[PRA-N] Purosupekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy Founding Press Release

Sakabkei Kiijata released a statement about the formation of Purosupekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy, on timed delay for the Summit forums.

It has been just under three weeks since the formation of Purosupekuta, and already I am proud to say that it has been a rewarding and successful three weeks since. The mission of Purosupekuta has been upheld almost from the moment of its formation, and I hope it remains that way for the foreseeable future.

As for what that mission is, we engage in salvage, and rescue salvage operations in High and Low security space. Our goal is to be the first on the scene of battles to recover as many personnel as possible, and return them to their planet or government of origin.

An example of this would be during my short visit to Eugales, a low security system engaged in factional warfare between the State and the Federation. While a member of the State, I cannot deny that leaving crewmen to float in space with dwindling hope of rescue is not something I stand for. Even as a State-employed capsuleer at one point, I wish to breed good will between the State and Federation, starting with ensuring lives are not lost where it can be helped.

Some would believe this concept to be shortsighted, and naive. I will not deny that it is naive, but I have met people from many different cultures, some opposed to my own, and many of them have been nothing but civil towards me. I cannot hope to befriend every crewmen I return to their point of origin, but I hope to give them the same chance I was given to meet people that while opposed to their way of life, will not abandon them to the depths of space because we disagree.

Past that, our goal is to use what salvage we recover during rescue operations to fund growth and expansion of operation reach, and scale. Far too often are wrecks not fully realised as resources, and as possible wells of knowledge, should the black boxes become available.

Under maritime salvage law, we will take compensation for the wrecks and contents therein recovered, but should the contents be classified under CONCORD law, will return the contents without issue, and regardless of salvage recovered, all crewmen will be returned without request of a reward.

Should pirate vessels be found, and their crew recovered if possible, they will be turned over to the authorities and their wreckage confiscated by Purosupekuta, and put towards the advancement of existing technology where applicable.

In regards to interaction with other corporations and alliance entities, our services are open through a salvage buyback program, allowing us to fund our activities. Should we be engaged, we will not hesitate to demonstrate our capabilities in disassembly, and recover wrecks that the aggressors have forfeited.

Outside of salvage, Purosupekuta will engage in research and development of novel technologies to provide alternative avenues of research to others, much of the research surrounding the salvage we recover.

I hope that Purosupekuta remains a home for baseliners and capsuleer pilots alike for many years to come.

-Sakabkei Kiijata, “Mahazkei”


It has, so far been a grand pleasure working alongside Mr. Kiijata, and his recently formed organization during his visit to the Eugales system. May Fortune’s Favor guide your continued endeavors in the future.

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The lives are lost only because some of our people lack VALOR to stand up against the gallentean threat, because they TOLERATE their presence, that leads to multiple deaths.


I usually only salvaged wrecks for the dead crew.

Nothing says conscientious and chic, like walking around in a clone with biomass extracted from the reprocessed meat of your defeated enemy.

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I believe this is the point where you and I will not see eye to eye. Let’s agree to disagree, and move on.

While… resourceful, I question the morality of such a decision.

Come now, body mining for clone biomass has been a growth industry since the dawn of the capsuleer age.

The way I see it, I prefer to know exactly what my infomorph meat suit is made out of – actual dead people and not animals or a bunch of tofu blocks – so as to have proper peace of mind.

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At the risk of offense I don’t intend, does it make a difference? Aren’t organic compounds just organic compounds once we’re reconstructed?

It is less about that and more about returning the body to one’s next of kin for burial. To some this does not matter, but I do not like taking that chance. It is just as important to return the dead to their homes and families as it is to return the living.

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While I agree, Mahazkei, I was more referring to Veikitamo’s “body mining for clone biomass.”

First off, don’t worry too much about offending me – I am a capsuleer and part of that is accepting the majority of humanity is always punching up when criticizing or censuring my actions.

As for the clone biomass harvesting: part of it is about harvesting human stem cells (got to crack open those femurs) and part of it is, I don’t know, trophy hunting? Some people mount heads on a wall, me, I just wear their skins. Not literally though, that’s kind of gross.

Hm. To each their own, I suppose.

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Well, even if you don’t take it, I certainly don’t mean to give it.

I was just wondering because you called it a growth industry, so it can’t just be yourself who is interested in it. I was just wondering if there was some real or perceived benefit in using human tissue to reconstruct a clone. I’ve never really thought about it before.

There’s some old literature circulating about cadaver biomass being superior for cloning purposes; my assumption is that the process of preparing it for the upload/imprinting process is faster than, say, growing a high-quality clone from basic materials, and so non-cadaver biomass is associated with lower grade clones.

My assumption is that the state of the art has advanced, though, given the proliferation of biomass printing technologies and other modern techniques since that literature was released.

I’ll check with some associates on this.


Some people have their own preferred brands despite the product in question being what one might consider, “the same”.

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Hm. While I do not personally like the idea, I may have to consider some would not mind having their remains practically used. If the deceased has explicitly stated - that we can find - their wishes post-mortem, then we will do our best to fulfill them.

Mr. Kiijata,

I am pleased someone directed me to your press release. I approve of this, and I invite you to visit the C3SRC channel. Here you can find some info on the channel:
Coordination Channel for Consolidated Space Rescue Cooperation
Maybe you can make use of it, I’d be happy to make you an operator. Maybe we can do a patrol together some day.

Also, this may interest you: A Cemetery Grows



I was aware of the cemetery before, but I was not aware if it was still being maintained.

It does, in some respect, interest me. But much of my concern with cadavers is what should be done with them when we find them, when we have their names. I know of a few cultures that would prefer their dead returned to their families so that they may decide what to do with their fallen.

I ask for permission first when already in possession of their dead, unless I know it would be better to not pick them up at all, such as cultures that leave their dead to drift in space.

And as for the C3SRC, it seems very structured, but quiet when I was active to observe.

I will be happy to cooperate with you as we can, if we are experiencing difficulties in returning people to their homes, or if our makeup does not allow us to interact with them without doing harm.

If you would like for me to elaborate on that, I suggest a private channel.

Otherwise, I look forward to working with you.


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