[SoERR] Thank you for the Rebellion, we gotta do this again soon

So, folks; a long overdue thank you post for SoERR operations in Amarr space over the New Year.

In very short, there were two separate parts for these operations. There was (and still is) a small SoERR refugee camp in Mabnen, hosted by Freedom Extension under normal capsuleer hangar / cargo rental regulations. This was (and still is) as normal for these operations a civilian operation, armed only for internal security.

Initially, my intent was to just set up that operation, to provide humanitarian aid, and to reach out to individuals wishing transport out of Amarr space. And yes, the latter tends to translate as “stealing slaves” to some locals, but as SoERR is strictly anti-slavery, we do not recognize the ‘slave’ status of individuals while considering anyone for transport. We never take anyone anywhere against their will, either, however. Make of that what you will.

As the operation went up, it became very fast clear that the base could not operate in the peaceful manner intended if some arrangements to account for more military-minded people outside of it were not made. I suppose it is natural that no matter what I said, when people see an EM banner unfold in Amarr space, they feel that is the natural place to go for contact with rebels. Capsuleers outside of the Mabnen operation started contacting me to figure out where to send their private security or weaponry in order to help, former slaves asked to be transported to rebels instead of home, and so forth.

I had not expected that, to be honest. I am not a military commander. I am barely a loyalist these days. But I am Sebiestor. I am Matari. And I command an anti-slavery outfit. So when I saw a major rebellion unfolding, and I saw people flooding to it, what could I do but to start putting these people together, telling them about each other, moving the gear where it was of best use? What better way also to protect the Mabnen base than to draw these activities away from it?

This lead to the second part: co-ordinated support for the rebellions in especially Alkabsi and Thebeka, and the rest is history.

A shout-out to the following individuals and organizations. (If I am forgetting you, it is not intentional - keeping track of this stuff and who wants and does not want to be mentioned is kind of tasking.)

Aid for the Mabnen camp
Aergri Evingod
Melisma Ramijozana on behalf of Corovid Industries
Deitra Vess
Haven for Heros Initiative
Undisclosed parties from multiple organizations

Civilian transport and evacuations
Isha Vuld / Ushra’Khan
Haven for Heros Initiative

Alkabsi rebel support
Arrendis Culome
Jaqel Aubaris (& company)
Undisclosed parties

Thebeka rebel support
Jaqel Aubaris (& co)
Melisma Ramijozana / Corovid Industries
Mojemi Jaira & Freedom’s Gate station staff
Tribal volunteers & other undisclosed parties

Thebeka space-side combat support
Electus Matari
Phoenix Naval Systems
Stjörnauga Security Services
Cail Avetatu
Heiian Conglomerate (anti-Angel operations only)

Last but not least
The bright and lovely Seb Sisters. Tribe first.


Awww :hearts:

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As a Sebiestor and citizen of the Federation, I apologise for missing this battle.

But next time you need our help, the National Party of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime will be there.


Happy to help!

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Admiral Lok’ri!

Here’s some more names for your List!


Minmatar. O how I loathe them so.

Cpt. Rhiannon,

Happy to help as well, and I do hope you’ll call on us if you have further need of supplies, support, and so forth.



Idiot. Oh how I loathe you so.

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They say the path to peace in the galaxy will start with us all finding the things we have in common…

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