The Turning Tide

Namas Tayam,

It is with some sadness that I come here today to talk about recent events within the Diaspora Industrial Freeport in Intaki.

A Station which was initially created to aid Intaki not native to our home-world of Intaki Prime to get closer and better interact with their brother and sisters on the surface. It has in recent times started to be seen as a safe haven for those fleeing the surface.

Since the actions of President Celes Aguard in YC124-11-08 we have seen many changes within the Intaki system from a welcome stamping down of crime to harshly enforced curfews and massive military deployments.

Far be it to point fingers and blame whole heartedly one action it would be foolish to disregard that though some of Intaki’s populace feel safer in the increased Gallente military presence others clearly do not. We have seen a massive influx of citizens leaving Intaki Prime for multitudes of varied reasons.

Anecdotally numerous contacts and old colleagues of mine whom have been living on the surface have recently sited Federal Intelligence Office “Witch Hunts” and aggressive over policing as reasons to leave the surface. To pay for this increased policing some area’s have seen massive tax increases which have endangered some small businesses and forced citizens to seek new lives elsewhere.

Such turmoil has increased the numbers of Intaki fleeing the home-world itself and attempting to bore out an existence in the Diaspora Industrial Freeport, which though does have facilities to maintain a population, has never yet been as tested as it is now.

I know some will claim that those fleeing the surface in increased numbers are probably criminals trying to avoid the heel of the Federation but I would urge against such sweeping generalisations. It would be true to say that station authorities have apprehended more criminals then usual in the past month. Evidence has also been gathered that some gangs affiliated with the Aenebra Cult have been both recruiting and making contact with already devout followers among the refugees. However I feel it is unsurprising that groups such as these and the Minuka Buffaloes a gang working out of Habitat 8 (where many of the new refuges are being processed and housed) are expanding as this is a clear reaction to the current situation.

I cannot at this time propose a solution on this matter however at the very least I would request that my fellow capsuleers give this the thought it requires and be ready to lend support if required.

Richard Masseri
Isha Sainika
Intaki Liberation Front


The Intaki-Business Logistics Union stands ready to provide any support required to our friends in the Intaki Prosperity Initiative.

Your report confirms what I have been hearing, from Navyi Akat’s Minuka Quarter in particular. I understand that the Achaert Foundation Hospital there has been raided in a manner that has reawakened memories of the Raavi Festival Protest.

Some of these refugees may be comforted to learn that the longstanding restrictions on planetary colonization in the Syndicate appear to be loosening. Options may become available. I will consult and update you as soon as possible.

I have listened with disappointment to the late news from Intaki. I cannot say I am surprised.

The reports which disturb me the most concern refugees who are former contractors of Caldari corporations or affiliates. These Intaki shared in our prosperity before the invasion. Now, in the wake of the Federal occupation, their prospects are limited and they suffer suspicion and reproach. We Caldari have a duty to offer these unemployed workers a measure of assistance.

I will be reaching out to my executives concerning what might be done. Of course, I expect the problem is far too large to be solved by any one organization acting alone.

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