[UNF-A] Ruins Discovered During Moonfracturing in Eugales

Four weeks ago, during the initial stages of survey of Eugales V - Moon 1, designated ‘Umai,’ and deployment of the KreluCorpLLC Harvester, a number of anomalous readings were recorded, and initially passed over. More intensive surveys preceding the first fracturing again came back with similar anomalous readings, and fracturing was delayed to allow time for a proper investigation.

LADAR sweeps, and Ground-Penetrating Radar were employed across a 50km swath of the surface around the origin point of the original readings, and a rough outline of a structural ruin was discovered beneath the surface, along with an entry point, through which a swarm of mapping drones was released to rapidly gain a more detailed idea of the structure’s layout. This mapping process was conducted and completed over a three day period and the mapping drones were recalled and recovered.

The mapped ruin measures at its widest point 3.4 kilometers, and reaches roughly 426 meters below the surface.

Eventually the decision was made to continue with the moonfracturing process, but at a longer duration, and over a wider area than was initially planned.

A team of specialists was deployed into the ruin to setup a series of advanced inertial fields through the ruin to stabilize it ahead of the extraction, and then the ruin, along with 33 kilometers of moonchunk surrounding it, were extracted over a two week period.

Once the extraction had completed, the section of the moonchunk holding the ruins was separated with a controlled blast, and towed to a position 4000 kilometers past the Harvester, and a Raitaru engineering complex, the Umai Reliquary Complex, was anchored around the ruin to act as an enclosure and contained observation research center.

At this time, the UNF has after some deliberation, reached out to Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions to bring them aboard in an advisory capacity for the preservation of the ruin through their public preservation initiatives.

We will eventually open the research enclosure to further third parties who inquire and show interest, but for now, the decks that surround and encompass the ruin aboard the Reliquary Complex are currently accessible only to authorized individuals.

Thank you for your time.

Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia
United Neopian Federation


On behalf of SIBS I would like to thank publicly UNF for their trust placed in our corporation. Our partners within the network of our Cultural Preservation program that SIBS operates will do their best to assist UNF with the structure.

At this stage, specialists belonging to the asset classes of SIBS, alongside UNF are already on site and begin the necessary work of making sure the highest standards are followed and executed throughout when dealing with delicate structures such as this one and the mysteries it withholds.



Fascinating stuff.

While archaeology certainly isn’t ARC’s principle focus, I suspect we might have some personnel who would be interested in assisting. If it’s of interest, Ms. Brezia, Mr. Sepphiros, I might direct them your way?


Any idea what civilization these ruins are from?


@Makoto_Priano, While we still aren’t at the stage to accept third party assistance, it would be appreciated indeed for you to do so. I shall keep you updated.

@Persephone_Alleile, as of right now, it is difficult to say with full certainty, but it seems to be Yan Jung in origin.


What I’ve dabbled in archaeology - though I’m not a professional in any sense - has taught me that there is a surprisingly lot of ruins and discernible landscaping or terraforming out there left by unknown civilizations all around New Eden. Sadly, most of the time these ruins have very little left in terms of telling who built them and what for.

From what has been told so far about this ruin, what makes it remarkable among these finds though is its sheer size, if I understood correctly that this is a singular ruined structure?


@Teinyhr, it would seem so, yes. That, or a very tightly interconnected series of smaller structures.

And yes, unfortunately, in many cases, archaeological finds are already heavily picked over. The outlook on finding anything of particular value outside of the ruins as a whole are slim, but the endeavor is still worth the current investment.


Hello once again, I’d like to provide a progress update on the ruins, and on further finds from the moon harvesting process itself.

Since the initial findings of the primary ruin, we’ve had a small team of dedicated researchers, with the assistance of an Virtual Intelligence cataloguing program, working inside the main relic enclosure aboard the Umai Reliquary Complex for general catagorization of findings. While most of the ruin remains unremarkable, there have been some items worthy of note.

The ancient power systems of the structure remain operational at what is conjectured to be roughly 7% of its original capacity, providing limited, but usable power to a handful of core systems and a series of small intact data matrixes. Attempts have not yet been made to access the matrixes. there is still a fair amount to be catalogued, but it looks that the majority of the structure has indeed been stripped of most useful technology or equipment.

Further fracturing of the moon designated Umai has retrieved smaller ruins and artifacts in varying states of disrepair, most being found post rock fracture, and have been moved to the Reliquary Complex to be catalogued as well.

Opening of the reliquary to third party interests is expected to be ready within the next three weeks.


Any chance of orbital imaging of the site from the Upwell structure, or an orbiting vessel?


I’m always interested in ancient sites and technology, it’s a particular interest of mine. If I can assist in accessing any items please do let me know.


I’m very interested in this and if I can help on site or at documentations, will be pleased to help as much as I can.

@Stig_Elendil, @Corraidhin_Farsaidh, I will add you both to the list for pending access to the Reliquary’s enclosures. These should be provided by mid-week. Until then, feel free to move any equipment you may wish to bring to the Reliquary docks, as they are public access already.

@Arrendis , unfortunately due to a faulty datadrive, the original imaging data prior to the initial moon fracture and removal of the ruins to the Reliquary was corrupted, and is in the process of being recompiled.


No worries. Shame about the drive, but these things happen. :slight_smile:


As one of New Edens most renowned archaeologists, I could offer some assistance should it be necessary, to present your findings.

Also I find it odd that the usual suspects are not shouting and bawling about the oddness of finding archaeological things in odd places.

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I’m certainly not one of those, I love poking around in unfamiliar places to see what makes them tick.

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Access to the primary enclosure of the ruins for third parties has been delayed briefly due to an attempted mainframe breach within the past 48 hours. The attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, but we will be holding off on sending out access codes until we finish investigating who made the attempt.

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After repeated raids by the pirate alliance CRIME . NET backed by caldari militia forces, and later third party intervention of both Shadow Cartel, and Goonswarm affiliated groups, which resulted in the destruction of the KreluCorp LLC Harvester athanor-class refinery, on the same grid as the Reliquary Complex, we are placing the Reliquary on full lockdown, and preparations are being made to move the relic enclosure from within the structure to a deadspace research center several AU from the current positioning. This will unfortunately further delay access to the ruins.


Nearing the end of the decommission of the Reliquary Complex, the pirate alliance CRIME . NET made another assault into Eugales this past saturday, culminating in the reinforcement of the structure.

Thankfully, several hours prior to this, the primary relic enclosure holding the ruins was successfully ejected from the heart of the facility after information was brought to light about the impending attack, and was towed toward its final location in deadspace. With this done, the UNF is re-evaluating third parties to bring aboard in regard to research.

Special thanks go to the Forgotten 17th Legion and Windstalker Security Corp for intercepting the information that allowed us to safely eject the enclosure in advance of the attack, instead of it being entrapped by the reinforcement, and forming in defense of the Reliquary, and the primary Harbor grid in Eugales.


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