[TTIN] Public Release

Torchwood The Torchwood Institute for Advance Research - Public Statement

From my time in the venerable APEX Conglomerate, to the Celestial Imperative alliance; the Intaki people have been not only a friend, an ally, but a people to be respected and lifted up. Many of the organizations I have worked with over the long years of my capsuleer career have done their utmost to be a positive influence for the people of Intaki.

To say I was shocked when I discovered the news that the Federation had outright invaded Intaki space was an understatement. Moreover, when I heard the President’s speech including words like ‘authoritarian’ and ‘exploitation’, it was almost ludicrous to watch. The Gallente Federation invaded Intaki, not the State. The Gallente Federation continues to oppress and control the Intaki people with force, not the State. The Gallente Federation committed this act of war, not the State.

Yet we are the enemy. We who have struggled for years to be friends and family to the Intaki. We are the oppressors. We who have brought the great economic power of the State to Intaki space, for both our benefit time and again, we are the exploiters.

The Gallente Federation wears the veneer of freedom and liberty as a great cloak over the expansionist, war mongering, lumbering beast of a nation they truly are. This transgression cannot be left unanswered.

As such, within the next few days, The Torchwood Institute will once again be deploying our assets against the enemies of the State and joining the State Protectorate.

As a side note, I would also like to note, that if given the chance; we will happily support both LUMEN and I-RED operations. These organizations have proven their loyalty to their respective empires time and again, but more importantly they have proven to be good friends and effective fighting forces.

Though we do not and cannot condone the Amarr Empire’s use of the Triglavian technology that destroyed Turmur I, the capsuleer organizations of New Eden are neither responsible for, nor capable of stopping this chain of poor decisions. Therefore we stand with the long standing allies of the Caldari State, and will continue to do so. Regardless of the impotent cries of a certain Caldari militia warlord.

Hivaa saitsuo, Vaktikunen Huogaatsu. For the State.


Excuse me while I wipe the excrement of what I’m seeing off my screen. Ah, ■■■■ it isn’t coming off.

Anyway, this post is hilarious (if not a little smelly). You’re both ■■■■■■. The State, the Feds. Both of you. Completely ■■■■■■.

But please keep shootin’ each other up. Makes my job a whole lot easier.

For the State.

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I’m sorry, who are you exactly? I am unsure why your opinion is relevant.

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For the state, death before dishonor.

Is yours?

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