New Eden Freeport Consortium Freeport Industrial Park Now Open in Huola!

Hi everyone!

New Eden Freeport Consortium is planning to offer industrial freeport services all over New Eden!

Currently, we operate a low-sec indy park in Huola, located on the Otelen gate. New Eden Freeport Consortium welcomes everyone who wishes to participate in industry in our structures. By operating in a Frontline faction warfare system, we can offer a bonus of -50% to the cost of installing industrial jobs, which will save you money! We also offer JF service provided by PushX, a trusted jump freight company, directly to both of our structures!

Join us in Huola today, where together we can create a new industrial hub in low-security space!

In-Game Channel - Freeport Consortium Front Desk
CEO / Contact - Freeport Consortium CEO

Huola Tatara:
Standup L-Set Reactor Efficiency II
Standup L-Set Reprocessing Monitor I

Standup Reprocessing Facility I - 2% Tax
Standup Hybrid Reactor I - 0.25% Tax
Standup Biochemical Reactor I - 0.25% Tax
Standup Composite Reactor I - 0.25% Tax

Huola Azbel
Standup L-Set Thukker Advanced Component Manufacturing Efficiency
(We are taking suggestions from our customers on other rigs to add! Currently, we are considering Advanced Small and Medium ship manufacturing efficiency.)

Standup Manufacturing Plant I - 0.5% Tax
Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab - 1% Tax
Standup Invention Lab I - 1% Tax


rubs hands You are going to have your ass handed to you if you ain’t paying somebody else mister 19 days in service. (as of this post).

Thanks for raising your concern! Our service is guaranteed by a local stronghold alliance. There are no imminent threats to the industrial park. Everyone can install industry jobs with ease of mind!

All IFC structures are now officially under protection contract from local alliance, Deepwater Hooligans!

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As of today the Huola Tatara has the T2 reaction rig and we’ve cut the taxes by 50%! From 0.5% to 0.25%. Come do reactions in the best setup possible in Lowsec!

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Send Qymm AND TULIAN LOL U LIAR. my regards. Also tell her drugs are bad, mmmk?

I am posting in this thread to confirm our protection services are being offered to Industrial Freeport Consortium.

Bump! The freeport is doing great. Faction warfare IHUB bonus is maxed. Enjoy 50% off all industry install costs! Come live your best industry life with us


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