[IRESA] Regarding Intaki Prime

The following is a press release from the Intaki Resilience Advancers - a social justice and political lobbying entity dedicated to pushing for Intaki rights.

Intaki Prime

Namas frequenters and visitors of the IGS,

By now Upwell Consortium has released their newly developed technology to harness materials from the moons of New Eden. In every sense of the word, this new method of harvesting minerals to satiate New Eden’s endless lust for construction material is drastic. It was a necessary development, but we must exercise caution and due diligence when implementing this new technology.

The Intaki Assembly nor the Federation have not officially released a statement regarding the possibility of independent capsuleers erecting Upwell Refineries within the intricate and delicate moon system of Intaki Prime.

With the power invested in me, I urge and plead with capsuleers and other entities to not construct Refineries in the moons orbiting Intaki Prime. Slowly eradicating any of the moons will undoubtedly alter the gravitational balance currently in place with the complex system of twenty moons. Such a disturbance can easily throw off the system of balance and cause catastrophic events for the billions of Intaki dwelling on the verdent world below.

The Intaki Resilience Advancers urgently requests that either the Intaki Assembly, Gallente Federation Senate, or both, release a public decree announcing these moons as being off limits to capsuleer development.

I encourage all of you to join us in this petition.

Please fight for my people.

Thank you,
Mishielle en Carteau


Pleas mean nothing, unless you can assemble a force that can evict them, the refineries will be there.
Assuming that there are valuable moons in Intaki.

While I cannot speak for other organizations, the UNF will not be deploying moon fracking infrastructure into the moon systems of Intaki Prime due to the ethical concerns of altering an inhabited world’s gravitational balance.


Sadly petitions have little effect. The only thing that will convince capsuleers to refrain from a course of action is force of arms.

Due to it’s security rating, if you want to keep the Intaki system free of refineries you will need to have a standing force capable of physically stopping them from being constructed.

Once again the Intaki people are left to suffer as a result of requesting a minimal security presence in Intaki space centuries ago.


You know full well that you are going to have to destroy any refineries placed over Intaki Prime’s moons if you actually have any hope of preventing what you have just described. I suggest you redirect your lobbying money towards capital ship construction.

Many of Intaki’s moons are quite small and their impact on Intaki Prime would be insignificant, if any at all. Regardless, I feel that pleading to anyone besides an Intaki-oriented industry is rather fruitless, as it always has been in the past, but the best course may be no course at all.

Neither the Federation nor the State know what is best for Intaki, true, as both have been historically self interested when matters of Intaki come to bear.

The Federation has repeatedly disenfranchised the system on a whim, whether it be infringing on Intaki sovereignty despite repeated claims from the Intaki Assembly during The Rise Incident or outright removal of voting rights after The Silent Auction.

The State, too, has done its fair share of harm, whether they be just as guilty of infringing on Intaki sovereignty as The Federation during The Silent Auction or showing open disdain for raping the system of what little material value it possesses because it has little material value.

So too have capsuleers and cartel alike infringed on the well-being of Intaki for their own gain, with few showing remorse or sympathy for the plight of the Intaki people.

But such is our way.

Ida teaches us that this is just a cycle - a cycle that will begin anew. The destruction and reaping of Intaki moons is but one part of that cycle, and thus the unfolding events must also have a new beginning. We cannot say what the effects will be on the planet if her satellites are disrupted, but neither should we question it; such is the tide of things that are and things that will be. They are likely just as many virtues as vices.

Stay the course if you will, but I encourage you - from one Intaki to another - to simply let things be. All will renew.


Mr Nomistrav, I would argue that Ishukone has treated the Intaki people with the utmost respect and acted as honorable business partners. They continue to work side-by-side with you people, and with little incident.

Mishielle en Carteau, I will submit your concerns to our Directorship and see their validity. The Ishukone-Raata Industrial Partnership [I-RIP] has plans to conduct survey’s on the impact of the new mining technology, we will of course, release pertinent information to the public once this has been completed in full.

Until then, I find your request acceptable. Ishukone-Raata and our subsidiary corporations will be establishing a temporary ban on the anchoring of refineries over any moon in orbit of the Intaki Homeworld.


Given what is laughably called “normal” capsuleer psychology, you may find that several entities now wish to install refineries around the moons of Intaki, purely out of spite and/or morbid curiosity to see if such ecological disasters will occur.

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Don’t just throw undoubtedly at me, show me some numbers.

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I tend to agree, and I have much respect for the work I-RED does with the Intaki both within the Federation and the Syndicate, but Ishukone’s treatment of the Intaki system is not representative of the Caldari occupation of Intaki space as a whole. My own home planet is still recovering from the man-made ecological disaster that was occupation by Hyasyoda. Why Ishukone were willing to stand up to protect the Intaki system has always confused me, but it stands out as a high point for modern Intaki-Caldari relations.

That said, in any deal with either Caldari megacoprorations or the federal government the Intaki people are always treated as the junior partner. As a peace-loving people in an age of hyper-militarization we are sadly subject to the whims of those with the ordinance to enforce them.

I post this not as a complaint, simply a statement of facts. Like Nomistrav mentioned the Ida teaches us to take the long view; external circumstances change, empires come and go, but as long as we remain true to our selves and hold fast to our inner strength the Intaki people will weather any storm.


Any effort to preserve and protect the Intaki system’s ecosystems will attract the support of the Intaki Liberation Front and Intaki Prosperity Initiative.

It is worth noting, that years of industrial activity using the older mining arrays have not produced any reports of moons losing their structural integrity, or removed materials enough to effect the overall mass of moons, to the extent that they have had an adverse affect on the planets they orbit.

It is clear that we will need to monitor the situation closely across New Eden, to see whether there are any lasting effects from the latest moon mining technologies.

I would agree with Nomistrav in his assessment of industrial activities in the Intaki system - unless carried out by an Intaki-focussed entity, the pattern of exploitation is consistent.

There are of course the notable exceptions, whose commercial and industrial efforts are more balanced, and in keeping with local traditions of moderation when working with our natural resources.

That’s not always the case.

In YC115, condemnation from the Intaki Assembly encouraged the organisers of an ill-considered orbital bombardment tournament on Intaki Prime to relocate their competition elsewhere.

Further reaction from the Intaki Liberation Front prompted the organisers to take their betting pool and reinvest 10% of the total ISK back into the Intaki system, and the funds were used in a series of environmental restoration projects across the planet.

I look forward to working alongside our new friends at IRESA.


My apologies, Sir Hinkelmann, I thought the State entities I referred to were inferred in my wording, but I see that that may not have been the case. All of the megacorporations that participated in The Silent Auction made little secret in their open apathy of buying the Intaki system, save for the Ishukone Corporation, as you say. The fact is not bereft of me; perhaps I should have been more specific.

In either case, it is abundantly clear that the State has little interest in the affairs of the Intaki except for taking her people as recruits and tacticians - as they always have, even since the first Gallente-Caldari war. Yet, when matters of importance arise, it is likely no coincidence that they are no-where to be found.

It is precisely as you say, Madam Alleile. Intaki will thrive, as she always has. Hardship and strife have neither broken nor bent the will of the Intaki, but tempered. In fact, I would go so far as to say there is a pleasant naivety in the expectation that Intaki would not adapt to her new circumstances in any condition. It brings a smile to my face, really. We must understand that fire both destroys the wood and fertilizes the crop, and the two go hand-in-hand. Even if what may come of it may be different. Not unlike those prestigious Reborn and their new forms.


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