Archavoinet - Neopian Solar Plaza freeport gridcomplex

(Sterling Blades) #1

Hello fellow capsuleers, I am pleased to announce the formal openning of the Neopian Solar Plaza in Archavoinet, a gridcomplex of three freeport structures within proximity to the system’s star. The structures have been in operation as freeports for a period of months by this time, but are now officially open for regular activity.

Of the three structures, two are fully functional, and the third serves as deep storage.

The three structures on the Plaza Grid are the Maractite Foundry, an Azbel Engineering Complex, with active Reprocessing and Manufacturing centers, House Mnesia Outpost, an Astrahus Citadel with Medical and Jump Clone centers, and the Moltaran CogWorks, a Raitaru Engineering Complex that formerly served as an industrial center and now functions as a deep storage complex.

All structures are host to baseliner civilian populations, as well as internal maintenance and security staffing.

Docking Rights may be temporarily revoked at the discretion of UNF Administrative officials pending investigation involving aggressive actions within 500km of the Plaza structures.

Thank you all for your time, and we hope to see you at the Plaza.

(Sterling Blades) #2

As a Travel Advisory, it is reccomended that any capsuleers wishing to reach Archavoinet set their auto-routing systems to avoid Oulley and Aubenall, as they are often subject to blockade by hostile entities.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

For a brief moment there I got my hopes up, thinking someone else had finally gotten up the courage to set up a trade and industrialist center somewhere in lowsec, taking advantage of the superior EC performance bonuses and such that lower sec space offer. Perhaps even a good Jump Freighter node and trade hub.

… nope. Another highsec one.

I wish you well and all, but I think I’ll stick with Tortuga myself. Ironically, it’s both safer and provides higher bonuses.

(Sterling Blades) #4

That will come in due time, but for the time being, the Plaza is the UNF’s primary gridcomplex Ms. Del’thul.

This is simply the first.

(Casserina Leshrac) #5

This sounds promising as I am looking for stations to work from within the Federation.

(Sterling Blades) #6

@Mizhara_Del_thul, @Casserina_Leshrac, you both may be pleased to hear that the UNF has deployed a lowsec EC in Eugales for refining purposes. It’s primarily specialized toward low and null security resources. It isn’t much for the moment, but it is the beginning of a second gridcomplex that may prove fruitful given time. Once it becomes a full grid, I will release a separate anouncement for such.

(Callisto Menkalinan) #7

My thanks to UNF for the Eugales complex.

(Alex Hinkelmann) #8

We at Ishuk-Raata wish our friends in the UNF luck with their endeavors in the Placid region.

(Sterling Blades) #9

Thank you, Mr. Hinkelmann. The well wishes are most appreciated.

(Jason Galente) #10

You better make the right friends if you’re operating in lowsec.

And quickly.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #11

Eh, cheap structures tend to be ignored for the most part. They can still be really annoying to bash down and the killmails are rarely worth the hour and a half total over a week to do it. Of course, being able to defend them isn’t exactly a bad priority.

(Sterling Blades) #12

Indeed true Mr. Galente.

And Ms. Del’Thul, defensive contigencies have been divised should aggression come.