URGENT: Civil safety notice due to ongoing Protectorate campaign in Intaki

ATTENTION to civilian traffic and bystanders being trapped in hostilities in Intaki solar system caused by Federal intrusion.

The forces to eliminate Gallentean infestation are being deployed.

Please stay calm, don’t panic, maintain your duties. Protectorate forces are deployed only to fight enemies of the State in general ( and Lai Dai megacorporation in particular ), to exterminate gallentean infestations in the system, hunt down FDU pilots and cleanse concentration of Federal marines. The operation shall not affect civilian life.

All civilians will be guaranteed safety provided they will follow the safety recommendations:

  1. Any sort of armed resistance to State troops in the system will be met with deadly force without warning.
  2. Any sort of collaboration with any Gallente military forces, including but not limited to: Federal Navy, FDU, loyal to Federation capsuleer organizations, SDII, FIO - will be persecuted and violators will be arrested.
  3. Armed* collaborators with forementioned entities will be neutralized with deadly force without warning.
  4. Enemies of Lai Dai megacorporation in the system will be considered enemies of the whole State and will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. Capsuleers and baseliners alike are required to report dislocation of any detected Federal force concentration to any currently present in the system State pilot.
  6. Suspects and criminals during the military operation can be shot without prior warning. If you have issues with State or CONCORD law stay docked if you’re capsuleer, or stay home if you’re baseliner.
  7. All planet- and asteroid- side civilians are highly recommended to keep a minimal safe distance from any Federal marine of at least 15 kilometers.
  8. Posession of any registered or unregistered weapon or capsule-controlled ship revokes status of a civilian.

*) Any pilot in a capsule-operated ship in the area of the ongoing operation will be considered Armed.

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee the safety of civilian life from pirates, gallente aggressors and other entities we are fighting against. The operation though will eventually reduce their concentration in the system. The sooner gallente threat will be neutralized, the sooner peace and prosperity will return to the system.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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Strike Commander, please refer to this announcement regarding access rights to the Diaspora Freeport. Leadership among the combatant alliances have been notified recently. I hope this clears up any potential misunderstanding.

We reserve the rights:

  • to target any LDPS flagged vessels operating in either Viriette or Pegeler (should they ever actually appear on DED monitored overviews); and
  • to continue ongoing legal proceedings on behalf of local clients against Col. Aina Yuminoro.

All hail Diana Kim de facto leader of the Caldari milita

Goodness, that was quite the list. I am in Intaki often, though rarely armed, so I will be extra careful. But honestly, you are just too cute when worked up.

I personally find that little pout you present when you think you have been clever, adorable. But one knows they have really scored the mark when she stamps her foot for emphasis.

Diana I may have a slight fondness for your generally baffling nature, however I would politely request that you decline from returning to Intaki as my ILF colleague Dutch and myself hinted today.

Your presence has a tendency to escalate matters and tensions are currently high enough as it is without further interference.

I apologise if you found my methods aggressive however we have for some time expressed a fairly low tolerance on all militia entities and you have noted your allegiance to Lai Dai an entity I have little love for at this time due to their actions against the Intaki people.


You have hinted that you are pirates and thus will be eliminated from Intaki like other pirates.

All enemies of the State WILL DIE.

The campaign to restore law and order in Intaki Solar system has been successfully concluded.
Federal occupation regime has been expelled.
Strict martial law is now lifted.

Glory to the State!


You still seem to be under this misconception about how the warzone works in regard to planetary controls and governance, but it remains entertaining in some degree all the same.

Try again when you actually will know what you’re speaking about.

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