Intaki Explorer's Union joins the Intaki Prime Relief Effort

(Arielle en Distel) #1

Greetings to the Intergalactic Summit;

My name is Arielle en Distel and I am the founder and CEO of the Intaki Explorer’s Union. I would like to take this time to publicly state the following:

The Intaki Explorer’s Union [.IEU.] hereby declares their support for Intaki Prime and is prepared to immediately release one million tons of non-perishable food and one million tons of water to the Intaki Prime Relief Effort. The Intaki Explorer’s Union would like to thank the Intaki Liberation Front and the Intaki Prosperity Initiative for creating such an effort to help those on Intaki Prime.

Furthermore, the Intaki Explorer’s Union hereby extend a hand of partnership and cooperation to the ILF and IPI to keep the Intaki Prime Relief Effort ongoing and all needs met. The Intaki Explorer’s Union will hereby donate no less than one million tons of supplies to Intaki Prime whether it be food, water, or medication.

Pratya yavati,
Arielle en Distel
Intaki Explorer’s Union

(Valerie Valate) #2

What disaster has befallen Intaki Prime now ? Triglavians ?

(Loai Qerl) #3

…fetch. This is going to be awful. :frowning:

(Gilix Krimmi) #4

Idle negative comments are uninteresting. As someone who frequents the Intaki system, and whose corp has conducted billions of ISK in transactions there, I for one am quite interested to hear more.

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(Loai Qerl) #5

Uninteresting. Are you joking? If something has just happened to Intaki Prime, yes, it’s awful! I am not looking forward to finding out what.

(Gilix Krimmi) #6

Sincerest apologies. I misinterpreted your statement.

(Aria Jenneth) #7

Did something in fact happen? I can’t find a reference in the news.

(Bataav) #9

Namas Tayam

I’m pleased to see that the Intaki Explorer’s Union have landed on their feet in the Intaki system, and are immediately engaging with local humanitarian initiatives.

I can see there’s some confusion and concern regarding the situation in Intaki, and so I’m happy to be able to confirm that there has not been a recent calamity on Intaki Prime.

The Relief Effort was originally established by the Intaki Liberation Front in early YC111 to deal with shortages that came as result of the Caldari invasion of the Placid region.

As time passed, some form of normality returned, and the Relief Effort was scaled back.

More recently, in YC115, a capsuleer-led orbital strike tournament was held over Intaki Prime without consultation, and was immediately condemned by the Intaki Assembly, and Intaki Liberation Front.

While we were all lucky that the focus of the tournament was well away from populated areas, terrible damage was inflicted upon the natural ecosystems and some of the automated infrastructure that supports the towns and cities of Intaki Prime suffered.

Once again, the ILF-led Relief Effort was able to bring in the volume of resources needed at short notice.

Today, thankfully, we are not dealing with any local disasters that require urgent donations of medical supplies, or materials to feed the local economy. However, simple day to day life in low security systems continues to come with some risk.

Some large corporations, like Astral Mining, have the capital and resources available to provide their mining operations with military response fleets, but not everyone is so fortunate, and it’s not uncommon for commercial shipping to be attacked or lost to various pirate groups, such as Serpentis.

This has an affect on the supply chains that feed the Intaki economy, and so the ILF has continued to use the infrastructure of the Relief Effort to mitigate this, as often as we can.

The Intaki Liberation Front continues to welcome the charitable efforts of others, and anything that is not immediately required is handled by our dedicated volunteers at our humanitarian facilities.

Despite its name, the Intaki Prime Relief Effort has gone on to provide relief throughout the Viriette constellation when necessary, and is almost considered to be a standalone charity organisation in its own right.

But we don’t stop at Viriette. People may be interested to know that some of the supplies used by the ILF volunteers that responded to the events in Semiki, came from donations to the Intaki Prime Relief Effort.

Once again, the Intaki Liberation Front and Intaki Prosperity Initiative are extremely grateful for the support the Relief Effort continues to receive.

(Jinter Max) #10

I am Intaki too. I hope, one day we will be able to free and secure our beloved Intaki Space from those Pirates and gankers.

(Jinter Max) #11

I feel bad because most of our Intaki systems are lowsec or nullsec. I wish we could change it.

(Jinter Max) #12

Thanks to ILF, IPI and Intaki Explorer’s Union for their great efforts.

(Valerie Valate) #13

So I express concern that some terrible disaster has befallen a world, and I get yelled at ?

Well. The same to you then. With walnuts on !

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