[DAEV4] Thebeka III Freeport Aid Stations

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Not sure if it’s that select…

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I definitely need a priest after that, I have no other words…

(Aria you have a bottle of my holdings finest wine waiting for you)

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A shame… I think it would look good on you

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As wonderful as Aria’s post is, let’s keep things vaguely on topic please. Tail comments to off topic, thanks :wink:

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Peach fuzz?

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The Zaibatsu inspection teams have arrived in Thebeka, as reported by ZANIE.

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Best get on with it Kala

(Avio Yaken) #71

I suppose it’s about time i got around to provide some update on what’s been done thus far

As the article @Kalaratiri points to, my team has arrived and we already got started on the big job ahead of us. These are two entire Raitaru-class Engineering complexes we’re digging though room by room.

We got a team for each Raitaru, both of them are following the same game plan since both structures share a similar layout. As such, both teams have reported in and can confirm that nothing suspicious has been found in the ship hangers.

From that point on they swept though public recreational areas, once again found nothing. We’re moving on to the crew quarters now, and this is the part that’s gonna take some time given the massing amount of employed staff in both Raitarus.

Speaking of which, we have been conducting I.D searches on staff and can confirm that so far we have not found a single person with ties to the cartel, let alone a criminal record. In fact, good bulk of the people we checked are Amarrian locals here in Thebeka either looking for temp work or a chance to help out without siding with the rebels or the Empire - Hell, there’s a company in the Sosarir constellation contracting out workers to Capsuleer citadels in the area that need extra muscle, seeing their name pop up more often than not during the checks.

There’s still much much much more to check, So much more than I’m fearful that this scuffle planet side will burnout before we even conclude. So to avoid defeating the purpose of this inspection let me remind anyone keeping up with this thread that other parties are welcome to join in. Now that i mention, it’s looking like @Che_Biko might be stepping in to help with the investigation from what i hear. I’ll however leave it to him to confirm publicly if he’s officially getting involved or not

(Avio Yaken) #72

A small update on the inspection, North and South team are still working on checking the crew quarters. So far, no contraband was found and crew we encounter are all passing their I.D checks with flying colors.

We did take a slight detour however -We checked the armories for security. This maybe should’ve been the first target we checked, bit of a oversight on my end, but i rectify this by ordering both teams to dispatch some men to check the armories of their respective Raitaru.

Nothing is out of the ordinary, the security personnel are from an Amarrian security firm called “Bulwark Divinity”. Small time company that has a respectable track recorded providing escorts for Holders and foreign VIPs that need security and guides. They have no official recording on taking on contracts that involve frontline combat but aren’t afraid to do escort work in hostile warzone environments. The company also appears to hold rather liberal views and isn’t looking to get too involved with either the rebels or official empire forces in these slave riots

Their loadouts are very well documented and regulated. Security patrolling the station all have non-lethal weaponry and equipment, shock grenades, tazers, beanbags slugs - the works.

I will confirm that there is lethal weaponry in these armories, including some heavy armor. Details will be left classified as it’s perfectly logical for these stations to be carrying this equipment - The Raitarus are in the middle of a warzone were both sides are unsure of the freeports’ legitimacy. This more lethal equipment is only used as a last resort should a threat of a boarding party be present. All this equipment is contained in finger-print locked lockers - The same also apply to all the non-lethal weaponry - Everything is secured and properly documented.

(Kalaratiri) #73

I am pleased to hear the inspection by the Zaibatsu is going well, and look forward to Mr. Biko’s involvement.

I am even more delighted to hear the reports that Lord Khalil Numayr has been recovered safely after a valiant defensive action by his household. The teams dedicated to searching for him will be reallocated to focusing on the city of Dabara, monitoring civilian band communications, and, if allowed to do so, providing extraction for civilians caught between the Rebels and Imperial forces as they battle over the city.

I am no ground combat expert, but I know enough to be sure that rooting a determined force from an urban environment is no quick and easy matter. I only hope that both sides will attempt to keep the combat between the combatants.

(Che Biko) #74

Confirming my involvement in checking out the Aid Stations. I’ve been in contact with Yaken and we’ve agreed on cooperation in order to avoid too much overlap. My primary focus are the computer systems.

(Avio Yaken) #75

As said, @Che_Biko will be handling computer systems along with the medical facilites aboard both freeports. He brought his own team that will be fully under his own supervision.

As for me, we’ve completed digging through the living quarters. Flipping mattresses and checking every corner of the cupboards. A few arugments here and there between my people and the crew when we were clearing their rooms out. A few false alarms when some of the trainee custom officers we’ve brought over found some Quafe, had to remind them that’s not contraband here.

Mess halls have been checked and while nothing was found that infringes on the legitimacy of these freeports’ purpose. Details were found do insult my standards, the kitchens aboard the south Polar Aid Station are a mess with stacks of filthy trays as tall as some my personnel, pots and pans being reused without being washed, spills on the ground, food handlers not using gloves or hair nets and one chief is filling pots almost to the brim with grease when cooking - creating a potential fire hazard.

I’d highly recommend some discipline gets instilled into this kitchen staff posthaste - becuase if I saw this and stumbled across a giant build up of mold somewhere - I’d personally wouldve ordered for that kitchen to be shut down immediately.

That said, this only insulted my standards, and doesn’t infringe on its neutrality.

We’re moving on to the warehouses next, storage is were massive amounts of goods are gonna be stored. The moment we arrived on these freeports I’d had teams assigned to covering all entrances to the warehouses while the other teams searched the hangers and living quarters. No one got in, no one got out. We’re gonna enter and check though every container for contraband.

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(Kalaratiri) #76

Clearly I need to be keeping a closer eye on the Southern structure and its staff.

That said, I’m hardly running every kitchen personally.

(Kalaratiri) #77

Considerable movement has taken place around both structures in the last 24 hours, with War Declarations being applied against [DAEV4] by multiple corporations and alliances.

The Purity of the Throne war began a few days prior, and is yet to see any hostilities

A mixed force of United Fleet, Heiian Conglomerate, Cail Avetatu, and Kyn’aldrnari flying mostly Gilas with Basilisk support reinforced both Aid Stations between 18:38 and 19:19pm. Neither the war declarations or attacks were preceded with any attempted negotiation or delivered terms.

Negotiations did take place however, several hours later, in The Summit. Terms were agreed between myself, representing [DAEV4], Samira Kernher representing [CAVTT}, Mizhara Del’thul representing [-KYN-], and Edward Adams (MantelGlobalIndustries) representing both [HECON] and [UF].

The terms as agreed are as follows:

  • [DAEV4] will hand over any assets, baseliners, and equipment relevant to their operations on the surface to [CAVTT] as a show of good faith.

  • The wars between [DAEV4], and [-KYN-] and [CAVTT] will then be ended immediately.

(Both steps have now taken place)

  • Both Aid Stations will be allowed to repair, at which point [DAEV4] will begin their unanchoring process.

  • Both Aid Stations will have begun the unanchoring process by 15:00 on the 28th.

  • Once the unanchoring process has begun on both Aid Stations, [HECON] and [UF] will end their wars.

(The agreed upon steps above are now complete - 14:00, 28th)

  • Once the unanchoring process is complete, [DAEV4] will remove the structures from the orbit of Thebeka III.

  • No further hostile action will be taken by any party as long as this agreement remains in place.

(Completed - 13:40, 4th)

Pertinent Logs
[ 2018.12.26 21:09:20 ] Kalaratiri > Let's state them clearly then
[ 2018.12.26 21:09:39 ] Kalaratiri > So there can be no creative misinterpretation
[ 2018.12.26 21:10:00 ] Kalaratiri > The citadels will be allowed to repair, at which point I will begin unanchoring
[ 2018.12.26 21:10:13 ] Kalaratiri > Once the unanchoring begins, you [Meaning [HECON] and [UF] - Editor] end your war decs
[ 2018.12.26 21:10:18 ] Kalaratiri > Agreed?
[ 2018.12.26 21:10:52 ] Mizhara Del'thul > And how much of a grace period are you thinking of between repair and unanchoring?
[ 2018.12.26 21:10:59 ] Mizhara Del'thul > What's the deadline?
[ 2018.12.26 21:11:04 ] Kalaratiri > As short as I can manage
[ 2018.12.26 21:11:13 ] Kalaratiri > But say, 15:00 the same day?
[ 2018.12.26 21:11:57 ] Mizhara Del'thul > That'd be... what, roughly two hours after repair?
[ 2018.12.26 21:12:11 ] Mizhara Del'thul > If I noted the timers right. Acceptable to me.
[ 2018.12.26 21:12:20 ] Kalaratiri > About that, yes
[ 2018.12.26 21:12:30 ] Kalaratiri > But I'll be aiming to do it sooner
[ 2018.12.26 21:12:34 ] MantelGlobalIndustries > And to me and my organisation, yes.
[ 2018.12.26 21:12:48 ] Kalaratiri > Very good then

[DAEV4] look forward to seeing Commander Adams stick to his word.

(Evi Polevhia) #78

Sebiestor takes civilians from Imperial world during a time of strife. It’s ok though, she has handed them off to two other Sebiestors engaged in supporting rebel activities on the planet. I am sure they are safe now.

If I did not know Kala better I would call this an incredibly well orchestrated con job. But I do know her better.

I think.

(Gaven Lok'ri) #79

I would strongly suggest that entrusting known terrorists with refugees is a rather worrying act. Perhaps Maira’s organization would be a better party to take them in, given that to my knowledge she is actually neutral to all.

(Kalaratiri) #80

Unfortunately at this point that is out of my hands.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #81

Are any of you seriously suggesting that Samira Kernher can’t be trusted with refugees from her own damned homeworld?

(Gaven Lok'ri) #82

Yes. We are suggesting that.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #83

Exactly how far do you have to go in your ridiculous quest to demonize the woman? Did you never know her at all?