijia
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They deserved their fate.

- Amygnon VI - Moon 1 - Garoun Investment Bank Vault

To the United Republics of Aristidia.

This being doesn’t believe so much at the “Do from your little part” sentence, as this situation could escalate more over again and again, but with the tensions rising day by day, he doesn’t like to stay idle too.

A fully-loaded Iteron Mark V just docked at your station providing antibiotics and foods for the people involved by these attacks. Please remind that all the donated goods doesn’t come from any of the independent capsuleers or “Out-of-CONCORD-sanctioned” alliances but literally from the direct producers that are Chemical Tech, Nurtura and X-Sense, so the assistance isn’t coming only from the Gallente Federation but also from the Society of Conscious Thought and the Amarr Empire. Please have mind on that while you will heal and feed the survivors.

Have a good day and may this action help you.

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However detestable chanting democracy-forshipping fanatics could be, descending down to fighting against unarmed civilians is a disgrace.

Terrorism is an embezzlement, waste time and resources, it’s amateurish military doctrine that never gives actual result. And while gallenteans are known to be scaredy, it still will have no effect, because they are terrorists as well, while you kill their civilians they will be killing yours (and ours), and it will look like some sort of absurd murderous circus. To stop them from killing you have to fight those, who bear arms.

To eliminate a herd of sheep you have to kill the guard dogs, you have to kill the herder himself.

And if you will be tossing bombs into said sheep what exactly are you trying to achieve? Watch how their innards getting blown high into the air with a jets of red blood? What are you, some sort of sadist? Some sort of blood raider, enjoying such quality of a show?

Gallenteans are breeding like rabbits, indiscriminately, without respect to the Family! They are filthy like swines! If you really believe you can blow them up faster than they procreate, then I can offer you some isk doubling.

You’ll never get independence and you’ll never get revenge if you’ll be embezzling resources like that on blowing up civvies. If you want to make a difference - join the State, join the military and fight with us together against this menace. To destroy the Federation it needs to be defanged. Its teeth must be knocked out.

I greatly appreciate the words of support from those who empathize with the recent tragedy.

As mentioned in the initial press briefing, I will be organizing a donation drive to help with reconstruction and relief efforts. I have gathered a list of items suited for the task, and any amount donated will help.

• Integrity Response Drones: 25
Organic Mortar Applications: 25 ^
Recursive Computing Module: 10 ^
Self-harmonizing Power Core: 5 ^
Sterile Conduits: 15 ^
• Wetware Mainframe: 10
Broadcast Node: 20 ^
Biocells: 100 ^
Frozen food: 25,000 achieved thanks to Kalodote Lafisques
Antibiotics: 5,000 achieved thanks to Kalodote Lafisques, with an additional 124,612 donated by the Intaki Liberation Front
• Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate: 10,000
• Structure Repair Facility: 1
Robotics: 100 ^

^ donations possible thanks to Kenaar of the Mastir Reborn Technologies inc. corporation

Donations can be made available anywhere in the Amygnon system, but preferably the Chantielle station (P6, M1 Garoun Investment Bank Vault).

The people of the URA are forever grateful for any assistance you may offer. May justice and liberty shine.


The vast majority of components for the donation drive have been achieved thanks to many generous donors. The details are reflected above. You all have my immense gratitude for your kindness in these difficult times, and the materials will go a long ways in assisting with a swift recovery for Chantielle station.


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