[Diaspora] Industrial Freeport purpose and access rights

The following statement is intended to clarify the purpose of the Diaspora Industrial Freeport currently anchored in synchronous orbit with Astral Mining’s refinery at Intaki V -5 and to explain a change to the previously open docking access list. Comments and questions are welcome.

No non-capsuleer corporation currently operates extra-planetary manufacturing facilities in Intaki. The Diaspora Industrial Freeport is intended to fill that infrastructure gap in order to encourage capsuleers to invest in industrial projects in the system. It is not intended to play a part in supporting either side of the CEMWPA conflict. In our view, that conflict has long been and remains the greatest challenge facing the Intaki system as well as wider Viriette.

The facility began life with manufacturing medical centers to replace those destroyed during the LDPS incursion and to support the development of local medical industry and innovation. It has always been open to all and operated essentially for free to its users. That has attracted a number of corporations to invest in operations there, for which we are very thankful.

Sadly, this state of affairs now has to change. In recent weeks, CHTAR has received complaints from both militias that their opponents are using the facility as a staging point. Recognising the importance of its neutrality we have imposed docking restrictions on all militia-chartered organisations that we are aware of operating in the area. We are keen to treat both sides fairly (just as CHTAR, along with some other Diaspora members, engage pilots from both militias encountered ‘plexing’ in the area, with the exception of a very limited list).

Unfortunately, the Upwell interface does not allow you to simply block all corporations chartered by the State Protectorate and the Federal Defense Union. We, therefore, have to add specific names to a ‘black list’. It would be easier to block everyone and create a ‘white list’ for those with access but that would defeat the whole purpose of the facility, to attract pilots currently unknown to us to invest in the system.

Any militia pilot is free to contact me with names to add to the blocked list. For as long as those names remain active in CEMWPA operations, they will, without exception, be prevented from docking. The list will be reviewed every few days.

Both sides profess a concern for the people of Intaki and a desire to help them. Ironically, it is their presence which does most to prevent the development of significant industrial operations by local pilots. I would invite both militias to demonstrate their support for the local population by staying out of Intaki and even Viriette unless it is to provide security for industrial operations (which the stars know is badly needed). If any militia pilots would like to actually make a contribution in this way (instead of playing the ridiculous game of capture the flag), please get in touch and I will let you know when I plan on harvesting ice in Agoze. This ice is used to provide fuel products to the local economy and harvesting it in Agoze is, I know from experience, guaranteed to create opportunities for weapons practice!


The Diaspora Industrial Freeport is something of a progeny to Prosperity Station, a shipyard starbase that was established by the Intaki Liberation Front in YC111, and formed the foundations upon which the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub was built.

Continuing the legacy of Prosperity Station, the Freeport provides valuable manufacturing facilities to the Intaki system, and acts as a cornerstone to Diaspora efforts to better the prospects of the system and its people.

Unfortunately, as was the case with Prosperity Station, the Freeport finds itself under the attention of both Federal and State militias, who appear intent on continuing their own legacy. Theirs is one of conflict and destruction, that achieves little but frustrate and impede the ability of systems such as Intaki to reach for their full potential.

The petty complaints by the militias may result in their own access to the Freeport’s facilities and services being limited, but they will do little to diminish the aspirations of the Intaki Diaspora and those of the people of Intaki.


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In response to the Triglavian Collective’s incursion into Intaki, docking rights at the Diaspora’s industrial facility are being reviewed. All restrictions on CEMWPA pilots are being temporarily lifted to provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate the good faith they so often profess regarding Intaki’s security. Conversely, restrictions are being imposed on a list provided by the Edencom Defense Initiative of organisations and individuals known to support the Collective.

I can also confirm reports that a small contingent of I-BLU pilots is deploying to assist the Edencom defence effort.


An update on this (prompted by recent threat reports), we have reverted to our normal policy of blocking entities acting on both sides of the CEMWPA conflict now that the threat from the Collective appears to have subsided.

Both sides are free to let me know if any rival militia entities should be prevented from docking.

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