[MULTO] Cessation of Operations in the Khanid Kingdom and Ammatar Mandate

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the formal surrender of our remaining structures above the planet Halturzhan to the custody of Khimi Harar. The transfer took place recently and without fanfare.

In the Khanid Kingdom, our operations in Kahah have been brought to an end by a third party highsec wardec corporation, which destroyed Khadrea Base. Without a base of operations and in light of rampant persecution by the Royal Khanid Navy and Theology Council, the Ghosts of Kahah have suspended operations in the system of Kahah.

In the Ammatar Mandate, the velvet glove of Lord Governor Ekroz Salaf has proven as effective as Alar Chakaid’s iron fist in the Kingdom. Support for our organization among the civilian population and Ammatar Church clergy has dwindled and with it, our ability to conduct operations against Lord Governor Salaf’s administration. In recognition of our untenable position among an increasingly hostile populace, I made the decision to cede control of the Customs Office and Ammatar Free State citadel above the planet Halturzhan to Khimi Harar.

Further, I hereby order all remaining Ghosts of Kahah personnel to suspend operations in the Ammatar Mandate effective immediately. The Ghosts of Kahah formally recognize the government of Lord Ekroz Salaf as the legitimate polity of the Ammatar Mandate and we are prepared to cooperate with local authorities. This is not easy for us, but we understand the need for peace and unity in the Ammatar Mandate now more than ever and we will no longer conduct ourselves contrary to the goals of the legitimate government of our people.

Armast Darkar


I can confirm that Darkar has surrendered his structures in the Mandate to me.

Today is a good day in the Mandate. I for one give all credit for this to Lord Governor Salaf. By leading us righteously, Darkar’s operations were promptly stopped.


Shame you failed. Had hopes for you.


I am glad you have seen reason at last. I pray there shall not be another relapse for you.

You know where I am be you in need of respite or further asylum.

I also have a bottle of the good stuff waiting to help alleviate a heavy heart.

You fought well and nobly, Darkar.

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