Prosperity Comes To Intaki At Last

Greetings all,

It is my distinct pleasure to announce to one and all that economic prosperity and unfettered trade are now finally a reality in one of the most notoriously under-developed systems in all of New Eden - Intaki.

Before I elaborate on the scope of the project and the travail associated with realizing this noble endeavor, let me take a moment to introduce myself, and the organization through which my vision for a prosperous Intaki, and greater Placid region are becoming a reality. Sunshine Bear Crack Factory, and the several pilots who fly alongside us in the greater Mining is Funn alliance, have always been dedicated to the idea of freedom. Freedom of operations, freedom of thought, freedom to pursue happiness and profit, and of course, freedom of engagement. We stand firmly opposed to those that seek to conform the human spirit to partisan and ethnic lines or squash it beneath the boot of distant, centralized states - and confront the lackeys of such persons be they capsuleer or baseliner with equal ferocity.

Long have we dreamt of the Placid region being freed of strong-arm thugs, fanatical terrorists, and gleeful opportunists, and establishing a wide and far-reaching Prosperity Sphere in which the market can flourish unfettered and free: an abundance of commodity where every consumer can find all that his or her heart desires or needs.

Two weeks ago, we took the first steps to making that tree of dreams bear fruit with the symbolic anchoring of a Raitaru-class Engineering Citadel in geo-synchronous orbit above the Intaki homeworld. We chose this location for reasons two-fold: to demonstrate to New Eden at large our dedication to the project by beginning with a system well-known for cultural and political strife, and to show the Intaki people directly the future they can invest in. As we speak, hundreds of thousands of manufacturing positions ill-suited to synthetics or robotics are filled with the people of Intaki V on a voluntary, at-will basis, and more are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks and months, to speak nothing of the raw goods and services soon to be made available to them.

In close succession thereafter, we anchored an even larger, more extensive Refinery complex above the star, at great expense and engineering difficulty. Once our contractors had identified an ideal spot for solar orbit placed in a zone of low magnetic and emissive turbulence, we hastened to open its markets and commercial spaces for immediate speculation and purchase. Unrestrained by the innovation-stifling fear of regulation or taxation, our facilities have been made available to all, and have already begun to produce a wide variety of reactants, materials, chemicals and agents heretofore banned or restricted in Federation space in abundance.

The results speak for themselves. In less than a standard week’s time, our fledgling investors and industrialists had reported profits in excess of 1 billion ISK, and have continued to steadily climb in the interim. Healthy competition has driven the prices of common modules and ship hulls below that of the artificially inflated prices of the V-5 Astral Mining station, and has made several rare and unusual commodities available to the baseline citizens of the Intaki worlds that they did not have ready access to until now except at great cost.

Wallet Log

Attached is an archived wallet log from capsuleer Kelvin Iraneus, CEO of Horizon Engineering, one of the first enterprising businessmen to rent office space in the Freeport. It was provided to us in good will to demonstrate his own gross earnings over the first five day period. We are told that his profits continue to increase and his corporation is actually struggling to meet the demand for deep-space ice products and standard ship rigs.

There have been, of course, some issues. Great success inspires jealousy and fear in competitors and gives rise to underhanded tactics and even outright hostilities. Our project has not been immune to attack - on several occasions, capsuleer pilots of the Intaki Liberation Front brazenly trespassed into the industrial exclusion zones of our Raitaru Engineering Complex, and attacked the structure during vulnerable refueling and recalibration periods. It should come as no surprise that these paid actors, enforcers for a kingpin so insidious as to establish a mercantilist, coffer-feeding racket on her own homeworld under the guise of supporting local culture and industry by excluding outside market forces, should immediately seek to destroy a bastion of the free market. It is perhaps the cluster’s least well-kept secret that the Suresha embezzles funds from the ‘Prosperity Initiative’ to buy herself capital ships and paid vacations to ‘retreats’ on the homeworld, all at the expense of the very people she claims to fight for!

Once, naively, I had the same wool pulled over my eyes - I thought that by merely standing in opposition to the Gallente Federation’s warped idea of what freedom entails, all could be excused. But it cannot! Terrorists, and gangsters, snake-oil salesmen and traitors! That is what the so-called Liberation Front is. It is perhaps a small mercy, then, that the armed might of 4FUNN, and its independent security contractors, are more than a match for these ill-led ruffians. Likewise, operations against the elements of the Serpentis Corporation, who are known for enslaving the minds and wallets of the weak-willed with drugs by not providing services for recovery, were also considered. Fortunately, these men proved to be far more reasonable, and after some negotiation, they too have conceded to market their combat boosters and recreational drugs at competitive prices and with the full access of those that partake to (privately owned, of course) medical services on-site should they be needed.

In resolute conclusion, I wish to reiterate my joy in the growing success of this endeavor, and firmly declare that I, and those in my employ and camaraderie, will defend it against both governmental jackboots and deluded, self-contradicting shysters whose only desire is the chaining of man to the engines of disembodied bodies politic. Let this Tatara and Raitaru stand as the cornerstones of a greater Placid Prosperity Sphere in which trade and free exchange of goods and ideas may flourish. May its solar parks and lit boulevards thrive with the same vibrancy as its nightclubs, stock exchanges, and thrumming manufactories!

  • Yumiko Euna Hikare
    Director of Prosperity, 4FUNN

Your group has been documented for years as opportunist criminals.


Huh. Well I was excited at first but as I read more of your press release that quickly evaporated.

A Serpentis-friendly pirate industrial hub in Intaki? Sounds . . . less than ideal.


What exactly should the Intaki expect to lose in this arrangement? Also, Serpentis are reasonable? You realize that they’re pirates, right?


@Tannia_Ambrye @Persephone_Alleile

It would be erroneous to come to the conclusion that our relations with Serpentis are friendly. We still regularly clear their operatives from space all over Placid.

In the case of this particular project, our arrangement was made with the capsuleer corporation Serpentis Mercantile who are operating in the Intaki system, and posed a threat, however slight, to our proceedings. Understanding that their investment in whatever drug-related mercantilist scheme they had planned was dwarfed by our capital and armed response teams, they voluntarily offered to subsume their assets and base of operations into our project and to abide by the station etiquette and involiability of the Freeport’s markets and personal security. In this respect, they were reasonable - using good sense they realized that opposing us would result in further loss of assets. No further alignment of goals has been made. At large, we remain opposed to the Serpentis Corporation’s goals for Intaki and Placid.

Your characterization is off-base. While it is correct that before I assumed my current duties as Director of Prosperity, there were elements of the alliance that engaged in mere brigandry without aim, I have tirelessly directed their thrill for combat towards the goals of maintaining operational security in our home regions, and physically removing leeches and political enemies from space so as to further ensure the true freedom of markets. Our forays into high-security space have been motivated towards showing complacent producers the error of entrusting their security entirely to political bodies, be they empire forces or the vast conspiracy that calls itself CONCORD.


So . . . we have a freeport named Drug Runners’ Freeport, which is friendly towards Serpentis aligned capsuleers and offers them a base of operations to peddle their drugs to the Intaki people.

Drug addiction has been a serious social issue for the Intaki people, how exactly is this supposed to bring prosperity to them? Seems like this will just bring prosperity to drug dealing thugs who prey on the people of Placid.


Our CEO likes to amuse himself by periodically changing the displayed name of the citadels in system to various provocative phrases - the Raitaru complex is, at the moment, named something to the effect of ‘In Summanus We Thrust’, for example.

This does not change the purpose or function of the citadels. Is it somewhat churlish and juvenile? Probably, but it is not in my job responsibilities to dictate humor.

As for why we allow drugs and boosters to be sold at the hub - well, a market is not truly free if an outside body seeks to impose morality onto it. Individual sellers may, of course, follow their own ethics, but we do not enforce it on everyone. We are content to offer both diversion and the remedies for over-indulgence in them, both for a price that is determined by supply and demand.

We differ in this from the Serpentis Corporation, who peddles these wares with the sole purpose of entrapment, so that the consumer is helplessly dependent on the product. We do no such thing - we make it available, and we make treatment for abuse equally available. At that point, the onus is on the consumer to make an informed decision about their entertainment and luxury purchases.


Luckily the interstellar community isn’t as dull as you’d like to believe. They know what you are and it looks nothing like your claims.

I cannot speak for the Ishuk-Raata Directors, but I know the ILF will have continued support with their initiative and I will personally request we move forward with the removal of criminal elements from the Intaki solar system.


I wish you luck in your endeavor, Mr. Mazaki. After all, organized criminals are not healthy for flourishing trade.

I would, however, advise taking care that your arbitrary and subjective moral preferences do not interfere with the flow of goods in-system, or infringe on the personal property rights of non-aggressive entrepreneurs and shareholders, as these would constitute acts of aggression, and be met with appropriate defensive countermeasures.

Especially since your allegiances suggest a willingness or even active participation in past statist violence.

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Normally, I’m keen on embracing long-form discussion. Normally, I’m keenly interested in the matters of the Intaki system, planet, and her people. Normally, I take the time to at least read the first sentence of any person’s words on the IGS.

Not for you.

No, having seen you and your ilk face-to-face, and having seen the utterly inappropriate behavior you displayed, I would not even read your vitriolic words, because they are probably just as laden with ■■■■ as you are. Toxicity practically seeps through your pores even through a digital interface, and the fact that you have the audacity to come to the IGS and post about Intaki in any way, shape, or form is an insult in and of itself. To that end, I wish you a slow and permanent death, Hikare, hopefully followed by the void so that you may never suffer another as you had the ILF.

Make no mistake, people, whatever Hikare is spouting is likely just rhetoric for rhetoric’s sake.


And what is it that the Intaki must provide you in return for your “benevolence?” I never did get a response to this question last time.

Your very specific and targeted vitriol is actually somewhat flattering, Nomi, but I’m afraid I have zero idea who you are.

Did I stand you up at a bar somewhere after a booster hit or something? Usually I try to at least humor an interested hook-up for a bit, but I genuinely cannot recall ever seeing you, much less in person.

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We demand nothing - we are not a political entity, unless one takes the stance that apoliticism is a political stance of its own.

We do, however, expect that the Non-Aggression Principle is adhered to when engaged in activities near and at our installations.

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What is your plan to bring prosperity to Intaki and the Greater Placid region? Aside from open, unrestricted market and “jobs for everyone?”


It could be considered a non-answer, but here it is nonetheless: we will let the market decide.

If there is demand for further expansion of our complexes to neighboring systems, through the influx of ISK via normal trade, manufacturing fees, and mutual defense funds, we will make it so.

If our current rate of supply meets current and future demand, then our activities will be limited primarily to the Intaki and directly adjacent star systems.

Our success, of course, also depends somewhat on the amount of force behind the saber-rattling of high-time-preference instigators.

EDIT: I should append, as a more concrete example, that we sell both baseline planetary commodities as well as items more tailored to capsuleers, as they are more ready spenders of capital. As more pilots engage in manufacturing and selling of goods and services, the overall quality of life of the average citizen will begin to increase naturally.

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It is said that immitation is the best form of flattery.

Almost exactly eight years after first making headlines in YC111, the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub continues to capture the imagination and inspire.

The Intaki Liberation Front, and wider Intaki Prosperity Initiative alliance also experienced rapid growth, and were quickly able to publish trading fugures to the point we declared Intaki V-5 a success in mid-YC112.

Seven years later, and the group behind today’s announcement lace their statement with repeated references to “Intaki Prosperity”. This comes after their declaration of war against us and extended efforts (lasting the majority of YC116) to lampoon and parody the same ideas they now claim to support, tells us that our ‘Prosperity’ brand is still going strong.

The ILF and IPI are confident enough to welcome market competition, and earlier this year reached out to the United Neopian Federation to congratulate them on their Eugales Harbor Complex freeport only a few short jumps from Intaki.

Today’s announcement is simply the latest in a string of Serpentis-sponsored, narcotic-infused attempts to undermine the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub. 4FUNN are not the first, and no doubt they will not be the last.


So you built an engineering complex in Intaki and you think that will fix the issues that prevent Intaki economic development.

I would laugh if this wasn’t tragic.


Bataav, there is nothing for sale at Intaki V-5 Trade Hub

I’ve made more money marketing in one week than ILF has made in eight years