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Grand feast in honor of farmers concludes

Nannaras X

November 25th - YC 120

The grand feast honor of the hard working men and women of the Kresh Root Society ended in success! Stomachs were filled and a noticeable dent was made in the overflowing food stock. Men, women and children of Hoiyori all came to the Commune plaza and joined in the festivities, enjoyed the food, learned more about the ecosystem of Nannaras X, and paid their respects to the many farmers that attended.

The newly formed Peacekeeper Division was also present. While the current personnel of the Division are green and inexperienced, the event served as an excellent chance for the Division recruits to showcase what they learned in a population dense environment. These recruits had more experienced officers from the Regiment on standby in the event of the worst case scenario, but thankfully the Peacekeepers ensured any disruption in the crowds was swiftly dealt with. The Division is steadily growing as more colonists enlist to enforce the law in Hoiyori. The Division however is still a month or two off from being fully staffed and trained to take over law enforcement completely from the Myrskytuuli Regiment.

All representing figures of the CORE council were in attendance, including the Patriarch. All of them shook hands with the Society members on stage, and each council member expressed their gratitude for their service to the Zaibatsu and its people. After an exhausting amount of handshaking, the CORE council dispersed and joined in with the festivities as the Patriarch sat down and spoke with invited representatives of BOSAC, UNF-A, and S-ICH. Despite the event now being several days in the past, the details of their conversation have still not been made available to ZANIE and remain classified at this time. It’s suggested the talks ended on good terms as guest representatives Galm Eskola-fae and Sterling Blades were seen mingling with the crowd sometime later, speaking with farmers and partaking in some of the games present before departing Nannaras X as the event neared the end.

Zaven Horson, the elected representative of the Kresh Root Society, was of course present during the festivities and was approached by ZANIE reporters for his take on the celebrations.

“I’m…Fine with this. Truly, it’s a refreshing change of pace to not be seen as some redneck that talks in some outrageous accent on a backwater planet just because I spend my days digging through the dirt and tending to farm animals. That said, it feels like a little too much? I’m elected to speak for everyone - So I’d say we would’ve been fine with a simple thank you. Having all these people coming down here to eat more of our produce than the Soogs I have in the pens is flattering and all. But is this necessary? We’re just doing our jobs…”

  • Zazen Horson

The humble words of the elected representative of the society is evidence that the members of the Society voted responsibly for a candidate suitable not just for them, but the whole of the Zaibatsu.

Also in attendance, we had the spiritual guru of the Windchimes, Suha Rabuya. A woman who is no stranger to the workload our farmers bare on their shoulders due to her history of working a farm In her youth. Because of this, Suha has worked on maintaining a close relationship between her Windchimes and the Society. ZANIE approached her for a comment to get more insight into her immense support of the Society.

“It is thanks to these men and women that the Zaibatsu doesn’t have to resort to industrialized means to feed it’s people. The food we feed everyone here tonight is grown from the soil of a world created by the Maker. This the purest substance to give our bodies, rich in nourishment and void of any poison that is snuck in by the mega-corporations who churn out poorly made food products from their soulless cold steel factories to keep the masses weak and malnourished! Creating cheap imitations that do more damage than good to us just so they can line their wallets. These men and women however are noble individuals who work day in and day out to ensure we have the purest food to consume. For that, they have my eternal respect.”

  • Suha Rabuya

ZANIE would like to mention that Suha isn’t necessarily pointing at the Caldari State when mentioning “Mega-Corporations”.

While the event was a success, there still remains a problem with the lack of storage space for the ample amounts of produce being put out by the society. Stelmari is still keen on convincing the Patriarch to allow the Exchange to take ALL bulk on hand to sell on the open market of New Eden, to supply the Zaibatsu with additional funds. How Stelmari’s attempts will turn out will be seen when November comes to a close and the council meeting for the month of December begins.

No matter what, ZANIE will be on the lookout for any updates.


300 Syrikos hounds from the UNF to be rehomed in Hoiyori

Nannaras X

November 28th YC 120

ZANIE has received official details about the closed door meeting between the Zaibatsu Patriarch and representing figures of other independent parties on the 23rd of November. This is but a glimpse into the lengthy discussions and is not a full reviewal of the entire meeting.

A deal was struck between the Zaibatsu and the UNF-A to rehome 300 Syrikos hound cubs recovered from an illicit ‘puppy mill’ aboard the “Masariin Gazaar” in the Eugales system. The Syrikos hound is more commonly known as the Slaver hound for their extremely close relation with slavery in the Amarr Empire. Terrifyingly savage beasts that are a challenge to tame, but ultimately compatible with humankind as proven by their extensive history of domestication within Amarrian society.

The revealed minutes confirm the Patriarch had agreed to this deal with the benefit of this agreement being the Syrikos hounds themselves and a chance to show support to the UNF in good faith. The questionable use of this species has proven above all that the Syrikos hound is a competent animal that can fulfill unique roles for the Zaibatsu. As such, the cubs will be split between the Peacekeeper Division and the Kresh Root Society to be used in civil-service. Placing any of the cubs in Military-service is strictly forbidden by the arrangement made with UNF representative Sterling Blades.

The Syrikos have the potential to serve the Peacekeepers in tracking down and subduing suspects on the run or sniffing out contraband at customs checkpoints. They could also be useful in search and rescue operations out in the wilderness of Nannaras X. For the Kresh Root Society, the hounds can serve a pivotal role in ensuring farmlands operate even more smoothly with them the removing of any rodents damaging crops, herding livestock, or protecting them from wild predators roaming the planet.

In both cases a severe problem resides, the problem is that there is no qualified personal to properly train these cubs for their selected positions. Though ZANIE has word that the search for a third-party to come in and train them is already underway and that the Zaibatsu will ensure a esteemed organization will be hired for the job. Before sending them off to work however, the cubs must first come of age. It will be several months at best before any of these hounds see civil service. For the time being while trainers can be acquired, the cubs will be allowed a period to adjust to the conditions of this world. Beginning their education in this optimal age range will enhance the odds of a smooth transition into Zaibatsu society when they reach adulthood.

As for breeding, males and females will be separated for the time being and reproduction will be strictly controlled for the foreseeable future. These regulations may appear to be stiff, but are to ensure these cubs being rehomed in Hoiyori will enter the ecosystem of Nannaras X responsibly and be carefully monitored to ensure they can co-exist peacefully in the Zaibatsu before their population gets out of control. The Syrikos species has the potential to be as dangerous as it is useful, and are thus a potential threat to the security of Hoiyori.

By no means does the Zaibatsu see the Syrikos as evil creatures as popular culture in New Eden makes them out to be. The Syrikos is but another evolutionary product of the Maker’s universe. The hounds will be treated fairly and have proper living conditions and food.

Word of this arrangement between the Zaibatsu and the UNF has already been revealed to CORE council members. Most notably, Chief Fabricator of Salvaged Fortune Industries Viokoro Velan - who has already become the most vocal about the news. ZANIE reached out to Viokoro for a quote and received a firefly response from Viokoro brutally criticizing this decision made by the Patriarch.

"You want a quote from me? Okay, here’s one - This is ■■■■■■■ stupid and is going to blow up in our faces - plain and simple. When i saw that this deal was made with the knowledge that we didn’t have anyone with experience with Slaver Hounds, i was both shocked and terrified. "

"Shocked, because the Zaibatsu doesn’t have a specialist to pull out their ass for once and now have to put faith in someone else to get the job done. And terrified, because that means no one here will know what the ■■■■ they’re doing going into this deal. Whatever grander deal the Patriarch got us involved in better be worth it. Because what he’s had to agree to so far to make it happen looks like a bad deal to me. These twisted little fleabags aren’t meant to be good ol’ boys watching the farmland and stopping the bad guy - They’re meant to be evil little savage shitheads wanting to bite anything with a pulse. And we’re giving them to the police? Marvelous! Absolutely fuckin’ marvelous - here i thought we made some actual progress with all these new regulations and what not, but here they are getting a shipment of wild beasts to use now…”Subdue Suspects” my ass.”

  • Viokoro Velan

ZANIE would like to apologize for the profanity, but wanted to deliver Viokoro’s remarks word by word. Her words hold merit in how unprepared the Zaibatsu is for this deal. Challenges are an inevitably in life, such is the way. As such the Zaibatsu stands ready to face it head on.

ZANIE will report in on any future updates


Council meeting for December: Second bejawl Postponed

Nannaras X

December 1st YC 120

With every month comes another council meeting between the Patriarch and the representing leaders of the CORE modules. This meeting happened on the 30th of November and went over the statistics and progress of the and laid down new plans for the Zaibatsu as we enter the month of December.

The first biggest thing to report on is the second Bejawl will not be happening on December 1st as intaily planned and will instead be hosted on the 22nd of December. Leading up to this date there has been a lack of organization and professionalism from the Head Director of the Karvose Collaboration Studios, Auljam Karvose. Auljam had failed to submit any official scheduling for the day’s festivities and had neglected coordinating with colony administration to begin preparing the festival grounds before the 1st. Along with this, Auljam’s own health is now in question. Auljam Karvose arrived at the meeting an hour late, noticeably fatigued, pale and sporting a cloth bandage on his forehead above his left eye. The meeting took no detour to question Auljam’s appearance as enough time was wasted with his tardy arrival. However Auljam would only remain in the room for thirty minutes before being promptly dismissed by the Patriarch and escort out by security after repeatedly nodding off to sleep at the table and looking “Unfocused and lost” when he was awake. The meeting continued on without him, but not before the Patriarch declaring the date for the second Bejawl to be pushed back to the 22nd of December immediately.

On account of his battered appearance, the Director was examined by Ohrion menders after his removal from the meeting. The menders began with removing the bandage over Auljam’s forehead. Beneath the bandage, menders found a infected, long, deep cut that they appraised as being the work of a short blade… The menders questioned Karvose on the source of this injury, but he was unwilling or unable to supply a coherent answer. As the examination progressed, symptoms of dehydration, sleep deprivation and blood loss (from the previously mentioned cut) were also noticed. On encountering extensive bruising to his right shoulder, the menders once again pressed Karvose on how he sustained these wounds, but no more in the way of clarification was forthcoming. Due to the extent of his injuries, after this initial assessment Karvose was transported off-site to an Ohrion facility for further treatment and testing.

Zaibatsu Peacekeepers were called in to investigate just what Auljam Karvose has been up to over the past few days. Communication between Karvose and the rest of the Zaibatsu has been growing increasingly tenuous in recent weeks, with the Director’s only public appearance being a brief show-of-face at last week’s Grand Feast in honour of the Zaibatsu’s agricultural sector.

In October, Karvose founded a program to teach applicants how to be a professional wrestler, and this detail casts some light on the affair. This program was a recurring theme in the interviews between the Peacekeepers and employees and collaborators of Karvose Collaboration Studio when asking about Auljam’s recent activites. And it gradually became clear that the Director scarcely left the program’s gymnasium during the fortnight leading up to the council meeting. The situation was so severe that Karvose had taken to sleeping for only a few hours in an office adjacent to the gymnasium, rather than his own home.

Professional wrestler and program instructor Himri Besi (perhaps better known by his stage name, Lostar Brail) was questioned about Karvose’s recent behavior. Himiri goes on to explain that ever since Foley Jones departed from the Studio, Karvose’s determination to see the program succeed became almost fanatical, with him working vastly extended hours in an attempt to fill the void left by Jones. Besi also revealed precisely how Karvose received the cut to his forehead: the night prior to the council meeting, Karvose asked Besi to teach him about “balding”

Blading”, as it is called in the professional wrestling industry, is the practice of a wrestler intentionally cutting themselves with a small blade during a match. The bleeding that follows helps add to the drama of the bout, or - in the jargon of the field - “sell” how impactful an attack was. Due to the propensity for wounds to the forehead to heal quickly while bleeding profusely, the forehead and scalp are the choice targets for these blade jobs. The practice is for the most part safe when performed correctly, but an inexpert cut can sever an artery or–perhaps worse in the theatrical world of wrestling, leave a permanent scar.

Himri explains the moment between him and Auljam.

“I’m getting ready to head out, right? Students were already gone, gym was cleaned and my gear was already in the locker. Auljam calls me over about one last thing… I go over and immediately he gets to the point; asks me if I can show him how to do a blade job. At first I refuse, try to put it off ‘till later, but then he’s like “Nah, nah, nah man! It’ll be quick! Just show me once, real quickly, please!” and I just go with it. I go find the med-kit first then get my spare razor blades out of my locker and come back to him."

“Now, I ain’t about to actually do it right here in front of you but I’ll show you the motions. Now you take a small, concealable razor blade - typically you keep it hidden in your wrist bands or handed off to you by the referee…You hold it like this so your hands, keeping it hidden from the audience and the cameras. Go about right here above your eyebrow and give the blade a little push, get it into your skin, then slide it across a wee bit and you’re done. I do this in front of Auljam, let the blood flow, patch myself up and hand Auljam a clean blade”

“Now, at this point I knew I made a mistake as the man was clearly a little nervous about this, but I let him do it…and he fails. I mean, he gets the blade in, slides it across a bit, but then gets scared halfway though and panics, cuts too much and from the look of it, a little too deep, ‘cause damn, that blood starts gushing out. I jump on to controlling his bleeding and getting him patched up as quickly as possible, all while Auljam begs me not to tell anyone… I keep telling him I won’t so he’ll calm the ■■■■ down and let me help him, and after I get him bandaged up and I’m about ready to run out and just be done with the day, I tell him to go see one of those, uh… Orows, Ohrans or whatever they’re called for actual medical help. He said he would and I left him there at the gym, thinking he was gonna be fine and check himself in.”

  • Himiri Besi (Lostar Brail)

Clearly, Karvose failed to heed Besi’s advice to seek out Ohrion Menders for medical attention. With the disturbing nature of blading–someone deliberately spilling their own blood to further dramatize an already-scripted performance–it is safe to assume that Karvose wanted to hide this detail about professional wrestling from the public eye. Now that this detail is made public, there is some concern about what exactly is being taught in this program.

Karvose is to remain in a Ohrion clinic for a week to rest and recuperate. This stay is mandatory and, and security are instructed to prevent any attempt he should make to leave. The responsibilities of the Collaboration Studio will temporarily fall into the hands of Viontha Rundon, an Intaki actress that was appointed “Lead Collaborator” by Auljam Karvose after their years working together in the holo-reel industry. Viontha’s focus is. and will continue to be, on preparations of the Bejawl on the 22nd of December.

In other, less dramatic, news regarding the council meeting, a new policy has been initiated to allow the Stelmari Exchange to facilitate the sale of produce and meats from the Kresh Root Society. Previous policies allowed the Colony Administration and the Kresh Root Society to handle the allocation of food stock in the Zaibatsu. However, after facing concerns regarding the storage of produce, Stelmari Oksasio’s idea of taking some of the stock to sell on outside markets for additional funds was accepted. Warehouses for food products are also to operate at 75% capacity, with any stock above that to be donated to the Exchange. Currently, the Exchange seeks third parties to whom they can sell this produce, netting themselves a tidy profit–and demonstrating their capabilities to the Patriarch in the process.

ZANIE will be on standby this December for any new updates.


Interview: Himiri Besi on his career and the professional wrestling industry.

Nannaras X

December 8th YC 120


Auljam Karvose’s progress to gain favor to establish a wrestling brand in the Raata Zaibatsu has been rough. From the moment Auljam revealed the infamous “Main Event” of the first Bejawl on June 1st, there has been nothing but resistance from several members of leadership and a good portion of Hoiyori’s population. With “Blading” being the most controversial detail revealed yet.

Auljam Karvose has dedicated a good portion of his time to training new wrestling talent in Hoiyori, and has neglected his other duties as Head Director of the Collaboration Studio, even to the point of causing the second Bejawl to be pushed back to the 22nd. It is here that Auljam will make a last attempt to impress the people of the Zaibatsu and get them to accept professional wrestling.

For more details on the industry and Karvose’s progress, ZANIE reached out and invited seasoned veteran and instructor for Auljam’s training camp, Himiri Besi for an interview. . Some may know him better by his ring name, Lostar Brali.

“Tonight, my guest of honor sitting across from me is a professional wrestler that has put enough years into the industry to be considered a true veteran. He is none other than Himiri Besi, better known as “Lostar Brali” to his fans out there in New Eden. Himiri, how are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling fine, it’s good to be here.”

“Excellent; now, I want to start off with getting to know you more. Can I ask why you became a professional wrestler?”

“Well, much like anyone else who gets in the business, I was first a spectator before a wrestler. I grew up watching it, growing attached to the characters and storylines, and fantasized about being the one to get the title belt…As I got older and got out of school, I realized I could chase that fantasy if I put my mind to it. Otherwise, I’d have to settle with some mundane job.”

“So you’re in it for the thrill? The limelight?”

“It was part of the motivation, sure. Ultimately I wanted to be an entertainer. I’m not the funniest guy, so stand-up wasn’t really an option. Then the holo-reel scene was way too crowded with other people trying to make their big break too, so it looked like a dead end to me. The path towards a wrestling career was presenting itself to me like it was destiny, you know?”

“Well seeing as you’ve been involved with the business for a while now, I’d imagine you were destined for this career. Exactly how many years have you been a professional wrestler for?”

“Seven, give or take.”

“So,for seven years you’ve gone by the name Lostar Brali. Is this an alter ego of yours?”

“Calling it an alter ego implies to me that you’re saying I have two different personalities in my personal life. Lostar Brali is a finctionalcharacter that I portray as in the confines of wrestling.”

“But who is Lostar Brali?”

“Lostsr Brali can best be described as a vigilante out for justice. He’s an ex-slave that confronts tyranny and corruption head-on.”

“A figure of heroism?”

“Well, that’s what a face is supposed to be. When you pitch your character to whatever promo you first work for, they don’t want a ten page backstory explaining his nuanced morality. They want something short and simple that immediately tells you whatever or not the character is a heel or a face.”

“I’m sorry, heel? Face? What does that mean?”

“Bad guy and good guy, respectively. At the core of storytelling in wrestling, it comes down to who should the audience cheer for and who shouldn’t they cheer for. A face is a wrestler that is honorable, courageous, noble and disciplined, where heels are arrogant, cowardly, and dishonorable, willing to cheat in any match and backstab anyone to achieve their own goals.”

“So, Lostar was what you would call a face then?”

“Correct, but since he was a vigilante, he didn’t exactly follow due process and took matters into his own hands. Ultimately, though, he stood for justice and did follow a code of honor. He just wanted to hurt some bad guys really badly along the way.”

“And this motivation of the character is a product of his backstory as a slave… With slavery being a very sensitive subject to the Matari, have you encountered anyone from the tribes who takes offense toan outsider pretending to be an ex-slave?”

“Of course, and just so I can come clean,when I initially made the character Lostar Brali, I was young and ignorant. I was stuck on a single planet, oblivious to the larger galaxy and oblivious to my own Brutor heritage, but in a way that’s why I made Lostar Brali. I wanted to be that Matari superhero, you know? “Grrr, slavery”, and all that… and it’s not like Lostar was portrayed insultingly; he was out there destroying Amarrians. Hell! It was the Amarrians I ended up pissing off the most.”

“How so?”

“Four years back we were doing a pay-per-view event somewhere on the Amarr-Federal border; I forget where exactly, but there tons of Amarrian immigrants here, a super dense area of them… At the time I was locked in a rivalry with Rogbal Titiaster, a posh true Amarrian of noble blood and devoted to what the scriptures teach. For a business-as-usual event, Rogbal was a heel. Here, however, with this crowd it has the reverse effect, where I’m the heel and he’s the face. It was his night in front of the fans: he even opened the show with a prayer session with the entire crowd there. This was his night in front of his fans and I had the honor of being in the main event with him.”

“So what happened?”

“A stupid plan that backfired in my face. See, our rivalry consisted of beating the piss out of the topic of slavery. We never really touched on the subject of religion as that’s way more accepted in the Federation than slavery, and despite being the audience being Amarrian immigrants, they most likely had more support for their faith than slavery… So, we had to come up with something new, and since I was technically the heel this night, I approached Rogbal and the writing team to tell them this plan of me stealing Rogbal’s personal Scriptures book, which he always took out to the ring, and lighting it on fire in front of the whole audience before our match started. They let me do this.”

“Oh god…”

“…The network got SO MANY complaints that night that it almost brought down the entire brand I was working for. Now keep in mind this was a fake book: genuine cover, but all the pages were blank. Wrestling is fake after all, right? We sold it to the audience there and everyone watching at home that I burned a legitimate copy of their religious texts right there, live in ultra definition.”

“Oh, goodness, what were you thinking? I have to be quite honest with you Himiri, I’m personally slightly offended from you just telling me that you did this.”

“Hoovand, I assure you, I do regret doing this.This almost destroyed my career, but before that realization set in, it was one of the greatest moments of my life–because when you play the heel, you have to learn to love the hate. Their booing is the equivalent of the audience cheering for the face, and let me tell you, the entire audience booed in unison. I got a high like no other, no drug in this universe could take me to the level of euphoria I had in that brief moment. I was grinning ear to ear backstage after that match, then someone in a suit tapped me on the shoulder and took me into another to have a talk and explain how my plan had just horrifically ■■■■■■ everything up. Would I ever do this again? Never. I learned a very stiff lesson that night…”

“I’m gonna leave it at that and steer the topic in a new direction. I wanna talk about where you are now, here in the Zaibatsu. Why did you come here?”

“I wanted a new start with my career. When I left the EWF and turned heel, I was committing to the next stage of evolution as a wrestler. I would go and take it easy in the independent scene where I would have more creative control over my character. I played a face for seven years, and the act got so stale. I wanted to overhaul the character. When I dropped and became a free agent, Auljam contacted me and told me that I’d be perfect to help him build a wrestling brand. He was vague about the Zaibatsu and I was a litte daft not to do some research, but the opportunity got me excited. I could build something and make a difference.”

“Telling from past quotes ZANIE collected, it sounds like this wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.”

“Damn straight! It’s incredibly difficult and stressful work. I’m currently the only guy that can teach these rookies after my help bailed out…”

“Your contract with the Studio expires this month. I take it you’re looking forward to getting out of here?”



"…Don’t get it twisted just yet. I know what I’ve said in my past quotes, and I meant what I said at the time. All of what I’ve said and done is the result of long weeks working to train these prospects. This has been an incredibly stressful endeavor that has taken its toll on me both emotionally and physically. After Auljam stepped in and started buckling down and putting in these late hours, it made me realize how much I’ve just been bitching. Now with my contract ending soon, I have the choice of jumping ship or trucking on. How this Bejawl turns out will help me decide, and the way things are looking? Well… you’ll find out for yourself.”

“I see… Well Himiri, it was a pleasure to have you down. I fear we’re out of time, however, and I need to wrap this up.

“No problem; thanks for having me here.”


Preparations for second Bejawl begin as official schedule is submitted

Nannaras X

December 12th YC 120

The official schedule for the second Bejawl has been submitted to colony administration, and the details could best be described as “baffling” by recipients.

Auljam Karvose’s second Bejawl was postponed to December 22nd for failing to organize in time for its original date of December 1st. It was discovered that Auljam was focusing the vast majority of his leading up to 1st in his program to train new wrestling talent. This dedication has left many with a sour tastes, from colonists and studio collaborators, to Tokitu Yaken of the Myrskytuuli Regiment.

We have this quote from Tokitu expressing his displeasure with Auljam.

“Auljam Karvose was selected by the Patriarch to help grow and cultivate the creativity of our colonists. Instead, he’s desperately dedicating his time and resources to mocking the honor of genuine competitive sports. As such, the Head Director of the studios has not only neglected his given responsibilities, but openly insulting the values we stand for here.”

  • Tokitu Yaken

Problems got worse for Auljam after he appeared to the most recent council meeting with a self-inflicted forehead injury. Details later revealed that the injury was the result of a botched “Blading job”. Blading is a practice in professional wrestling where wrestlers will use concealed blades to cut open their skin, causing bleeding. The practice has been received as being “utterly sickening” from influential Menders of the Ohrion Conglomerate, and has brought into question what exactly is being taught to these pupils in Auljam’s program.

Auljam’s commitment to the program has taken its toll on Auljam’s overall health, and he had been admitted to an Ohrion Clinic for a single mandatory week before being appraised and given the clear to return home. In his place, the Lead Collaborator of the studio, Viontha Rundon took temporary control of the Studio while Auljam recovered. By order of the Patriarch, she was to focus entirely on setting up talent for the second Bejawl.

Viontha has delivered and submitted the official schedule. However, the format is far different this time around. The Bejawl will last for six hours, ending at midnight. Three of the six hours are solely dedicated to showcasing professional wrestling, which in turn has gained the ire of those already fed up with Auljam’s consistent attempts to get them to accept the “sport”

Viontha had this to say when approached by ZANIE for a comment on this.

“Well… It’s a collaborative effort. Collaboration is in the studio’s name after all; that’s what we should be doing, right? Auljam brought in people interested in fashion to design costumes, writers to help create characters and write scripts, musicians to create music for the entrances of the wrestlers, and actors to perform as the wrestlers. All these individuals with different creative interests came together to create this show.”

  • Viontha Rundon

The submitted schedule was not vetoed by the Patriarch and has been accepted. Colony Administration is to go forward and begin preparations for the Bejawl. The event will be held once again at the museum where the first Bejawl was held. With the acceptance, however, came a new regulation that the Patriarch is having put into effect immediately, the banning of the practice of “Blading”. The Collaboration Studio is now forbidden from ever teaching students how to do this, as well as anyone with the knowledge already being barred from doing it in-ring. When asked if this regulation will have any effect on the scheduled performance, Viontha simply commented that there would be “No problem at all”.

Artists that have had their artwork displayed at the museum will be given back their work to make room for new submissions, the artists will be free to do whatever they wish with their creations, aside from re-submitting it for any future Bejawl. The showcasing of the new artwork will be in the opening hours of the Bejawl, before the wrestling event.

The overall opinion of professional wrestling in Hoiyori is a mixed bag, with just as many disapproving of the “sport” as there are those in support of the entertainment. This mixed reaction extends all the way up to the members of the CORE council, with figures like Stelmari Oksasio being the biggest voices of support for Auljam. Speaking of which, Exchange President Stelmari Oksasio has informed ZANIE that he has his own surprise to reveal at the Bejawl, but the details are vague, and too murky for ZANIE to make any substantial guess.

As for Auljam Kavrose, his mandatory stay may have concluded, but he failed to pass the appraisal process and will be required to stay for a few more days before being given the clear to return to home or work. ZANIE is sadly unable to approach anyone under mandatory care, so obtaining a comment from Auljam is impossible at the time. It is suggested however that Auljam will most likely fully recover before his event.

Regardless, ZANIE will be prepared to report on any new developments if they occur.


Raata Zaibatsu steps in as neutral third party to handle inspection of Thebeka III freeports.

Thebeka III

December 18th YC 120

> Thebeka III, South Polar Aid Station Jegudiel.

The Raata Zaibatsu is stepping in as a neutral third party to conduct an inspection of two Raitaru-class engineering Complexes in orbit of Thebeka III.

The Amarr Empire has been experiencing a spike of slave revolts and terrorist action in recent weeks. This is most notable on the planet of Thebeka III, where chaos has taken over planetside and Capsuleer parties of both Amarr and Matari affiliation are conducting hostile operations on one another in space above the planet. Non-Empire aligned groups with their own motives have managed to get involved and make a difference. One such group is a legal, Capsuleer-owned corporation by the name of Daeuuas. This corporation has set up two Ratiaru-class engineering complex “freeports” orbiting Thebeka III: one directly above, and another directly below. These stations are to act as neutral safe havens and to coordinate planetside humanitarian efforts, as well as acting as a drop off point for any casualties of ground combat. No matter their allegiance, injured personnel are given medical attention and safe refuge. The anchoring of these structures was reported on the IGS, a message board for Capsuleers of different allegiances to converse with about various topics.

The legitimacy of the structures has recently came into question however, as the Capsuleer who owns these structures has sympathetic ties to the Angel Cartel. Concern has been voiced about this detail; in response the call to bring in a neutral party to conduct inspections of the freeports and ensure they’re fulfilling the use advertised. After some suggestions of who would be suitable for the task Zaibatsu Capsuleer Avio Yaken responded, suggesting the Zaibatsu.

Previously, the Zaibatsu’s stance was to avoid getting involved with or having an official opinion on ongoing conflicts in Amarrian Borders in order to maintain neutrality. Or as the Chief Fabricator Viokoro Velen puts it,

“We’re too irrelevant in the grander scheme to say anything meaningful about it.”

  • Viokoro Velan

That said, stepping in to conduct a neutral inspection of a neutral freeport does not go against established protocol, and enables the Zaibatsu to reach out to the wider cluster. Despite the not-insignificant criticism of Kalaratiri’s sympathetic views towards the Angel Cartel, Zaibatsu diplomatic procedure demands some restraint to avoid knee-jerk reactions and allow individuals of questionable organizations a chance to display honor in a first meeting.

Overall, the Zaibatsu was seen as the appropriate third party to conduct the inspection, although others would prefer a representative of the Federal Navy to do their own inspection. Zaibatsu personnel have already been gathered and deployed to help with the inspection. The bulk of the selected personnel hails from the Myrskytuuli Regiment, while another large proportion are trainee custom officers of the recently formed Peacekeeper Division. This inspection serves as an excellent opportunity for recruits to gain some field experience in hunting for any contraband, performing I.D. checks, and more. It is undetermined how long it will take for both freeports to be fully investigated.

The team will be divided in two in order to search both at the same time. This is to avoid the owners from packing up a structure before teams move in and put it all back the moment they leave. Kalaratiri is granting the team full access to the citadel to search, the only exception being any of the fitted modules. This means everything is open to Zaibatsu eyes for inspection, including hangars, docking ports, the medical center and any data stored in the freeports’ computers. Alongside the Zaibatsu, there is the potential of other third parties (mostly in the form of individual Capsuleers) pitching in to aid with the inspection. This comes after Kalaratiri openly invited anyone with suspicions to join and see for themselves what’s being stored aboard the freeports.

ZANIE reporters accompanying the inspection team got in contact with the Capsuleer Kalaratri. The big question is what exactly her reason is for being all the way out here. Many parties suggest a hidden dark motive,due to her sympathetic ties to the Cartel, but as stated the Zaibatsu is giving the pilot a chance to show honor and transparency rather than tossing them aside. That said, Kalaratiri is operating in Thebeka for a reason, and as such a ZANIE reporter lucky enough to get in contact with Kalaratiri posed the question.

This was Kalaratiri’s answer

"I’m involving myself in the Thebeka situation because I feel I can be a great help to the people who need it. In any conflict there are those caught in the middle, the civilians, the refugees; I want to provide what aid to them I can. I have both the means and the will, so I feel I must.

As for the goal of recovering Lord Numayr, successful recovery of the local authority will likely do more to bring about a return to peace than almost anything else could."

  • Kalaratiri

Just as Kalaratiri is showing trust to the Zaibatsu to search their freeports, the Zaibatsu will trust that Kalaratiri is being honest.

ZANIE will be on standby to report on this situation if it develops any further.


Twenty-six Syrikos hounds found poisoned - culprit still at large

Nannaras X

December 20th YC 120

A Zaibatsu kennel facility housing a portion of the Syrikos Hounds rehomed in Hoiyori has reported the fatal poisoning of twenty-six of the hounds.

The Syrikos Hounds, given to the Zaibatsu by the UNF in late November, have received a less-than-warm welcome in Hoiyori. Not only have colonists expressed their distaste of having this species integrated into Zaibatsu society, but Chief Fabricator of Salvaged Fortunes Industries, Viokoro Velan has also weighed in once again with her disapproval with the Zaibatsu’s direction. Colonists of Matari origin cite that the Syrikos Hounds have become symbolic of cruelty and slavery, and claim that the Zaibatsu’s goal of giving a new reputation to the species is foolhardy. Animosity is growing to the point where a protest broke out in front of a kennel facility near a residential district only a week after the hounds arrived in Hoiyori. ZANIE would like to establish make clear this protest was peaceful and ended before curfew with no injuries or arrests. For the unaware, the kennel facilities serve as containment for captured wild animals that wander into populated to be released. For strays to be returned to their owners, or in this case to hold onto the large amounts of hounds until more permanent housing can be arranged.

With collective disapproval appearing controlled and organized, rogue elements have clearly been working in the shadows and have taken extreme actions–the poisoning of these twenty-six hounds is evidence of that. Ohrion veterinarians have determined that this incident is no accident, but the result of an unknown suspect’s malicious intent.

Ohrion veterinarians assigned to the kennel examined the corpses, and found traces of a foreign chemical compound having been ingested. On learning this, they immediately examined the food the hounds were eating and found the same compound. The Syrikos hounds are given straight meat to compliment their carnivorous diets. This meat is that of the native Soog species, a plump creature that is commonly kept as livestock on the ranches and farms of the Kresh Root Society.

Investigators of the Peacekeeper Division have already been called in and are in the process of hunting down a suspect. The entire logistical chain is in the crosshairs as the poison could have been planted at any point on the meat’s journey from the slaughterhouse to hounds’ stomachs. Butchery is done on-site at the ranches, and the meat transported from there to its designated delivery point by personnel of Clear-Minds Caravans. Thanks to well-kept documentation of shipments by Clear-Minds, finding the ranch the meat came from and the crew that handled transportation was as easy as asking.

The contaminated meat has already been handed over to Ohrion specialists, so that they can study the poison further. Already they have found something alarming: they have determined that the the poisonous agent shares similarities to that present in kresh roots. Roots of the kresh tree contain potent toxins that can be fatal to anyone not of Caldari ethnicity. Not only is this poison deadly to Skyrikos Hounds, but also to good portion of the Zaibatsu’s population. While only one kennel facility has reported contaminated meat, the Ohrion Board of Health and Wellbeing has ordered all such facilities to immediately destroy all Soog meat stored and request a fresh shipment. The Board of Health and Wellbeing has also ordered the immediate inspection of the food stocks of both restaurants and warehouses. Any food considered remotely questionable will be disposed of.

The use of kresh root in the poison also raises a concern of its own, separate from the murder of the hounds. The kresh tree is in no way a native plant to Nannaras X, but due to the Kresh Root Society growing their own here in Hoiyori for ceremonial purposes, it’s obtainable locally–even by those wishing to weaponize it, as this poison attack proves. This attack has created fear that this same poison could be unleashed on the non-Caldari population of the Zaibatsu, that said while the Caldari may have a higher tolerance, but still vulnerable if the dose is potent enough.

The Raata Zaibatsu, with the spiritual help of the Windchime Order, has taken a stance to be more representative of humankind as a whole, rather than simply of a singular ethnicity on a single planet in the Maker’s universe. As such, Hoiyori and future colonies are homes to not just those of Caldari decent, but to of all breeds of humans that were born into the universe. Relevant to this, is the criticism some members of the Kresh Root Society have had about their own name. If the Zaibatsu stands to represent non-Caldari, then why have the society named after something only the Caldari can consume without falling fatally ill? Requests to have the Society’s name changed have already been made, and only time will tell if they will be accepted.

For now, investigators of the Peacekeeper divisions are screening personnel at the kennel as well as anyone apart of the logistical chain. Currently the Investigators are some way away from nailing a precise suspect, but have the documentation to know who was working what shift at what time and make this a process of elimination. The attack being aimed at the hounds suggests the suspect shares the sentiments of those opposed to the integration of Syrikos hounds, making the possibility of a biological attack against the human population less likely. That said, the Peacekeeper Division is determined to track down the culprit, regardless of their target.

ZANIE will be on standby until an update on the situation arises.

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Second Bejawl concludes - Stelmari Exchange reveals purchase of new landmass on Nannaras X

Nannaras X

December 24th YC 120

The second Bejawl has concluded!

Initially planned to be hosted on December 1st, the event was pushed back to the 22nd as per the order of the Patriarch after the Head Director of the Collaboration Studio, Auljam Karvose, neglected his responsibilities and failed to submit any kind of schedule for the 1st. Along with this, was Auljam was placed on mandatory medical care by the Ohrion Conglomerate, since he showed up to the meeting in which the Patriarch made the decision to postpone the event with a self-inflicted cut on his forehead. Viontha Rundon was placed in charge of the Studio until Auljam was released from Ohrion care; her orders were to immediately begin organizing a schedule for the Bejawl. Viontha managed to successfully complete this task,and submitted a scheduled well before the 22nd, but left people more confused than excited.

Half of the night was dedicated to professional wrestling–the very thing that has caused its fair share of controversy after the first Bejawl back in June. Auljam has put it out there that it has been a dream of his to establish his own wrestling brand and has been pushing to have it be an accepted form of entertainment in the Zaibatsu. When questioned about the event’s focus on professional wrestling, Viontha argued that this was to be the Studio’s biggest collaborative effort yet, with musicians creating entrance music, fashionistas creating outfits, writers creating stories and actors performing scenes. The schedule ended up being approved and signed off on by the Patriarch, either because there was too little time to send Viontha back to the drawing board, or because he saw genuine potential in what was planned.

Now that the 22nd has come and the Bejawl is in the past, ZANIE is able to fill everyone in on the night.

We begin with opening gala, with fireworks and excitement as the first wave attendees arrived and took in the creative atmosphere, as artists showed off their new masterpieces in the Hoiyori museum. All council members of the CORE modules were in attendance along with the Patriarch and Auljam, who was cleared by Ohrion Conglomerate and released from his mandatory care just in time to attend the event he created. Auljam’s reception was a warm one, with attendees pleased at his return and showing it by cheering. There was a very noticeable difference in Auljam’s appearance, as now he has a scar over his left eye–the result of a failed “Blading” job, a practice in professional wrestling that has already been preemptively banned by the Patriarch.

A ZANIE reporter at the event approached Auljam, curious of his thoughts on coming back to work on the big day when he will make one last pitch to the people of Hoiyori that professional wrestling is an appropriate form of entertainment to have in the Zaibatsu.

“It’s great to be back! Really, it is–wanna know why? Because I’m not coming back to work on another average day and sitting back behind a desk. Nah, that’s not how it is - I’m back and it’s the second Bejawl, baby. After all these long weeks we finally get to see our biggest project yet in action. I’m proud of everyone involved with this, even if this all doesn’t go how I plan. If tonight fails, it will be no-one’s fault but my own. These men and women you will see tonight are gonna give it their all and I got nothing but love for them. It was an honor getting to know them personally and working with them.”

  • Auljam Karvose

The art exhibition concluded in time for the scheduled three-hour professional wrestling show to begin. Remaining attendees filled into the the same auditorium where it all started during the first Bejawl on June 1st. After the outside halls were emptied and everyone was seated and quiet, the show began. A techno beat began playing on the auditorium’s sound system and onto the stage there came an unfamiliar young, fresh-faced Civire male, wearing tights. Microphone in hand, the young performer walked down to the ring, pointing out to and waving at members of the crowd, who were politely cheering for the arrival of this stranger.Stepping into the ring, he took his microphone and introduced himself as Jiho Keszer, before delivering a heartfelt opening speech welcoming everyone and thanking the people he had trained with… Until Lostar Brail interrupted him halfway through.

Before ZANIE ventures any further into this subject, we would like to remind readers that professional wrestling is a scripted and staged performance. Real security was on standby to intervene if anything went “off-script”, and were even given a classified codeword that organizers could use to immediately raise the alarm in the event of legitimate danger or interference.

That said, we go now to the transcript of this moment.

“Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s great to be here and seeing all of you join us here tonight. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jiho Keszer and let me say that we got a good show in store for all of you. Backstage we have some incredible talent just waiting to come out and give it their all for you all tonight. I just want to say it was an honor working with each one of them, and-”

“Oh, give it a rest, greenhorn!”

“Lostar? Hey, welcome to the party! Everyone! Give this man a round of applause! He deserves it after all the hard work training myself and the other wonderful wrestlers we got here tonight.

[Crowd begins lightly cheering]

“Hey, hey, hey, cut the racket. I’m not out here to get the appreciation of the peanut gallery. I’m here to ask what you think you’re doing, Jiho.”

“What do you mean? I’m out here welcoming everyone.”

“Sucking up to them, more likely; what’s next, you’re gonna give a shout out to the Patriarch himself and thank him for tonight as well?”

“Well, yes, actually I was just about to ge-”

“Stop–just stop. Please, before you disappoint me further, Jiho. See, I had high hopes for you; I’d hoped you realized that you don’t gotta cozy up to any of these nobodies in the audience. Instead, day one, fresh out of training you immediately go out and start brown-nosing to earn their favor. In this business, however, I learned that what chumps do. I prepared you to do better than this, but this is what you ultimately do: a shame.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way, Lostar, but I must say you’re being incredibly disrespectful to our hosts this evening. Look, I respect you as a veteran of this industry who has leaps of experience beyond me and the sensei that taught me everything I know, but in no way are you in any place to come out here and spoil the evening.”

“The only thing spoiling this evening is your lackluster mic skills.”

“Then how about we put the talk aside, and you come down to this ring and we entertain these people here tonight!”

[Crowd partly cheers]

“…You know, that’s a good idea–IF you were somebody that was remotely even the same league as me. Thing you gotta realize, greenhorn, is that you don’t enter the business without a single win under your belt and get a shot at taking on the veteran right away. You wanna fight with the best? You gotta earn it.”

“Man, Lostar, I didn’t peg you as a coward.”

“Coward? Because I don’t want to buck the schedule laid out just so I lay your rear end down on the mat? Have you forgotten you still have an official match with Oliry Paaller? Matter of fact, you do! And Jiho, that match? It starts right now.”

This moment is clearly showcasing the “heel vs face” dynamic, discussed by the actor playing Lostar Brail in a previous interview. Here, Lostar posed as the heel, with Jiho a face that the audience can get behind. Oliry Paaler’s character has yet to be fleshed out, aside from being a tank of a man that proceeded to throw Jiho around the ring. Ultimately however, Jiho prevailed and got the win after pinning Oliry to the mat for three seconds. An exhausted Jiho then proceeded to celebrate with the audience, but getting caught up in the moment he lets his guard down–and that’s when Lostar came running out of the audience. Jumping the barrier and sliding into the ring, he got into position behind Jiho to deliver his finishing powerbomb move as soon as the younger wrestler turned around. For the first time since the show started, the crowd reacted in unison to express their displeasure.

The show continued, showcasing more talent. Wrestlers of both genders were equally represented, with matches even featuring both male and females. Attire and presentation was also tasteful, with no wrestler being a caricature of a nation or culture; instead, everyone came off as genuine competitors with their own aspirations. Music-wise, there was more that could have been desired of the selected pieces for each wrestler. The Studio claims that all of it was made in-house, and it shows, with many tracks’ artists lacking experience but having the production quality that the Studio provides to their collaborators.

The matches themselves were also tame and did not feature any extremely wild elements. Fights were mostly kept in the ring, with supposed “heel” characters having the fight spill out ringside. Performers did go the extra mile and try to pull some impressive moves to wow the crowd, but their inexperience showed at points. Overall, the crowd seemed to get more engaged as the night went on, and after the dinner break halfway through the show, many returned to their seats to watch the show up until its finale. This finale featured the talented Amasa Heroy, Resha Durner and Thistya Lummus in a “triple threat” match.

The show was well-received not only by the attendees, but apparently the Patriarch himself, who was reported to be seen getting into watching the tag-team match between brotherly Sebiestor duo and two cruiserweight competitors calling themselves “The Technicians”. ZANIE was unable to approach the Patriarch to get confirmation of his opinion of the event once it finally closed, as he was preoccupied with another pressing matter. Stelmari Oksasio hinted at having a surprise to reveal at the Bejawl, and ZANIE can confirm that Stelmari gave the Patriarch a land deal on Nannaras X. For a while now, the Stelmari Exchange has been attempting to buy landmass adjacent to Namiyo going by the serial number X-ZFA12. This land is owned by the Ishukone Corporation, and remains so–we have verified that Stelmari Exchange could not seal the purchase of X-ZFA12, instead managing to get another cheaper and less essential piece of land known by the serial number Z-1SE2.

Information on both the future of professional wrestling and the new change of plans on expansion will be revealed in future articles. ZANIE will be prepared to report on any new details once they emerge.


Thebeka - The situation in space.


December 26th YC 120

Thebeka III

Thebeka has recently become a hotbed of violence as conflict engulfs the surface of Thebeka III, and capsuleer forces of both Amarrian and Matari allegiance engage in skirmishes, assaults and Galnet flame wars.

The Raata Zaibatsu’s only involvement in Thebeka is to handle the inspection of two freeports owned by a questionable third party that advertises the freeports as being used purely for humanitarian purposes. New developments in this area will be reported on at a later date as new complications are now emerging.

Along with the detachment sent out to conduct the inspection were several ZANIE reporters in the event of there being anything else relevant to report on. Here at ZANIE we have begun to take an interest in the multitude of events that have unfolded in space between Capsuleers. As a neutral party, ZANIE has decided to tackle the task of fairly covering the actions of all sides as a neutral observer.

Defending Amarrian territory, numerous Capsuleer alliances expressing loyalty to the throne have been operating in Thebeka, such as Khimi Harar, Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, and the more recent - and now infamous for attempting to recruit Capsuleers loyal to Sansha’s nation to fuel their war efforts in Thebeka - Aegis Militia. Coming to the aid of rebellion are a mix of individuals along with the Electus Matari, who’ve only recently stepped up operations in the system, as well as smaller organizations such as Kyn’aldrnari and Cail Avetatu who despite being small in size have experienced combat pilots. Neutral parties have also emerged in the middle of the ongoing tension to offer humanitarian aid to civilians, Imperial troops and rebel forces.

The above mentioned organizations - with the exception of PIE - have in one way or another planted their flag in the system in the form of mobile depot networks, Upwell consortium citadels, and engineering complexes.

Freedom’s Gate

Held by SoE Roughriders, a member corporation of Electus Matari. Freedom’s Gate arrived in Thebeka under the direct supervision of SoE Roughriders CEO Elsebeth Rhiannon. Freedom’s Gate was declared to be a staging facility for humanitarian efforts for its initial service period, however the facility took a drastic shift in focus after a CONCORD sanctioned declaration of war against Electus Matari was paid for by PIE.

This switch from humanitarian to full fledged military outpost was announced openly on the Intergalactic summit along with the news of Electus Matari stepping up activity in Thebeka and taking the fight to the Amarrians. All civilian staff previously stationed on Freedom’s Gate have have been evacuated and moved to another civilian base outside of Thebeka.

ZANIE reporters managed to get in contact with Elsebeth Rhiannon to learn more about this choice. According to her, despite the full willingness to flip the switch on Freedom’s Gate, she would’ve been perfectly fine with it operating at a civilian level and providing only humanitarian support. It was however the war declaration by PIE that pushed her hand to turn it into a military installation.

With Electus Matari taking a bigger role in Thebeka and using Freedom’s Gate as a staging post, a new factor emerges that shakes up the playing field for Amarrian forces. When asked “What tides of change Electus Matari is bringing to the Thebeka situation?”, she responded with this:

"I cannot unfortunately answer questions in a way that will reveal operational information. However it will be the locals on the planet [who] will win or lose this in the end. We have some recorded kills out that should give you an idea of what we have fielded so far.”

  • Elsebeth Rhiannon

Choosing to let actions speak for Electus Matari, ZANIE can say from looking at battle reports coming out of Thebeka that Electus Matari aren’t settling for a few frigates and destroyers, but fielding entire battleship fleets to engage in skirmishes with Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris, Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque and Aegis Militia.

SII Humanitarian Center

The SII Humanitarian Center is owned by Sorn Interstellar Industries. As the name implies, the structure is also here to supply humanitarian services to non-combatants. The center’s focus is entirely aimed at the civilians, with specialists being sent down to war-torn areas for search and rescue operations to pull and evacuate civilians caught up in the ongoing crossfire down on Thebeka III. Along with this the service is being extended to any former slaves being harboured by rebel forces, if possible, however the bulk of people aided by SII are overwhelmingly made up of the civilian population.

ZANIE managed to reach out to the co-founder of Sorn Interstellar Industries, Maria Blackfire, to learn about why exactly she’s gotten involved. When asked what her exact motives are, she had this to say:

“Sorn interstellar industries will not stand by while innocents suffer be it Amarrians or Minmatar. SII knows how to how it feels to be on the lower end of the spectrum, we have always looked after small people.

And after Kahah the Khanids have been in a bad light so I feel the need to show that not all of us are bad.”

  • Maria Blackfire

The bad light on the Khanids Maria is referencing comes from a rather infamous handling of a slave revolt by the Khanid Kingdom on the world of Kahah III, which brings us to the next item in this list.

Ammatar Independence Movement

Formerly called the Ammatar Mandate Observation Post - This engineering complex is held by a rather mysterious group calling themselves “The Ghosts of Kahah” and are led by a Capsuleer of Ammatar origins named Armast Darkar. It is revealed to the reporter that made contact with Armast that the Ghosts of Kahah are a cell of survivors from the failed invasion of Kahah III where Armast Darkar himself helped coordinate a fleet with Ushra’khan forces. This fleet met considerable resistance from a defensive Amarrian fleet but managed to hold the field;it failed however, by losing the primary objective, a providence-class freighter piloted by Armast Darkar which was destroyed with all invasion assets in tow.

Survivors of this battle, sympathizers that condemn the violent actions taken on Kahah III, and Ammatar seeking independence have enlisted into this cell to make a difference. Armast Drakar has established himself as a voice of independence for the Ammatar, but has had his political efforts crippled by being officially flagged as a heretic by the Amarr Empire. News of this was delivered by the grandmaster of The Order of St. Tetrimon, Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon, who appeared in the Thebeka system in an Apostle-class carrier on December 19th and said this directly to Armast in the local FTL channel:

“Let us be clear, Darkar, you are attained as a heretic and are no longer Ammatar in the eyes of God, Empress or any other would be loyal.”

  • Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon
    [From logs compiled by Arradina Varren]

The station anchored by the Ghosts has been a target for Amarrian Capsuleers. Despite there being no officially declared motive for the complex, PIE have already declared a CONCORD sanctioned war on the Ghosts of Kahah and have besieged the complex repeatedly to its final timer with logistical assistance from Khimi Harar. Its final vulnerability phase on the 25th however would see no assault but instead the arrival of a fleet of tornados waving the banner of the Goonswarm Federation. Typically when pilots of Goonswarm are seen flying tornados in high-security space- there’s little for the imagination to think about.

However, ZANIE reached out to the pilot Arrendis, a member of Goonswarm who has been frequenting Thebeka and any discussions related to the ongoing crisis. Details of their involvement became much clearer and came off as vaguely honorable even. When asked “Why did Goonswarm get involved?” - Arrendis had this to say:

“First, it’s important to stress that Goonswarm didn’t. RepSwarm, an Imperium Special Interest Group, got involved because experienced combat alliances were using so-called neutral logi to beat on a 2-man mining corp that made the mistake of taking a political stand without knowing just how unprepared they were to defend it. ‘Neutral’ logi is nothing of the sort. It’s a way to avoid really committing to a war, and evade any reprisals from your targets.”

“We came to Thebeka to provide a deterrent against that sort of unethical behavior. We’re glad that Khimi Harar have opted to make their stance official and allow for their enemies to hit back. We’re also glad that both Khimi Harar and PIE have apparently decided to spare the structure and maybe even allow it to unanchor peacefully. RepSwarm’s job is to preserve life, and that’s what we hope to have achieved here.”

  • Arrendis Culome - SIG lead of RepSwarm

Curious to find out more about the intended use of this structure and the Ghosts’ motives to be out here, the reporter talking to Amast asked what exactly was going on - Armast had this to say:

“The Ghosts of Kahah intended to only support the rebels on the surface after consultation with Samira Kernher, who possesses knowledge specific to the fighting inside of the Holding under the administration of Lord Khalil Numayr. PIE’s declaration of war and escalation of hostilities in space prevented even a preliminary meeting from taking place.”

  • Armast Darkar

Mojemi Jaira

Mojemi Jaira Astrahus Is owned by Cail Avetatu, which ZANIE is led to believe is a offshoot sect of the Amarr Faith. Spearheading this sect is the Capsuleer Samira Kernher who is in Thebeka in support of the rebel forces.

Mojemi Jaira is a humanitarian outpost that is also providing limited military support to rebel forces planetside. Along with this is the consideration for the health and wellbeing of any Amarrian POWs in rebel hands. Samira Kerhner appears to have sympathy for both the Amarr forces and rebels fighting for their freedom. But upon further investigation it appears this matter is more personnel. A ZANIE reporter managed to get in contact with Samira and learn more about her motives when asking her what her mission here is.

This was her response:

“My facilities are mainly providing humanitarian support to any non-combatants and anyone wounded in the fighting, where we can. It’s also true that we’re helping the rebels. While this is my homeworld and I hate seeing violence here, it is proof of how much reformation needs to happen. Corruption and sin festers at the top levels of Amarr, for we gave them great power and freedom under the false hope that they had proven themselves responsible of it. Instead, they ignore and cover up their own abuses, even pardoning King Khanid, while they punish the lower classes and slaves on a whim or for crimes committed by people who died thousands of years ago. The enemies of the inside must be controlled. These enemies are not the people, as the upper classes have claimed, but themselves and their own unchecked sins."

  • Samira Kerhner

The citadel has been attacked by PIE forces, making this another structure assaulted by the Amarrians. In the case of this structure however, not even the shields were penetrated and the CONCORD sanctioned war between PIE and Cail Avetatu was briefly dropped before being oddly activated again by Samira Kernher herself.

Aegis 1

Pictured supplied by Aradina Varren

Anchored by the Aegis Militia, the Aegis 1 saw a rather quick demise compared to above mentioned structures. So quick, that it was in fact during the brief period of vulnerability between its anchoring and anchored phase that it was destroyed by pilots of Electus Matari and their friends. Given how the structure was in a high-security system, you’d wonder how anyone was able to legally attack the structure so quickly. It appears this was the result of Aegis Militia submitting a war declaration shortly after beginning the anchoring process. The war would begin and pilots of Aegis Militia and Electus Matari would be allowed to freely engage one another just after this one vulnerability window began.

Electus Matari wholeheartedly made the best out of this opportunity, and succeeded in destroying the Astrahus with a mixed Typhoon and Guardian fleet, versus Aegis Militia’s mostly long range Raven fleet.

Aegis Militia however entered Thebeka looking to aid the Amarr Empire, so the next question is; where was Aegis 1’s backup from pilots of other Amarr loyal organizations like PIE or Khimi Harar? Well the answer to that resides in a pile of controversy Aegis Militia made for themselves, after the “Khanid Hedge Knight” and Capsuleer Kithrus attempted to recruit a pilot with sympathetic viewpoints to Sansha’s Nation. The pilot in question is Evi Polevhia, a capsuleer belonging to the Phoenix Naval Systems (PNS) alliance, and formerly a committed member of the infamous True Slave Foundation, a corporation of Capsuleers loyal to Sansha Kuvakei’s twisted vision.

Kithrus’ pitch was leaked by Evi herself on the Intergalactic Summit (IGS). Capsuleers were either shocked, disgusted, or more often completely unsurprised at the lows Aegis Militia went to to bolster their roster ahead of deploying to Thebeka. Not helping their case is the rather dark justification Kithrus provides in his pitch for why Aegis would be recruiting Sansha sympathizers into their organization:

“Let me put it this way, if you experiment on our enemies I don’t give a damn. We may have a few, even PIE. Depends how they react to the roster. I want results, you provide them I don’t care how morality be damned.”

  • Kithrus

The actions taken here by Aegis Militia has effectively alienated themselves from the bloc of Amarrian allies. PIE forces didn’t not interfere when the citadel was besieged. Truly the Aegis Militia has had a rocky start trying to settle in Thebeka, and their current status is unknown.

Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris

Better known simply as PIE, the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris has played a significant role in Thebeka by being the most well organized and militarily prepared group of Capsuleers coming to the aid of the Amarr Empire. As one can tell from reading about previous structures, PIE has been no stranger to going on the offensive and besieging assets of the various rebel supporters in Thebeka.

However what appears to be overt and blind zealous aggression is actually a series of reasonably tactical choices given the sensitivity of the situation in Thebeka. ZANIE has managed to get in contact with PIE Lord Admiral Gaven Lok’ri for more information. PIE’s involvement here is no mystery given the fevered devotion PIE has had to the Empire since its founding; they’re here purely to look out for the Empire above all and are not taking any risks with protecting her. The decisions to attack and declare war on Cail Avetatu, SOE Roughriders, and The Ghosts of Kahah were made due to key figures involved with each group having earned a KOS status from PIE well before the events of Thebeka. Amast Darkar aided Ushra’Khan forces in a invasion of Kahah III, Elsebeth Rhiannon has a good track record of expressing anti-amarr sentiments along with being present at the attempted invasion of Kahah III, and Samira Kernher collaborated with Capsuleer Mizhara Del’thul to perform a terrorist attack on the assets of Alar Chakaid on Zirsem V. When asked point blank if PIE’s policy was shooting first and asking question later - the Lord Admiral said this:

“We aren’t operating on a shoot first and ask questions later policy. We are operating on a policy in which we assume that those who have earned a kill on sight due to actions against the Amarr Empire are continuing to work against the Amarr Empire. Past militant action against Holy Amarr speaks far louder than their words ever could.”

  • Gaven Lok’ri

This quote more or less settles how PIE Is operating in Thebeka. Those that have previously become a threat to the Amarr Empire are being treated and seen as a threat to the Amarr Empire. New motives are a moot point when it comes one’s KOS status.

Khimi Harar

On team Amarr, made up of the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque and Sha’ha’dem Explorers is the recently formed alliance called Khimi Harar. Spearheading the alliance is SFRIM Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar, who’s perspective ZANIE was able to get some insight into. Khimi Harar has been another contributing force in providing relief to Imperial-loyal citizens, however instead of basing humanitarian work out of a citadel like other groups, SFRIM has set up small networks of mobile depots in orbit of Thebeka III. These mobile depots serve as storage for supplies and personnel, staging platforms, and command centers. From theses platforms, Khimi Harar coordinates efforts planetside., oOver a thousand logistical and medical specialists with an armed security detail ofin equal sized are present on Thebeka III. In space toohowever, Khimi Harar are putting in their fair share of support on the field by providing PIE with logistical support. However this only came after Armast Drakar and friends destroyed an Omen piloted by the Directrix, and began attacking and reinforcing their staging depots and citing that “CONCORD allowed it”. and tThus the Directrix informed her own pilots that they may do whatever CONCORD allows.

This brings us to a slice of controversy, with Khimi Harar being seen aiding PIE fleets with logistical vessels not flagged as legal targets to the Ghosts of Kahah, induring an official CONCORD war, between PIE and The Ghosts of Kahah. When asked about this and cross checking with Lord Admiral Gaven Lok’ri, SFRIM forces did in fact supply neutral logistics to PIE forces in an assault on on the Ammatar Independence Movement citadel. Both alliances then relocated to the system of Dresi to defend a PIE citadel previously reinforced by The Ghosts of Kahah and Mordor Industries Inc, who are reported to have brought their own neutral logistics in the form of three Nestors.

When asked directly for a mission statement, the Directrix responded with this:;

“Given the situation in Thebeka, and the call by the Empire for loyal capsuleers to assist, we deployed to do so."

  • Lunarisse Aspenstar

Mordor Industries inc.

A strange third party appeared in Thebeka and provided additional firepower to support The Ghosts of Kahah. Mordor Industries had a brief episode in Thebeka where they acted as the Ghosts of Kahah’s closet allies in the field. One would assume Mordor has some pre-existing relationship with Armast Darkar for them to been seen working together, but upon further investigation it appears Mordor Industries had no prior association with any party involved in Thebeka.

Managing to get in contact with the CEO Terra Stellari, ZANIE learned that Mordor’s involvement comes in the form of a word from a business partner that has been in contact with Armast. This middleman in the equation has remained classified, but Terra is open about her groups motives in Thebeka. No money swapped hands and Mordor Industries had no allegiance to either side and primarily got involved to make a difference. When asked what her corporation were planning by stepping into Thebeka, she had this to say

"I felt it would be an interesting engagement as well as provide a good learning opportunity for myself and my corpmates. It also felt nice to help a smaller group fight off a much larger one."

  • Terra Stellarii

According to Armast Darkar himself, Mordor’s involvement had been essential in some of the earlier engagements but has since pulled out of Thebeka. Gaven Lok’ri also commented that while the combined forces of Ghosts/Mordor were “less than coordinated” they had remarkable aggression when engaging members of PIE and Khimi Harar. Despite pulling out, Terra revealed that assets are still stored in system in case they decide to resume operations there.

By now ZANIE believes all things of note have been reported on. Should any new developments occur, ZANIE will be there to report on them.


I think this should deserve more than a click. Excellent job and lovely to see so much work put into it. From what I can tell, any mistakes or inaccuracies are so minor that they’re irrelevant or can be chalked up to simply perspective being what it is.

I’m curious why the one putting up a hundred percent more structures around Thebeka III than anyone else wasn’t included?
Edit: Also, it’s worth noting PIE (using neutrals in the P-N- or “Paine Corporation” corporation) has anchored an Astrahus around Thebeka. Fairly normal fit, albeit low on application and high on damage output. Current reff timer, 02:00 Saturday, coming Reff timer Friday 03:00 at the time of writing.

… since it seems we’re talking structures here.

I could have sworn it was a PNS affiliated drop. How wrong one can be.


It is easy to believe that the only news that matters is what comes out of the major alliances in deep null-sec, due to their constant posturing and propaganda. But … the world is made of stories large and small. It would be a barren place, if it wasn’t for small groups and individuals described herein, finding motivation and meaning to carry on.

Thanks ZANIE for taking the time to shed light on the smaller happenings, that so many larger groups would declare an irrelevant waste of time.


Council meeting for January - YC 121 Arrives

Nannaras X

January 1st YC 121

Before beginning, ZANIE would like to wish everyone–from Zaibatsu colonists to readers out there in New Eden–a Happy New Year.

That said, with YC 121’s arrival and the month of December ending , it’s time once again for the monthly council meeting between the Patriarch and the seven leaders of the CORE modules that make up the Zaibatsu. These meetings are to go over the month’s statistics and make plans for the new month ahead. Given how this month in particular means the start of a whole new year, some rather meaningful issues were discussed in the council meeting already held.

So without further ado, the highlight moments of the meeting.


Z-1SE2 is the serial number given by the Caldari State to one of the many landmasses on Nannaras X. Z-1SE2 is some distance off the eastern coast of Namiyo, were Hoiyori resides and now belongs to the Zaibatsu after a deal between the previous owners, the Ishukone Corporation, and the Stelmari Exchange. However, this was not the land the Zaibatsu initially wanted-- for those unaware, a number of months ago House Yaken made an unsolicited bid for X-ZFA12, a landmass off the western coast, tasked the Stelmari Exchange with making the deal happen.

The purchase of Z-1SE2 was no accident or mixup, and was entirely a conscious decision made by Exchange President Stelmari Oksasio after being unable to get Ishukone contacts to yield and sell them the land. We go now to this quote regarding his thinking in this situation.

“I see it has having two options… First Option? Return to the Patriarch with empty hands. Second option? Return him with filled one. As you can see I went with the latter, because ultimately they wanted more land so that’s what I brought back with me: land. Now, it ain’t no X-ZFA12, it’s sure as hell ain’t, but it’s a giant landmass to walk your two legs on that’s for sure… Hell, this land is cheaper and even a little bit bigger, so what’s the huge problem? It’s a little… eh, gnarly, but with a little elbow grease it will be some prime real estate.”

  • Stelmari Oksasio

When Stelmari refers to Z-1SE2 as being “gnarly”, he refersto the horrific condition the land is in. Z-1SE2 was a cheap dumping ground for other Ishukone Facilities on Nannaras X and third parties that paid a fee. Dumping here was a more cost effective and quicker alternative to ever launching waste into the nearest sun.

As such, Z-1SE2 is a swampland of broken machinery with vines made of wires and cords, and rivers of human waste and industrial fluids. In its current state, Z-1SE2 is in no way ready for any large scale construction projects. Instead, what’s first going to happen is a large scale clean-up operation to rid Z-1SE2 of any waste and recycle any scrap that can be of use. Responsibility of the clean-up operation is being given to Lucrative Excavations for their more “labor-minded workforce”. Already, there has been a slight uproar in Lucrative Excavations’ workforce in response, with some objecting to Monden Searbier’s supposed “spineless acceptance” of these orders.

One worker was even quoted saying this:

“What are we? The official trashmen of the Zaibatsu? They pulled the same ■■■■ back on Lirsuatton VI having us go around picking up litter and now, the Yakens are sending us to a literal waste dump to clean up for them while they sit back in their comfy ■■■■■■■ houses. For real, this is some ■■■■■■■■.”

  • Concerned worker of Lucrative Excavations

Experts estimate it could take an entire year before Z-1SE2 is cleaned up and ready for proper construction to begin. Until then, Lucrative Excavations, along with a security detail supplied by the Myrskytuuli Regiment, will be deployed to the landmass to commence work immediately. The comfort of the workers a serious concern however, with appropriate funding being given to Lucrative Excavations to acquire whatever gear or equipment they need to ensure the job is both sanitary and safe. Lucrative Excavations will also be allowed to utilize drone technology for those tasks which could be considered “inhumane” to ask of any worker. Information on what exactly is on Z-1SE2 is frankly limited, and new disgusting details are still being uncovered.

Professional Wrestling

The second Bejawl that capped off the end of YC 120 for the Zaibatsu ended with rather genuine approval from the population and the Patriarch himself who found the three hour performance to be “tasteful and entertaining at times”. The wrestling performance at the Bejawl on December 22nd showcased a collaborative effort from almost every creative department of the Studio and contained nothing overtly edgy, respectfully portraying both male and female wrestlers in a appropriate light and leaving attendees engaged and entertained. As such, the Patriarch has given the Studio more funding to expand their wrestling programs. That said, Auljam will not be able to establish an official Zaibatsu wrestling brand just yet, but is being given more faith and trust in his ambitions.

“I can’t believe we pulled we pulled it off! I-I-I mean I knew we could do it, but at the same time I’m shocked that we even did it, you know? Whatever, bottom line is that this is incredible; we’re not exactly at our full potential yet, but we ain’t gonna scoff at gaining some ground. These men and women who took part in the Bejawl show are eager and ready to make the best out of this trust given to us by the Patriarch and I can promise him–and the whole Zaibatsu–that this isn’t even the beginning, not even the prologue, but the damn birth of something great.”

  • Auljam Karvose

Related to this is wrestler Himiri Besi’s last-minute renewal of his contract with the Collaboration Studio. Himiri hinted in an article about this possibility in a interview, depending on how the Bejawl ended, and given the population’s general approval, it’s safe to say it was good enough for Himiri to continue work for the Studio.

External News

ZANIE recently released an article detailing the ongoing tensions in the Thebeka system, where a massive slave revolt is underway on the surface of Thebeka III. Capsuleers of the Amarr Empire are coming to the aid of Imperial forces trying to quell the rebellion, while Matari Capsuleers come to aid the rebels.

The article featured voices on all sides of the conflict in space, as well as a few neutral parties that are involved with their own motives. Once published, the article was overwhelmingly well received by all of these contributors and by many others who had no prior knowledge of the situation in Thebeka. It is thanks to this positivity that ZANIE is now looking more into the potential of expanding its range of news coverage. Currently, ZANIE’s focus is local stories related to the Zaibatsu, but Thebeka’s case was unique, given how the Zaibatsu were only initially operating in Thebeka as a neutral third party conducting the inspection of two freeport citadels suspected of being used to achieve the goals of the Angel Cartel.

The inspection was unable to find anything, despite their exhaustive search of the facilities. This inspection was also cut short after a Caldari Militia Capsuleer brought in other pilots of said militia, not originally Involved with Thebeka, to besiege the two freeports. A ceasefire was later called by the owners and the structures are being unanchored at this time. Regiment forces that went to inspect the freeports have already been called back and returned to their original duties.

For YC 121, ZANIE will be keeping a closer eye on Capsuleer activity in search of any breaking stories. Local news will remain the primary focus of the News Institute, but we will not shy away from doing a service to the wider cluster and reporting on some of the countless events in space when the chance arises


Interview: Elsebeth Rhiannon

Thebeka - Freedom’s Gate

December 4th YC 121

ZANIE is digging in and continuing the coverage of the Thebeka crisis currently underway. Not to overshadow the other four massive slave revolts currently underway in Amarrian territory. Thebeka however has become a special case as Independent Capsuleers of both the Empire and Republic have centralized in this system and are trying to sway the ongoing rebellion on Thebeka III in favor of the rebels, or Imperial forces.

ZANIE previously published and article reporting on the current Capsuleer organizations in Thebeka, as well as a quick rundown of some of the events that transpired with their arrival. Now, in an attempt to continue the coverage but keep the content fresh, ZANIE is planning to release several interviews featuring voices from both sides, as well some neutral figures. To start this off, ZANIE has made contact with Elsebeth Rhiannon of Electus Matari once again and asked her if she willing to participate. She agreed.

Out in the field, we have ZANIE’s new improvised external report team. Made up of the personal that accompanied the Inspection crew sent to Thrbeka to conduct a search of two questionable freeports. Leading this team is Kalto Moxin, who was the given honor of coming aboard Freedom’s Gate, an Astrahus citadel serving as a staging base for Electus Matari forces in the system. The two would meet in hangar bay Delta-2 to have the following conversation.

"Today, I find myself being a guest aboard the Electus Matari staging Astrahus and have the honor with speaking with the commander of this station - Elsebeth Rhiannon. Elsebeth, thank you for setting aside the time to speak with me."

"I am happy to have the opportunity."

"As am i…Rather huge upgrade for me to be talking face to face with a Capsuleer…But enough about that, I want to go ahead and start and ask more about who you are. See, we are currently in the middle of a warzone…I may be over-hyping the situation in space saying that, but the tensions here are so critical that personal identity no longer matters and each side only cares about what uniform you’re wearing and what flag you’re waving. We, and the Cluster already knows the answer to both those questions - but what we don’t know is who exactly you are as a individual in all this. So I ask you, who is Elsebteh Rhiannon?

“Who is any of us, but our associations? I am, like you said, the commander of this station. I am the CEO of SoE Roughriders. I am one of the first directors of Gradient, and a long-term member of Electus Matari. I’m Rhiannon, from Mikramurka, Matar. I am not, to be honest, sure what that question means.”

“It’s a question I ask because you can see both sides profiling the other…The Amarr are looking at the rebels and Matari supporters as barbarians insighing wide-scale violence while the Matari are looking at the Amarrians as brainwashed zealots…By asking a question like that I aim to cut past the allegiances - past the politics - and show anyone who ends up reading this conversation whole you really are, and not the caricature. However if it’s your allegiance you identify with, I cant hold that against you.”

"I am free-born Sebiestor of a high-class trade and investment clan, born and raised to take over the clan operations. I would see myself through my contacts."

“Sounds like the perfect background for someone who ends up becoming a Capsuleer…Exactly how long have you been a Capsuleer?”

"Almost from the beginning of the indie line. I got my license from Pator Tech in 03/106. It was the craze then… we all tested for compatibility and all applied who could. Considered it our patriotic duty… Well. I suppose it was."

“That’s certainly a long time ago…Its safe to say you know your way around New Eden…But when you say you consider this your patriotic duty, I take it that means you’ve always been loyal to the Republic were many others deviated from their nations to forge a new in the NULL security regions."

“I. <pauses> I said I did consider it such, when I first applied. Certainly that was always a big thing for me… And it is, obviously, still the purpose of Electus Matari.”

“Which brings us to the next topic - Electus Matari. So far it seems Electus Matari has been a significant factor in supporting the rebels and taking a fight to Amarrian Capsuleers up here in space…I’m just a spectator however, so i wanna ask you - someone who’s actively participating in the conflicts - how things are going for Electus Matari and their efforts to help rebel forces"

“I cannot unfortunately answer operational questions beyond what has been published in status updates on the IGS and public killboards.”

"Then allow me to ask a question that’s more related to your perspective of current events…Kahah III sparked something in the hearts of the Matari people, not just the massive revolts on multiple worlds or the Republic Capsuleers coming in. But you got voices in the Ammatar Mandate calling for defection and the Republic itself stepping up border security, teasing at a bigger conflict. From your perspective, do you have an idea of how this all gonna end? Will this fizzle out and become another footnote in New Eden’s history and the next day is just business as usual, or do you think something is gonna be changing after the smoke clears?”

“Well, one can never be certain, right? But I can say for sure that I would not become involved in operations in the Amarr and Khanid heartlands if I did not believe this could be a spark to more than a footnote in a history book.”

“But the question is what could potentially follow after this, as mentioned, the Republic has propped up a blockade in response…But something I’m curious about is if this is the only move the Republic could make with CONCORD in play here. Do you think the Republic is just protecting their borders and allowing loyal Capsuleers to handle the Thebeka situation or would you say they’re some temptation on their end to buck CONCORD and move in.”

“In general, my personal understanding is that the Republic has always been more about playing time than about a lasting peace with the Enemy. The ‘big one’, the real hot war with the Empire will come, eventually. Ideally, it will come at a time when we are as strong as possible, and the Empire is as weak as possible. These rebellions, if they spread, will weaken the Empire in any case. Their internal strife weakens them. It might be a better move to just watch the show, and strike later. It is certainly a better move than it has been to watch the Militia wars weaken us relative to them. So yes. Definitely there is temptation to do more. There is always that temptation. The waiting game takes a lot of patience and many uncomfortable sacrifices. Most Matari would welcome and end to it, come hell or high water… But whether the Tribal Council thinks that going full-out this time makes strategic sense, I cannot say.”

“I see…Well, I appreciate giving me your opinion in the situation. Now I want your opinion on another subject. @Alar_Chakaid, Sa-Baron of Zirsem V and a rather central figure in this whole debacle, played an infamous role at Kahah III and has made himself involved in discussions by Capsuleers. I imagine you’re not quite fond of Alar, but what do think his angle is in all of this?”

“No, I’m indeed not a fan. I’m surely everyone has a favorite theory of the Sa-Baron, but my personal take is a rather mundane one: I think he’s a power hungry Khanid noble who does not hesitate to use anything and everything to use anything and everything to strengthen his position in the court and weaken the Amarr influence the King. Whether he was actually behind the initial Deathglow attacks and in league of the Blooders, who knows, but at least he has no qualms of using the situation to strengthen his own public image.”

"Weaken the Amarr influence? What exactly do you mean by that?”

“I mean that it does seem to me that Chakaid’s dream is a strong Khanid Kingdom, separate from the Empire. He is not stupid, and his actions and his words are pretty much designed to set the Kingdom and the Empire - and maybe specifically Ardishapur and Khanid - at odds. The harshness of the treatment of the rebellion was most definitely not only aimed at the rebels; it was also a message to other Amarr vassals about what extents the Kingdom can and will go to. It’s basically an invitation - “what are you gonna do about it?’ And the more… genuinely religious… parts of the Empire will lose no matter what they do: interfering with the Kingdom would be trouble, but not interfering will increase the influence of the Sa-Baron and his ilk.”

"So Kahah III was less of a “Amarr Vs Matari” conflict, but more of a Amarr vs Matari vs Kahnid one in a sense…Now I have one final question - you’re a busy woman, clearly. And the amount of activity in this hanger, as well as the size of the cannon strapped to that ship over there proves that. But I want to ask about the Caldari and Gallente, yes they’re irrelevant to Thebeka, but that’s exactly my point. While Capsuleers to these nations may have weighed in with their 2 kredits. Neither empire has any Capsuleer representation in Thebeka as far as I know. With the exception of a brief appearance of a Caldari force besieging two freeports owned by a questionable third party…But i wanna ask if you prefer this conflict remained between your people and the Amarr, or would Electus Matari welcome Federal supporters to jump in and pitch in?”

“Frankly, at this point there’s very few supporters I’d not welcome. The situation is a very annoying stalemate, and the loser in wars of attrition is always the smaller party, which we obviously very definitely are, fighting Amarr in their own territory. It’s a little bit of a complicated situation though with Fed allies among capsuleers… things have not been the same since Colelie. There’s definitely still some bad blood, and while I have found my way of moving on, I cannot blame people who have not.”

“Very well then…Ms.Rhiannon - Elsebeth - I thank you for allowing me to come aboard Freedom’s Gate and allowing me to speak to you. By chance to you have any closing remarks? Anything we didn’t touch that you’d like to mention? Some message to the readers? The floor is yours for this final moment.”

“I would just simply say thank you to all allies and friends, sisters and brothers, who have been in this with us. There have been so many people, coming together from so many different walks of life. The usual suspects and visible faces, yes, but also many who have chosen to go silent and without glory. Warriors and leaders, yes, but also those who ferry food and water, comfort children separated from their parents, tend to the sick and wounded, and open their homes for those who have never had one. I am Marked a speaker of words and keeper of traditions, but so many people live those words: ‘rise up’ and ‘never again’ and ‘welcome home’. No matter what future brings, I will always be grateful for having had the honor to be part of this network."

“Inspiring words, it was truly an honor to have this chance to speak with you. Good luck out there.”


Interview: Kalaratiri

Thebeka - Adriel

January 8th YC 121

After sharing a conversation with Elsebeth Rhiannon of Electus Matari, ZANIE has moved on to the next name on the list of figures to meet with and discuss the ongoing crisis in the Thebeka system.

This time around, ZANIE field reporter Kalto Moxsin has managed to make contact with a third party that came to Thebeka to provide humanitarian support to both sides of the conflict. Two freeports were erected to provide this aid, but legitimacy was brought into question by the public due to the owners having ties to the Angel Cartel. A plan was made for a neutral third party to step in and conduct the search and it ended up being none other than the Raata Zaibatsu - This would be the Zaibatsu’s first involvement in Thebeka before ZANIE started covering the ongoing events.

The owner of these structures is the Capsuleer Kalaratiri, and Kalton Moxin has been given the chance to sit down and discuss her new involvements in Thebeka after Caldari Militia forces briefly inserted themselves into Thebeka to besiege the two freeports during the Zaibatsu’s inspection - which was yielding no evidence of malicious goals. Zaibatsu forces evacuated and were unable to conclude the search, the freeports were spared after Kalaratiri struck a deal with attacking forces to un-anchor the structures - This deal was followed up on, but unfortunately the attackers did not state in their agreement that the pilot would cease operation in Thebeka, only unanchor the freeports. As such, Kalaratiri is back, having anchored an astrahus for a new purpose.

In order to find out more, we turn to the transcript of the conversation the two shared.

"Today, I have the pleasure of being aboard the newly, and controversially, anchored citadel in Thebeka - Adriel. An Astrahus-class Citadel owned by the Capsuleer “Kalaratiri”, who’s sitting right across from me. Kalaratiri, thank you for having me - normally I’d start off by asking how you’re feeling, but I feel it’s more appropriate if I start off asking what exactly is going on here? You started off with two freeports aimed at providing humanitarian care for any side in the conflicts and now you’ve returned after fulfilling your agreement. "

It’s nothing too complicated. The Raitarus Hesediel and Jegudiel were taken down after negotiations with the aggressors, and now Adriel has been erected for a different purpose.

“But what purpose exactly? Are you starting to swing for one side of the conflict? Simply interfering with select parties? Or a new motive that contradicts the humanitarian motive you’ve previously came to Thebeka with?”

Well, I can’t say too much or I’d be giving the game away. I can say I’m not attempting to be humanitarian any more.

"I wanna come back to this, but first I think it’s urgent that we address the titan in the hanger before doing so…See what I did there? Capsuleers - titans? Anyway, when you first came to Thebeka with a humanitarian motive it was met with doubt from both sides given that you have some ties to the Angel Cartel. Now allow me to say we’re not judging you, simply asking and allowing you to set the record straight on the subject of your allegiances or sympathies. So the direct question is “Are you a sympathizer of the Angel Cartel?” To be blunt. If yes, could you go into detail as to exactly why? Or are these ties purely a business relationship.”

“More than a sympathizer, I answer directly to a Domination, when he calls. Despite that, my exact status with the Cartel is complicated. They very, very rarely accept Capsuleers publicly. It’s probably best described as me choosing to align myself with the Cartel, the Guardians in particular, while they, at an official level, pretend I don’t exist. This arrangement suits us both fine. As for why, the Cartel has always been most welcoming on a personal level. They gave me a family when I didn’t have one.”

“So this isn’t a business relationship, thus your association isn’t about currency? To you have some duty to fulfill for the cartel? Or to streamline all those questions, when you take orders from the higher ups, why do you carry them out? What’s your motivation aside from seeing family in the Cartel?”

“Does there need to be more?”

"In a manner of speaking, yes, As I said, I wanted to come back to the subject of your new motive in Thebeka… When you first came, you claimed to have an honorable goal in mind for why you’re putting up assets worth millions of ISK in orbit of Thebeka III. The public doubts them due to your association with the cartel - And forgive me if I’m assuming how you think, but I imagine you’re thinking “Why should I care what the public thinks?” That’s not what I’m asking to figure out - What I’m trying to figure out is what are you here for this second time around? Are you here to fulfill some arrangement for the Cartel? A blunt example fulfilling the fear other Capsuleers had and trying to take advantage of the crisis to acquire slaves for the cartel? Or is all this gonna be kept between you and the Capsuleers who thought they could run you out of town? Who’s the target in the crosshairs here? And if you don’t want to be specific, I’ll take a single word answer of either Capsuleer or Baseliners.”

“I have no interest in taking anybody from the planet. I didn’t before and I don’t now.”

“Your response holds merit as the Myrskytuuli Regiment inspectors assigned to check your freeports for any signs of foul play didn’t turn up any evidence to suggest you were interested in keeping any of the locals. Albeit the search was cut short after the Caldari Militia showed up all of a sudden, but I digress. So this is about the other Capsuleers? If you still don’t have interest in taking any of the planetside population and are no longer interested in providing humanitarian support, then you must be here for the Capsuleers. What else is up here in Thebeka? Now I ain’t asking for you to give me a list of your targets, but what is this about? Just, you’re done playing nice and are playing the troublesome pirate they want you to be?”

“There’s a lot of potential reasons for me to remain in Thebeka; some of them might even be accurate. Simply, I’m here because it’s where I want to be right now.”

“Well I wouldn’t exactly call Thebeka the most ideal place to have a vacation if you’re here for the scenery.”

“I certainly have been enjoying the view. It’s a very pretty planet.”

“With all due respect…Your determination to remain vague about your goal is troublesome. I understand the meaning “op sec” and I’m not here asking for your fleet doctrines or what kind of hardware you’re bringing in, I’m wanting to get a clear cut answer as to what you’re here for the second time around. I thank you for inviting me here and allowing me talk, but I feel as if you don’t want answer the question I’m presenting to you directly.”

“My apologies, I’m not intending to be unreasonably vague. My intentions in Thebeka are… I suppose you could say “pleasure, not business”. I’m here to test myself and others, to keep things interesting .”

"So is this no longer about Thebeka III and the ongoing conflict planetside? Or would you still have interest in it? A preferred outcome for example."

“I’ve never taken one side or another in the conflict on the ground. But no, this is not about Thebeka III.”

“Very well then, I’ll leave it at that. To change gears, can I ask about the crew on this citadel? Are workers here locals to Thebeka or Amarrian space like the personnel aboard your previous freeports?”

“I honestly haven’t really checked. I expect most of them are locals to the system and Empire, maybe the couple of systems around Thebeka at the furthest. I left crew hiring to my own employees.”

"But can you confirm for us that some of the staff aboard your citadel are military personnel? I.E Mercenaries? Or is it entirely composed of civilian level staff - and a security detachment."

“I honestly don’t know. Probably some sort of security? There’s no military under my direct employment at least.”

“Very well then, I’ll leave it at that - Now I have one final question for you to wrap this up, and forgive me if this one ends up being a dud - But what does the name @Alar_Chakaid mean to you? Sa-Baron of Zirsem V and prominent figure of controversy during the Kahah III incident. Ground zero for what would be the chain reaction that is Thebeka III and the other massive revolts going on in Amarrian Borders - And during a previous interview I had the pleasure of having with Elsebeth Rhiannon, she pointed out that this was a Khanid Lord trying to step out of Amarrian influences in the Kingdom. What are your thoughts of this individual? Is this man just a pissant trying to out shitpost immortal demigods on a message board, or would you say there’s something larger in play here?"

“Chakaid is an interesting man. Anyone willing to directly insult Capsuleers on their own turf is either extremely stupid or supremely confident. Whether he is backed up by the Kingdom, the Empire, or some other player, he certainly seems confident in his own position and his backer’s ability to protect him. This alone makes him worth watching in my opinion.”

“An intriguing remark…I thank you for having me Kalaratiri, it was an honor to speak to you - In fact, I’d like to personally thank you for this promotion. If you never anchored those two freeports and gave the Zaibatsu to come out here - I’d wouldn’t be covering this Thebeka story. Enough about me though, before we go I wanna open the floor to you for one final remark, anything you feel worth commenting on that we didn’t cover, or if you have any message to the wider public…either being encouraging or intimidating. You also have the option to opt out of this final moment if you prefer.”

“I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s made a showing in Thebeka so far, and to encourage anyone watching to jump in as well. It really is the season’s hottest location.”

“I still doubt this system being a vacation spot, but that works, thank you. And thank you once again for speaking with me. I uh…Wish you luck out there…I guess. Thank you.”


Interview: Gaven Lok’ri

Thebeka - Arx Adolis

January 11th YC 121

Having spoken with a prominent figure swinging for the rebels and a hearing a voice not affiliated with either side, it’s now time ZANIE got in touch with a Capsuleer representing the Amarrian Empire.

Lord Admiral of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE), Gaven Lok’ri was the person of interest ZANIE had in mind to get some insight of the Amarrian side of the affairs. The Lord Admiral is a fiercely devoted loyalist to the Amarrian Throne who’s been an essential component of the war effort for Amarrian Capsuleers in the system. Lord Lok’ri is also a seasoned veteran in the league of Capsuleers, who’s career stretches back to YC 106 and has served the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris for his entire career up to the present day.

Kalto Moxin was given access to the recently anchored Astrahus-class citadel, Arx Adolis, were he was granted an audience with the Lord Admiral.

We go now to a transcript of their conversation

“Today I am aboard the Arx Adolis, a Astrahus-class citadel owned by the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris…Or PIE for short…Sitting across from me is the Lord Admiral of PIE, Gaven Lok’ri. Gaven, erm…Lord admiral eh… Apologies my lord, forgive my ignorance, but what would you prefer I address you as?”

“Lord Lok’ri is entirely acceptable. We have only just met, after all, so certainly do not know each-other well enough for informality.”

“Right, apologies then Lord Lok’ri…I like to start off by asking about who you are - a Capsuleer devoted to the Amarr Empire, obviously. But what can you tell me about yourself aside from that?”

“First, and foremost, I view myself as a lifelong servant of Amarr dedicated to the defense of the Amarr people. At this point, I have two major roles. The first of these is my role as Admiral of PIE and Co-Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order. I am quite proud of the work we have done to defend Amarr over the last 15 years. Second, I am a Holder with an estate and family on Oris. In this capacity, I am a vassal of the Emperor Family, with all the rights and obligations that come with the role.”

“Well…I have to admit that you’re the most prestigious figure I’ve ever spoke with in my career, can’t say I’ve met someone with a resume like that before…But, flattery aside I do want to talk about your service with your alliance and how I find it impressive that you’re one of the early generation of independent Capsuleers and you’ve remained a part of PIE’s roster for your entire career up to this point…Having remained at the side of the Empire for so many years I’m willing to bet you’ve seen it all by now. Every blight that has had a negative effect on the Empire today is just a new version of a previous issue.”

“Certainly. And there is a value to having “seen it all,” as you say. With enough history and experience very little that happens is surprising. One example of this is that I believe I was the first to point out the similarity of the initial two terrorist attacks against Rens and against my wife’s estate on Oris with the Blood Raider attack on Mabnen in YC107, a parallel that is much more obvious now that these more recent attacks have spread to such an incredible scale. But being unsurprised by new threats is unfortunately not enough to contain them. The last decade has seen relentless attacks on the Faith and on the Amarr People, and I will openly admit that these are troubling times. Amarr is strong and will survive them, but all of the Faithful have a great deal of work to do if we are going to ever succeed in defeating the enemies outside of Amarr and controlling the enemies within it. The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order is but a small force when measured against the enormity of the threats that Amarr faces, though fortunately we are not alone in that task, by any means.”

“Mabnen though…I think I learned about that before I got into journalism. Blood raiders released Insorum into the atmosphere of Mabnen I, curing one of the largest slave populations in the Empire of their Vitoc dependency and giving them a chance to revolt…Reports were a little nightmarish I might add, but that became the start of a - no pun intended - bloodier conflict with the Blood Raiders as the Empire declared war on the cult and focused all their military efforts on eradicating their presence in The Bleak Lands. Even making the historic decision to officially collaborate with Independent Capsuleers to get the job done. The Amarr succeeded and refugees of the cult traded a large amount of assets to Band Of Brothers for a constellation in Delve…We’re talking about the same series of events, right?”

“Yes. What your narrative here misses is that the Blooders didn’t just release Insorum in YC107. They released something that caused a population to go crazy over night. Insorum was part of the cocktail, but a Vitoxin cure alone would not have caused planetary revolt. The more recent deathglow+Insorum cocktail that has been used in the attacks of the last six months is clearly developed from the same premise. The main difference is the larger number of attacks this time around and the rather peculiar targeting priorities.”

"Could you elaborate further on these peculiar targeting priorities you speak of?"

“The first two minor attacks were against Rens and Oris. Those were clearly personally targeted attacks aimed at my family and Samira Kernher’s family. Those attacks both immediately followed an exchange in which Sa-Baron Chakaid threatened both Samira and myself with execution. The first planetary scale attack seems to have been aimed at Queen Zidarez of Khanid, who is known as a force for rooting out corruption among the Khanid. The most recent attack hit several planets, but notably one of them was the former home of Samira Kernher, echoing the first attack.”

“You mentioned someone I wanted to ask you about, the Sa-Baron of Zirsem V and a rather controversial figure that first appeared on the Intergalactic Summit around the time of these strikes against your family, was highly relevant at the Kahah III rebellion, and seemingly has been a minor voice in the most recent outbreak of revolts. This man appears, and all these events follow. You’re a man who takes things seriously, I can see that, you don’t have the patience to talk conspiracy theories with a media rep of all people. But at very least, I want you to humor me for a moment Lord Lok’ri. Is this man’s sudden appearance in the Capsuleer community just a coincidence? Or do you have any suspicions about the Sa-Baron’s motives? Or to just ask you a less shady question, what does the name Alar Chakaid mean to you?”

“Chakaid’s appearance is not sudden. He has been the active voice for Khanid since the Succession Trials several years back. In threads concerning those trials, he publicly and aggressively defended the selection of the open Blood Raider supporter Edeity as one of the Khanid potential champions. In the threads discussing that travesty of an heir selection, more than two years ago, Chakaid’s primary antagonists were Samira Kernher and myself. At the time I accused Chakaid of either being woefully incompetent or being a Blood Raider sympathizer himself, as one of the two was required for Edeity to have been selected. There is not sufficient evidence to link him personally to the terrorist attacks, but it is quite clear that they have focused on people Chakaid has long standing disagreements with in a way that cannot be random. It is certainly possible that someone wants it to seem like he is responsible. He is, at best, malicious, mendacious, and incompetent. His active attempts to make these terrorism induced uprisings into a political attack on House Ardishapur and on Amarr of Matari descent are a clear attack on the stability of Amarr.”

“A previous interview I had the pleasure of having with the Capsuleer Elsebeth Rhiannon suggested that Alar is trying to weed out Amarrian influences in Khanid courts. Not to mention how Federal news outlets are suggesting the Amarr need to “reel in their vassal state”…What do you say to that? Again, you’re not someone to dabble in conspiracy theories, I get that - but is this all some publicity stunt work. Or would you say that he is indeed trying to stick it to the Empire in favor of the interests of the Kingdom?”

“I would consider him more likely to be working against both Kingdom and Empire and in his own interests than to be directly working for either.”

“Against the Kingdom? You’re implying he’s going rogue or is he simply manipulating current events for some gain?”

“Well, let us look at his actions. 1. He actively recruited a known Blood Raider into the Holy Succession Trials. 2. Attacks linked to Blood Raiders happened to target his personal enemies. 3. He landed on Kahah and immediately starts bragging about the amount of carnage his paramilitary organization was causing, leading to the current state of tension between the Empire and Republic. 4. He releases a series of statements that blame the Ammatar and Ardishapur for attacks that there is no evidence whatsoever linking them to. So he has effectively created a internal political crisis in the Empire between Khanid and Ardishapur and an external crisis between Amarr and the Minmatar and Gallente. At the same time he has made the Khanid military look incompetent and brutal by his bragging about casualties at Kahah. None of this seems to be designed to serve Khanid well.”

“I feel like this is a good segways into another topic I wanted to bring up. Armast Drakar, now I’m not behind the on the news behind this figure in particular - the man is an official heretic in the eyes of the Empire - but what I’m talking about is what got him this label in the first place. Hailing from the Mandate this Capsuleer came out condemning the Kahah III incident up to the point where he is piloting a freighter loaded with invasion assets with a fleet of Ushra’khan ships at his side…After the smoke clears of a botched operation he becomes a voice for independence, calling for other Ammatar to defect. Now I’m not here to ask if you support the man’s notion - I imagine you think it’s incredibly foolhardy already. What I want to know is if you think the negative sentiment this has left on people of the Mandate will become anything larger. Armast being declared a heretic undoubtedly dealt a blow to his rhetoric, but before that official decree you could see some - albeit small time- community figures in Mandate find merit in Armast call to action…What do you think?"

“Armast could not have played more effectively into Chakaid’s hands if he was doing it on purpose. That said, between the formal decision to declare him a heretic and his defeat by PIE and LUMEN in Thebeka, I do not think he will have a lasting effect.”

“Speaking of LUMEN, are you able to comment on them? I believe they first came to Thebeka to provide support planetside in a humanitarian capacity but eventually began aiding PIE in military options in space. Could you put to words their effect on the Thebeka situation?"

“LUMEN have done a really impressive job rising to the occasion to defend the Empire from the groups that threaten our stability. I am proud to have fought beside them and am quite impressed by their efforts.”


“Excellent, now you’re busy man and we’ve exchanged plenty of words already. So I’m gonna ask one final question before we wrap this up. In my conversation with Elsebeth we had a moment were we discussed the potential for these revolts to escalate into something more meaningful and have a larger impact on New Eden…However when I look at the Amarrian side of this conflict I can’t help but feel the Empire just wants this clamped down on and controlled for business to carry on as usual. Would you say that’s the best outcome from everything? Not just Thebeka and the other rebellions, but Kahah III also for that matter. Should something change in from these series of events?”


“The Blood Raiders behind the attacks need to be found and eliminated and the foreign and domestic elements who have encouraged warfare on Amarr worlds need to be exposed and removed as threats. And since you mentioned her, people like Elsebeth need to start respecting the treaties signed between our nations rather than openly flaunting international law through acts of war committed on Amarr soil. Electus Matari may have the legal right to be in Amarr space, just as PIE has the legal right to declare war and remove them from that space, but they certainly do not have the legal right to land soldiers and weapons on an Amarr world and to abduct Imperial subjects. It is far past time for order to be restored and for people to get back to their lives of service to God and Amarr.”

“I’ll leave it at that, as I said that was the final question…Though I suppose this counts as a question - Do you have any final remarks Lord Lok’ri? At the end of these interviews we wanna give guests a chance to just get one last remark in before we concludes these talks. You can talkabout something you we wish we brought up or you can put out a message to anyone reading this once our conversation goes live…The floor is yours my lord."

“I believe we have covered most of the issues. On behalf of the Excubitoris Chapter, I would like to thank the many loyal Amarr who have stepped up to help in these troubling times. May God be with us all.”

“Alright - Lord Lok’ri it was an honor to speak with you as well as meet you in person, and I wish you luck out there."


Base of operations established on the beaches of Z-1SE2

Nannaras X

January 15th YC 121

Personnel of Lucrative Excavations and the Myrskytuuli Regiment have established a base of operations on the beaches of Z-1SE2 to coordinate the cleanup efforts.

Z-1SE2 is the Zaibatsu’s newly-purchased landmass that was originally used as a cheap dumping ground by the Ishukone Corporation and other third parties on Nannaras X. Initially, the Zaibatsu sought out to purchase a different piece of land going by the serial number X-ZFA12 Stelmari Oksasio was left in charge of making this transaction happen, but unfortunately was unable to do so. Ultimately, he settled for Z-1SE2 that he might return to the Patriarch with something to show. This alternative - while vastly cheaper - is a disgusting junkyard of a swamp that could very well take a year to fully clean up. Under its past ownership, garbage would be airlifted over the island and dropped indiscriminately for quick and easy disposal. Lucrative Excavations is being handed the responsibility of spearheading the cleanup efforts,with a detachment of Myrskytuuli Regiment personnel as protection.

By now the, workers of Lucrative Excavations have cleared the waste off the eastern coast and established a foothold on the beaches. Temporary housing has been set up to house personnel, equipment, services and utilities. The first order of business for workers on Z-1SE2 is to make their way around the island, prioritising reclaiming the beaches so that more bases can be constructed to house more personnel. Myrskytuuli Regiment will be conducting scouting operations of the island for two purposes: firstly to map out a strict perimeter for workers to operate in, and secondly to track down any wildlife. It is claimed that prior to this island’s designation as a dumping ground, it was ensured that there was no native wildlife. The Regiment will be investigating Z-1SE2 more closely to test the legitimacy of that claim. As per policies put in play by the Ohrion Conglomerate, the Regiment is on a tight leash and will be closely supervised. Under no circumstances is any soldier of the Regiment to use lethal force on any wildlife on Nannaras X, although exception has been made for self defence, and the Conglomerate will be supplied with body-cam footage from any incident involving the death of a wild animal. Soldiers are equipped with tranquilizers as well as a lethal backup in the worst-case scenario. Unprovoked lethal action will not be taken lightly and all parties involved will be swiftly punished once proven guilty. This protection of wildlife however will take an more active role, as soldiers have been informed to tranquilize, and extract any lifeforms they encounter. The Regiment are also being authorized to destroy nests or dens for purposes of extracting eggs or cubs. These creatures will be stored in preservation housing until their native land is sanitized. Due to the current toxic nature of Z-1SE2, some of the captured animals could be subject to euthanization if their health is extremely poor if they suffer from any crippling mutation.

Recyclable materials will be properly sorted and processed, so that they can be stored for the Zaibatsu’s use. It is noted that this can be a tedious process that can make an already lengthy cleanup project go slower. There is a desire however to make the best of this card the Zaibatsu has been dealt. Unsalvageable materials will be stored and prepared to be loaded onto a ship in order to be jettisoned into the sun. Useful cargo will be loaded onto barges and transported back to Namiyo and sorted accordingly.

There has been a reported drop in morale from the workers of Lucrative Excavations after being handed this assignment. This is being taken into consideration and the comfort of the workers is a matter of importance: proper funding has been set aside to acquire full-body equipment to keep workers clean and comfortable when working for long hours, as well as temporary housing with air purification filters in the vents to mitigate the stink of the island when relaxing or sleeping. Workers will be granted three consecutive days off each week to return to Namiyo to rest at home with family members. Ohrion menders will also be on-site for medical care both mentally and physically when the need arises. Fresh rations and water will be ferried out to Z-1SE2 on the same barges used to collect the garbage (containment will be sanitized thoroughly) when more supplies are needed.

Lucrative Excavations has also been given authorization to utilize drone technology to aid in the cleanup effort, albeit in a limited capacity. Drones are extensively regulated in the Zaibatsu, forbidden at a civilian level and used sparsely among the CORE modules. The Myrskytuuli Regiment have openings to utilize unarmed drones for reconnaissance operations, but in space it’s a different mater, where policy does allow the use of combat drone. Lucrative Excavations’ drones are utilitarian in design: they have a extremely limited range of functions and programming that allow them to pick up and drop off items. Their primitive design is intentional, minimizing the chance of deviancy. Drones will be inspected and tracked regularly

ZANIE will be on guard for any updates if they develop: stay tuned.


Assualt case between Stelmari Oksasio and Monden Searbier under investigation - Contraband found in Monden’s Office

Nannaras X

January 17th YC 121

A high level investigation involving Stelmari Oksasio and Monden Searbier is underway after an altercation between the two behind closed doors turned violent.

Occurring just last night, Stelmari was spotted entering Monden Searbier’s personal office in the wing jointly occupied by Ohrion Conglomerate and Lucrative Excavations’ desk workers in the administration capital of Hoiyori. Having been two hours before curfew, the building was nearly empty with Janitors and security personnel being the only remaining humans in the building. Desk workers staying late to get caught up with work is nothing unheard of, especially for a leader of one of the Zaibatsu’s COR E modules, so Monden Searbier’s presence in his office at this hour was met with no suspicion. A Myrskytuuli Regiment security guard by the name of Timil Bevel remained close and patrolled the area in order to be nearby when it was time to inform Monden his time was up and had to leave the building.

Roughly 30 minutes before Monden’s time was up, Exchange President Stelmari Oksasio paid a visit - his presence in the building was only made known 5 minutes prior, after front door security radioed in that Stelmari was allowed inside to recover something he had left in his office. Timil noticed Stelmari from a distance, but was unable to stop him from entering Monden’s office. Timil immediately set up guard outside Monden’s door after Stelmari closed it. Timil’s plan was to keep an ear out and just step in to inform the two when their time was up instead of just barging in and creating a scene.

Timil listened in to a conversation that escalated over time, with it supposedly becoming one sided near the end with Stelmari loudly berating and Monden occasionally speaking up to respond. It all came to an end however as Timil heard a loud bang and Monden shouting in pain - Timil intervened and found Stelmari standing over Monden Searbier, who was on the ground grabbing at the back of his head in agony. Stelmari turned and put his hands up and stepped out of the way for Timil to examine Monden’s condition; on further inspection he found Monden was bleeding from the back of his head. Backup was called in, firstly to detain Stelmari and secondly to transport Monden Searbier to an Ohrion Medical facility for examination. The Peacekeeper division were immediately made aware of the situation and have taken charge of investigating it further. Investigators spent the early morning examining the office for evidence of what happened, and have pieced together a plausible theory; their heated discussion ended with Stelmari shoving Monden, pushing him to the ground and banging his head on a hard kresh-wood dresser on the way down.

At a glance this case looks to be Stelmari simply stirring trouble, but, as Investigators have learnt while examining Monden’s office, there’s damning evidence to suggest Stelmari did this in self defense. On Monden’s desk was found an open bottle of scotch and partially full shot glass, and Monden’s physicians can confirm he was under the influence and heavily intoxicated. Peacekeepers handling the investigation have prohibited ZANIE from reaching out to either Stelmari or Monden for a comment while the investigation is still ongoing. ZANIE can comment however that Stelmari Oksasio and Monden Searbier have had a rocky relationship since the day they started working for the Zaibatsu, with neither one ever able to agree on subjects or co-exist in the same conversation without issue. This failure to work together has created its own problems previously, but now that the two are the main parties in an assault case their animosity towards one another needs to be severely put in check.

However, regardless of how this investigation turns out, Monden Searbier has a whole different problem to worry about, due to having a bottle of scotch in his personal office. To unaware readers: alcoholic beverages reside in a legal gray area to the Ohrion board of Health and Wellbeing as they’ve determined alcohol to a be substance that can be damaging both mentally and physically, but understand that when properly moderated alcohol can be a pleasant experience and enhance social encounters. As such it is legal to obtain alcoholic products to drink in the Zaibatsu, but only within the confines of a restaurant or other public building that has authorization to distribute the goods. Under no circumstances is alcohol to be taken out of these buildings and certainly never to be stored in one’s home or personal space (such as an office). Monden Searbier is an individual that has struggled with alcohol abuse long before being brought into the Zaibatsu. He is believed to have started as a means to cope with personal and financial issues with Lucrative Excavations, but even when he has been brought into a brighter future within the Raata Zaibatsu - he has continued to feed his addiction. While only one bottle has been found in Monden’s possession, investigators have been given authorization to search his entire office and personal quarters for any additional contraband.

In regards to the first matter between Stelmari and Monden Searbier, the profile of this case is considerable as the status of the two parties involved is as high can be. Once the investigation concludes, all material will be handed up to the Patriarch for him to make a call on how to best handle the situation.

ZANIE will report back when new updates develop.

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Semiki - Capsuleers rally to aid Zainou and Aliastra


January 23rd YC 121

Semiki IV - Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility

Turmoil has engulfed the Zainou Biohazard Containment facility in the orbit of Semiki IV, where an intruder with potential ties to the Lai-Dai corporation has infiltrated the station under false I.D and sabotaged several vital computer systems. These systems coverign a wide range of differnt functions Another - potentially related - crisis is underway, as a shuttle transporting staff from the Zainou facility to a nearby Aliastra Warehouse has been revealed to have been carrying a malicious file of malware that targets brain implants. The Warehouse’s network became compromised the moment the shuttle docked, and the malware started uploading itself onto the implants of staff members, causing extreme discomfort to anyone affected.

Due to a ban on implants, a virus like this poses no threat to the Zaibatsu’s population. However, it is a turn of events in New Eden that is intriguing. While the Zaibatsu is unable to involve itself physically, ZANIE’s external news team headed by Kalto Moxin has been sent to Semiki to get a perspective on the situation there. The official investigation is being handled by Ishukone Watch and information is being kept in house for the most part, so ZANIE is unable to even come close to getting in contact with them. Several Caldari aligned organizations made up of Capsuleers have deployed to Semiki to aid in repairs and the ongoing investigation. While they’re cooperating with officials, the Capsuleers are far more open about what’s happening on their end. While a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is in play here between several parties, they are revealing a bit of their operations.

First to arrive on scene we have the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED] who have long standing and credible ties to the father Corporation of both the Ishukone Watch and Zainou - The Ishukone Corporation itself. As per an announcement on the IGS made by the alliance’s Head Diplomat Julianni Avala, I-RED are deploying IT specialists and security personnel of the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch [O-WIR] to help out Ishukone Watch forces. At the same time, Commander of the Heiian Conglomerate [HECON] Edward Adams followed up Julianni’s announcement with a statement of his own about HECON deploying medical personnel and additional security units alongside I-RED’s; as well as welcoming anyone with ties to the Federation or Aliastra to come in and aid the efforts. Next to toss their hat in would be Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd [IKAME] led by Makoto Priano. Despite typically entering a project under the ARC banner, Makoto has involved just the founding corporation due to its direct association with Zainou. These three organizations currently act as the unofficial representatives for the Caldari State to the wider Capsuleer community. Despite sharing similar affiliations however, IKAME is acting independently from the I-RED/HECON cooperative. While there has been some tension between these two forces, it is suggested that both are coexisting smoothly for the sake of remaining productive at this troubling time.

Aside from the above mentioned groups, other Capsuleer organizations have mobilized their own assets to the Semiki system and each anchored their citadels around the Zainou Biohazard containment station. This is similar in fashion to Capsuleers during the Thebeka incident stationing citadels around Thebeka III. ZANIE’s external team in the field have reached out to all organizations in Semiki to get some insight on how they’re contributing to solving the ongoing crisis.

Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive And Heiian Conglomerate

I-RED/HECON staging citadel - “Conglomerate Observation Post”

As previously mentioned, I-RED and HECON were the first two representing forces of Caldari Capsuleers to report to the scene of the disaster, and to supply additional personnel to reinforce Ishukone Watch’s lockdown of the station. Aside from muscle, both sides have brought in their own specialists to provide more critical support to the investigation and medical efforts should they be needed. All personnel have been handed over to the Ishukone Watch to utilize as they see fit. Details of where Capsuleer supplied personnel are operating remains classified by the NDA pact formed between I-RED and HECON, and any organizations that wish to work closer by adding their support. This NDA is deemed necessary to avoid leaking of sensitive information that could worsen a political bombshell, should one drop, as the saboteur behind the containment facility attack has potential ties to the Lai-Dai Corporation. I-RED’s official stance on the matter is to keep an open mind and not feed into any suspicions while the facts are still unknown, hence the NDA to prevent any leaks or false information from their end. Breaches of this agreement are to be brought up in Caldari courts for punishment to be handed out.

The representing pilot of I-RED’s Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch is a Capsuleer by the name of Shiran Mazaki, who is directly responsible for I-RED’s detachment of personnel. Due to how closely Internal Watch personnel are working with the Ishukone Watch investigation there is little to no information ZANIE can report. Representing HECON in Semiki however is Commander Edward Adams, who has brought additional security personnel and medical corps; specialists to help render aid to those afflicted by the implant targeting malware that’s being linked to the containment sabotage. Commander Adams fulfills another role in the relief efforts, as a middleman to facilitate Capsuleer aid to the Aliastra employees suffering from the malware outbreak. He has made in his announcement an invitation to organizations affiliated with the Federation or in the good graces of Aliastra to lend additional support - a matter we will examine further later on.

Kalto Moxin directly asked Commander Adams exactly how he confident he was in being able to ensure coordination between Federal and State groups. This was his response:

"I am confident that both Federal and State groups can put aside historical differences and co-operate together on this matter to ensure that all parties have an outcome that is satisfactory to them."

  • Edward Adams ((Mantelglobalindustires))

I-RED and HECON have anchored an Astrahus-class citadel in proximity of the biohazard containment facility, to house all the supplies and personnel they’ve brought and avoid forcing a bunch of new equipment and staff onto Ishukone Watch. The citadel, going by the name “Conglomerate Observation point”, was supplied by HECON but protected by pilots of I-RED. The doctrines and number of pilots deployed to Sakimi is classified and not for ZANIE to report on.

The duo of I-RED and HECON is a strong partnership to represent Caldari Capsuleer interest in the debacle, due to I-RED’s long standing and extremely close relationship with Zainou’s parent corporation - Ishukone. HECON on the other hand may not have any strong connection to one of the eight mega-corporations that make up the State, but have served the Caldari Militia for an extensive amount of time and proudly represent the Caldari in the warzones of the regions of Black Rise and Placid.

Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd and Phoenix Naval Systems

Also present in the Semiki system to aid the Caldari in their time in need areItsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries [IKAME] and Phoenix Naval Systems [PNS]. These two groups are operating in the system independently from one another, and independently from the I-RED/HECON pact.

IKAME staging citadel - “Zainou Investigation Liaison ctr&rdquo"

It should be stressed that while IKAME is the mother corporation of the famous Arataka Research Consortium [ARC], IKAME is not representing ARC in this matter. The Arataka Research Consortiumis a loose banner that lives beyond the membership of a corporation or alliance, it is a network of independent pilots with a shared interest in the current day mysteries that occasionally appear in New Eden. These independents may sometimes hail from questionable backgrounds, but with IKAME involving itself only as IKAME in Semiki, the lead representatives of this organization are individuals with genuine ties to the Caldari State. Accompanying IKAME are researchers specializing in cybernetics and cybersecurity as well as their own detachment of security personnel. Similarly to I-RED and HECON, command of these staff members has been handed over to the Ishukone Watch, should they be required. For housing, IKAME have anchored their own citadel named “Zainou Investigation Liaison ctr” in proximity to the biohazard station. Here all staff and equipment brought to the system will be stored; the citadel is free for any capsuleers to dock inside, with all incoming ships being scanned and confirmed to not be carrying the virus before docking.

IKAME’s priorities in the matter are to help secure, quarantine and investigate. Due to IKAME not being apart of the NDA pact made between I-RED and HECON, ZANIE had an easier time getting to know more of IKAME’s operations and seeing more of the citadel. Aside from a minor incident of 1,000 mercenaries under contract by the State Protectorate being dumped into the citadel’s “Cargo dropbox” by a crazed Caldari militia pilot, the citadel is an overall safe environment, with the previously mentioned issues not leading to any kind of violence as the mercenaries remained secured in a hanger.

To close off IKAME’s section, Kalto Moxin managed to get a quote from Makoto Priano when she was asked if she had a possible theory pertaining to the virus.

“At present, it’s too early to tell. The likelihood that this malware is the same as one deployed a decade ago seems vanishingly small, given advances in cybernetics and cybersecurity. At the same time, new techniques could easily give rise to similar effects. Until we have a better understanding of its method of action, transmission vectors, and intended targets, then I hesitate to theorize.”

  • Makoto Priano

PNS staging citadel - “HIGHCOM Okunda-IV”

Moving onto PNS, ZANIE’s Kalto Moxin managed to get in touch with the Head Diplomat of the corporation, Literia Khammael, who revealed to us more details of PNS’ involvement in the system.

Im similar fashion to other groups, Phoenix Naval Systems have erected an Astrahus of their own in vicinity to the Zainou station - to house their own IT and security personnel that they brought to hand over to Ishukone Watch’s control. Phoenix Naval Systems is a Caldari aligned outfit and one of the founding corporations of the Arataka Research Consortium. That said, PNS and IKAME are operating independently, albeit with close ties. PNS’s presence is also a unique one due to their extensive combat history and sporting a roster of competent Capsuleers that are slowly deploying one by one to the Semiki system. PNS stands as arguably one of the most lethal outfits on grid in Semiki - based on ZANIE’s honest opinion.

When asked directly if other Caldari aligned groups can expect assistance from PNS should they run into unexpected hostilies - Literia had this to say.

“Alliances, corps and pilots are always welcome to contact us with the regards to arrangements for contract work. They can contact myself or Naava Edios to begin negotiations.”

  • Literia Khammael

IKAME is a well respected science firm that has contributed greatly not just to the Caldari State, but to the entiterity of New Eden, and PNS certainly has done their fair share as well; being formidable combat experts in ARC’s operations. The situation in Semiki can only benefit from these two groups getting involved

Devara Biotech, Antumbra and Intaki Liberation Front

The Caldari are not the only ones affected by this disaster, the unknown virus attacking implants has infected the implants of multiple staff members of the Aliastra Warehouse in system after a shuttle carrying the virus departed from the Biohazard facility to the warehouse.

Due to an open invitation extended by HECON’s Commander Edward Adams, several organizations with ties to the Federation or the Aliastra corporation have stepped forward to add their support and aid in the efforts.

First to answer the call for Aliastra is Devera Biotech owned by Capsuleer Mizhir Devara who has since been confirmed to have made contact with the I-RED/HECON bloc and agreed to the NDA that binds the cooperative together. In her employ are medical experts who are experienced in treating symptoms similar to those displayed by the cyber virus. Stationed aboard the I-RED/HECON citadel, medical facilities are ready to house afflicted personnel and render medical and cybernetic aid to them. First in the form of attempting to wipe their cranial implants of traces of the virus. If removal of the virus proves to be out of the grasp of experts or just outright impossible, surgery to remove and replace the compromised implants is the next course of action. There are however some staff possessing implants that are incapable of being removed without undergoing a high-risk operation that can lead to severe brain damage. Otherwise, if patients deny implant removal in any scenario, Devera Biotech tech will continuously attempt to contain and destroy the virus. These specialists handling implant care are also making contributions to the investigation, details however are limited due to the NDA agreement.

Antumbra’s Raitaru - “Pacte Cryptanalysis Centre”

Another organization that calls the Federation home is a humanitarian group by the name of Antumbra, led by Capsuleer Olga Drottning, who announced their support on the Intergalactic Summit in the same thread as IKAME’s announcement. This announcement reveals that pilot Olga has already spoken with Makoto Priano about cooperating due to a shared interest in investigating and containing the crisis. Antumbra brings some luggage in the form of a Raitaru-class Citadel fitted with cryptanalysis facilities utilizing the ample amounts of power the citadel brings for efficiency. These facilities are open for the public to use which brings us to the next point; Olga Drottning’s comments that Antumbra would be happy to escort any interested volunteers wishing to help in Semiki though the few low security systems one must transverse to reach the system. It should be noted despite announcing support of IKAME, Antumbra is reaching out to also coordinate with the I-RED/HECON bloc.

ILF Liaison Office

Hardly representing the Federation, but having strong ties with the Aliastra corporation is Bataav of the Intaki Liberation Front, who had announced he would be cooperating with IKAME in the investigation. That said, pilots of ILF are free to associate themselves with any bloc they desire. Bataav sided with IKAME due to a shared history of cooperation between IKAME and the ILF during the Kyonoke Inquest approximately two years ago. Bataav’s announcement however did not go smoothly; the ILF has also had strong ties to I-RED, who have been a beneficiary to the Intaki people for years. Bataav’s announcement to support IKAME over I-RED left Intaki living aboard I-RED structures feeling betrayed, and they have made their feelings known though protest. It’s safe to say that Bataav will be slightly tied up before being able to contribute much. In the meantime however, a small office Depot has anchored above IKAME’s citadel to store their initial assets.


It is not hard to verify that the soldiers who get into citadel weren’t “dumped” in there and they weren’t even present in “Cargo dropbox” as was proclaimed by the “reporter”. The method of delivery of soldiers will remain, obviously, classified until the soldiers will be evacuated and/or the citadel dismantled. For now, any real competent investigator could check the camera feeds or follow traces and evidences of military presense in that dropbox to see that these soldiers never passed through it, but got inside through a different route.

Interview: Korsavius

Semiki - Conglomerate Observation post

January 30th YC 121

The situation in Semiki is escalating, damage is continuing to spread as this malicious malware runs rampant with no obvious solution at any party’s disposal. Details have been released to the public by official Caldari State authorities that only raises more questions, the malware in question of this attack is an unknown mutation of a infectious Rogue Drone subroutine. In response, Capsuleers desiring to provide aid have gathered and stockpiled rogue drone components as per request of Ishukone Watch’s Officer Kauntora Itkaku. Along with Triglavian datastream vaults found exclusively in Abyssal deadspace pockets across New Eden.

Curious, ZANIE’s external team have decided to dig in deeper to the Semiki story and get some one-on-one time with some of the prominent Capsuleer organizations operating in the area. Kalto Moxin of the external news team has first sought out a representative of the Capsuleer alliance I-RED, a Capsuleer Alliance and subsidiary of the Ishukone Corporation. The representative Kalto would gain the honor of speaking with is Chujo Korbin Lavius of the Revenant Defence Corporation. Better known by his DED callsign “Korsavius”, Korbin Lavius is a Capsuleer that has served the Ishukone Corporation for multiple years and knowledgeable about the way of life in the domain of the Ishukone Corporation. As well as a combat pilot present in the Semiki system should the need arise.

We go now to a transcript between Kalto Moxin and Korbin Lavius aboard the jointly owned HECON/I-RED citadel in system.

“Today - Aboard the Astrahus-citadel jointly owned by the Heiian Conglomerate and the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive in the Semiki system, i have the honor of sitting across from the Revenant Defence Corporation’s Vice Admiral, Korbin Lavius. - thank you for having me, but before we begin mind if you tell me what you prefer i address you as? I’m aware some parties might know you better by a callsign?”

“Chujo Lavius is what most of my colleagues refer to me as in formal communications. Welcome aboard the facility, I hope you’ve found accommodations thus far acceptable aboard the structure.”

“Well it exactly a 5-star Hotel, but this citadel ain’t here to house tourists… Semiki - A dead end system apart of a extremely small network of hi-security systems cut off from the mainland…Probably for the best as this system houses a unique station, the Biohazard containment facility owned by the Zainou Bitotech company. A sabutour of unknown motive compromises containment and a mysterious piece of malware appears…Matters you all up to date with of course, but rehashing to ask the questions if you think this is just another attack or something that warrants more concern. Now forgive me if I’m assuming i know what you’re gonna say, but of course a response to that question would be “Any attack against the State is worth concern” but this aint an attack with guns and a fleet - this is an attack fought with megabytes and malware.”

I will reiterate what Ikomari-Onu Enforcement’s Hageken Ku stated in an article put forth by the Scope - an attack like this likely required some significant entity or an entity with significant resources. Or perhaps both. Regardless, I-RED in particular sprung into action immediately due to being a capsuleer subsidiary of the Ishukone Corporation. When our parent corporation or its subsidiaries come under distress, we are there to answer the call to duty.

“That doesn’t answer my question exactly…See as i said, this an attack on the Caldari State - or more specifically I-RED’s parent corporation in this case. Nobody is surprised that I-RED is here…That’s not even an insult, it’s just expected. You’re a credible organization loyal to the Ishukone Corporation, you’re gonna be there for them - that’s obvious. And based off this theory that this ain’t some disgruntled ex-employee exacting revenge by himself but rather a pawn moved a spawn forward on the behalf of some bigger player…Now i know I-RED’s policy already, you’re not about to start naming any mega-corporation as a potential culprit so we ain’t getting into that. And really that only leaves you naming the Guristas or some other criminal organization…But again, that doesn’t answer my question. My question is should there be more concern? Because the State’s well trained Navy and army were not even touched in this attack… The Caldari State just got hit where it hurts, in its technology. A sensitive facility such as this biohazard containment station undoubtedly ain’t slouching on its hardware - and some key systems got ruined by whatever malware this saboteur was packing. Now i ask again, do you think this should be a larger concern to not just the State, but to the rest of New Eden?”

You’ll have to forgive me for misinterpreting what your question was initially. I believe the ramifications of an attack like this could potentially be of concern to many people across New Eden. As it stands, however, it is of immediate concern to Zainou, Aliastra, and Ishukone first and foremost. Any information to be gained from the ongoing investigation can then be released to the public as deemed necessary by the aforementioned parties.

“Right…Speaking of the tight lid on details of this whole case, i wanna talk about this “NDA” pact I-RED, HECON nad friends are adhering to. Would say this NDA policy is working in favor of I-RED or against it? I get you’re here to do a job, not rub up to the press. But when it comes to IKAME’s involvement in Semiki, the NDA was rather straining on public relations no? Allow me to be honest with you Chujo Lavius, when coordinating with my team we kept referring to I-RED and HECON as the “NDA bloc” given how this agreement was required if any group wanted to cooperate closer with I-RED and HECON in the matter. Where IKAME rolls in with NDA requirement and gathers their own support with no problems…At the end of the day everyone is trying help the same people, what I’m trying to understand as to why there is a schism in helping these people."

“Whether or not it’s working in favor of or not really depends on your perspective of things. Our teams have access to plenty of resources as it is and are doing their jobs just fine. However, admittedly, it would probably be of benefit if we had additional resources and knowledge on hand. In terms of the relationship between IKAME and I-RED, obviously the NDA was an issue which put some strain on our otherwise positive relationship. Unfortunately this revolves around a difference in perspective on things. We answer to Ishukone first; the public may me informed on matters if and when Ishukone officials deem it appropriate. IKAME, by nature and due to their line of work, answer to the public. Under normal circumstances we applaud them for their effort to neutrality and transparency. However, when it comes to matters such as dealing with the safety and security of citizens under the umbrella of Ishukone, we simply cannot agree with handling things in such a way. Hence the “schism” as you so call it.”

“What exactly is I-RED’s relationship with IKAME aside from both organizations being in the service of the Caldari State? At least two occasions has there been some tensions on the IGS and at least one were I-RED’s diplomatic rep Julianna had to step in to put a stop to it…Let’s also not forget that a one Bataav of the ILF makes an announcement that he personnelly would be cooperating closer with IKAME over I-RED and next thing we know we got a article out of I-RED’s news outlet reporting of protesting aboard one of your refineries in the Syndicate regions with residents declaring this man a traitor - even after stating that other pilots of ILF were free to work with either Bloc of the semiki crisis…So you could say everything is nice and dandy between I-RED and IKAME, but I ain’t seeing it.”

“I-RED and IKAME have been in positive standings for a variety of reasons, but it can be boiled down to both groups being ultimately affiliated to Ishukone - albeit indirectly in IKAME’s case. As for the instance where Miss Avala stepped in, well…let us just say my colleagues over at Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch aren’t exactly known for their cool tempers. Still, they are capable and loyal soldiers, and they are performing their current assignments well enough. And for the protests that took place aboard the Tash-Murkon Refinery, I believe the article stated a possible psychological reason as to why those individuals did what they did. To summarize what was said, those Intaki are intimately aware of the long-standing friendship between I-RED and IPI. Suresha Bataav’s decision was thus interpreted as a betrayal to that friendship, and those disgruntled Intaki chose to exercise their privilege of free speech and peaceful protest. Humans are complex creatures, and there are bound to be a spectrum of emotions involved in such a situation, as well as a varying degree of intensity of those emotions.”

“I’ll leave it at that then…Let’s talk about Aliastra and how they got caught up in the collateral damage of this attack. Can you offer any insight on what the plan might’ve been? COmputer systems get destroyed and this malware stowing away on a shuttle transferring staff to the nearby Aliastra Warehouse - Docks up, shuttle connects to the network and this malware awakens and starts wrecking havoc for any implanted staff members. What would you say this? Accidental? Intentional to cause more damage? Or A distraction to throw investigators off the scent?”

“It is overall a very strange and unusual situation, and at this stage it is difficult to say for certain what the plan was behind the overall attack. It is interesting that the adaptive virus affected station systems aboard the Zainou facility, but then transferred to implant technology aboard the Aliastra station. Two small teams, an IT and an engineering team, were permitted by Ishukone to dock aboard the Zainou station and given access to the station management systems. I cannot say much on the results of their investigation into the station virus, but I can say they are baffled by the malware which has been causing havoc with different station services controlled by the central station information management system. The malware appears very difficult to detect before it flares up and interferes with a particular service. It seems as though systems integrated with the central management system are the ones that appear affected - things like maglev trains, public buses, shuttles, gravity generators, and more. As a precautionary measure, the I-RED teams have submitted a recommendation to terminate connections with the central management system to observe if the malware has integrated itself thoroughly with just the central management system, or if it has also permanently entrenched itself aboard all systems connected to the network. Meanwhile, aboard the HECON Astrahus, Dr. Mayaseki and his team of cybernetics experts are hard at work conjuring a solution for the cerebral cybernetic bug which has been plaguing Aliastra employees. I cannot comment on the nature of their work thus far, only that multiple avenues are being explored to cure affected individuals.”

What About Devara Biotech? Are you able to comment on their contributions thus far? The company owner Mizhir made an IGS announcement regarding her company agreeing to the NDA and cooperating with I-RED and HECON in the matter to provide aid to the affected Aliastra employees. What can you say about their involvement?

Devara Biotech has been of considerable help thus far. Dr. Devara has been very communicative with Dr. Mayaseki and his team, and her insights into biotechnology have helped push along development for a solution to the maladaptive cybernetic bug afflicting Aliastra employees.

"I take it the subject of your development thus far is classified?"

“I-RED and our allies will publish our findings at an appropriate time, yes”

“Speaking of allies, are you able to comment on Commander Edward Adams of HECON? From my understanding the Commander is serving a unique function of being a middle man negotiator between Federal and Caldari contacts in this crisis. Have all talks with Federal parties gone smoothly without any conflicting interests?"

“I don’t wish to speak too much for Commander Adams and his work, but yes he has split his teams in different operating taskforces to accomplish multiple things at once. One of those groups is responsible for functioning as a liaison between Federal and Caldari contacts. I do not believe I am at liberty to discuss the talks which have occurred between Federal contacts such as Aliastra and Commander Adam’s team.”

“Alright then Chujo Lavius, good enough answer as any. Now i do believe we’re running out of time and you got more pressing matters to attend to . So i got one final questions before we move onto final remarks…A very disturbing development with the investigation was released to the public detailing that the malware causing havoc right now is a mutation of a Rogue Drone subroutine…Authorities request drone samples in the form of AI chips, parts and Triglavian datastreams. Capsuleers answer the call. Donate their materials to their respective bloc of assisting organizations. IKAME however came under fire by CONCORD however for amassing a stockpile that exceeds regulations and CONCORD rep Oveg Drust announces on the IGS that IKAME hand over all materials with a small grace period to do so…Might i ask how I-RED sees this? IS CONCORD in the right to confiscate all these materials that Capsuleers have invested time or ISK into to obtain? Or would you stand by IKAME if they decide to defy this request so that the authorities investigating this crime can have all the material they need to get to the bottom of this?”

I-RED has always attempted to comply with CONCORD directives. As such, as stated already by head diplomat Julianni Avala, we believe firmly that IKAME should obey the order provided by Oveg Drust. Whether or not it is "right" for CONCORD to act in such a way is irrelevant and subjective - they stand as the ultimate enforcer of order and law within New Eden. I-RED cannot condone an action performed by IKAME that would be counterproductive to a direct order from the highest interstellar authority. Once again, we encourage IKAME to surrender the aforementioned materials, and function in a manner befitting an organization loyal to Ishukone and the State. I-RED has already begun the process of surrendering over our collection of materials to Commander Drust.

“Fair enough, as i said that will be our final questions. But before we go our separate ways i want to open the floor to you for final remarks. If you feel like there’s something you want to talk about or get out there to the public…Now’s the chance. Hell if you want to put the saboteur responsible for all this on blast we can work with that…Thought i doubt you’d go that far so…Yeah just say whatever is on your mind to close these talks. OR hey, if you don’t got anything then that’s fine.”

I do not have any closing remarks I wish to say. Thank you for stopping by.

"Alright, Chujo Lavius, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Good luck out there."