Recurring FAQ about SoERR/EM hiring policies

“We also see that certain ‘Matari’ organizations have allowed the Amarr to burrow deep within their ranks and we have taken careful note of this. A popular slogan says ‘All Invaders Must Die’ and we might extend that to their collaborators.” (Khumatar Kril Efrit)

I have explained this before, but as there have been multiple questions and even attention on national holostreams, I will explain again.

SoE Roughriders is an international organization. Electus Matari is a pro-Republic one. Neither of these organizations is exclusively for tribal people, even though the alliance is, obviously, commanded by tribesfolk, and even though corporations have and are of course allowed to have their own restrictions re: acceptable bloodlines. Myself, I have hired and will hire Federal citizens and expats from Caldari State. I have also hired persons of Amarr origin before, though I admit very sparingly, and not routinely.

Moreover, I have hired from all sorts of backgrounds. People have come to me from high-class clans, they have come to me outcast; they have come to me from the Fleet, and they have come to me defecting from Amarr outfits. They have come to me commended and convicts. I have welcomed the former Blood Raider, the twice-traitor, the pirate, and the murderer. At one point in history, my corporate chief of security was a reformed raider from a ‘proud’ line of that trade.

What is common to these people? They want to pledge what they have to the service of humanity, and the freedom of the tribes. They acknowledge on joining that while their loyalty might not be to the Republic itself, the alliance’s is, and while with us, that loyalty is theirs. Sometimes this works out. Sometimes it does not, and we part ways later. But while with me, they fly for us.

All Invaders Must Die.
But people who will help us kill them are welcome to fly with me.

Never again another Long Night.
And people who want to carry on the light are welcome to fly with me.


Elsebeth Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders


I swear, Else, I thought this was going to just read:

Q: Why do you hire…?

Which would have been just as accurate, and taken you less time, I think. :wink:


The individual referenced by Kril Efrit does not exist as far as I am concerned.

Consider this a stellar employment recommendation, Rhiannon.

I am genuinely sorry for the suffering this has caused to both of you.

You are not, but that is fine.

If the soul of the one I once called a sister lives anywhere, I would wish them well and pray they prosper. But they do not, so I do not.

I have felt what you feel, Aldrith Newelle, and there are things one would not wish on her worst enemies if it could be otherwise, and certainly not on one one calls a friend and ally.

I want to believe that this thought will reach through the darkness of betrayal, nevertheless.

What betrayal? A family retainer I was fond of disappeared without a word. They are gone. I accept that. It is done. The thing in your employ is not that.

That is all. Kril Efrit has no argument. Whatever that is was never Amarrian.

“I know of no one by that name.”

So be it.

Don’t do that. Just don’t. I used to do that. Something would happen and a friendship, or even close relationship would be over, and I would claim that it was never real in the first place.

She was your sister. Something happened. Something happened to change that. Otherwise, you’re delving into the ‘No True Amarrian’ fallacy.

My mistress left me. I tried to convince myself she didn’t really love me, and that’s why. Because if she loved me, she wouldn’t have left me.

She did love me. But I was the one that drove her away. It was my fault, my failing that lead to my Mistress going away.

I had to realize that I was the miserable person not worthy of love, that I was the cause of the change before I could even begin to get better, to change.

She was your sister. Respect her for what she was. Understand that she betrayed you and there was a cause.

Or it will happen again.

There are vast differences betwen what is said, what is believed, and what is the truth.

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I have some admiration for the guile with which you hold your trophy to the spotlight, allowing the drama of Efrit’s condemnation both to heighten your publicity and distract from the tarnish.

The sad reality is that the best of those she betrayed are very much like Arsia Elkin; the main difference is that they are ultimately able to control their emotions, something she has never learned to do.

When the traitor is rightly denied the trust and transparency she feels she is due­– when the scorn of the populace does not fade as quickly as she feels it ought to, and her delusions of virtue are challenged, you will see the same genuine passion behind the same earnest rhetoric; then as now the ensuing betrayal will be everyone’s fault but hers.

Good luck.


Leave it to Imperials to stick their noses into a Matari squabble.

I love how when it’s an ‘internal’ Amarr crisis they are quite reticent to comment, debate, or have their feelings aired in public among the heathens… but as soon as one of them crosses over they’ll find a way to make it come up again and again in threads far and wide, regardless of invitation.

They’ll sort it out, and whatever you all think you are doing commenting here won’t have the desired result.

I didn’t - I spoke of many others, too, and the clarification was “yes, I hire outsiders and even the occasional Amarr, and I always have”. That is the Matari concern here - not any particular person. And it is a valid concern, and not an uncomplicated choice. It is not the one I instinctively made, at first, either. It is risky, and untraditional, and occasionally distasteful, and Khumatar Efrit is not the first and will likely not be the last to raise it.

It is understandable that for you the one person involved that you actually know is the most important, but when my original post said “the slave raider, the outcast, the convict, the former Blood Raider, the twice-traitor, the pirate, and the murderer” - these where not hypotheticals. These people also have names.

If anyone made this a contest over one person and a debate about one incident - it was not me, and I have been nothing but polite in response.


Gods and spirits help me but I actually agree with something that came out of Silas Vitalia’s mouth…

In any case, what Elsebeth, Arrendis and Vitalia said is true. Who gets hired and for what reasons by a corporation within EM is an internal matter that requires no justification to or approval from outsiders.


Who, on an individual level, gets hired, or not, is not a business of any outsider.

The policy, however, is something I am willing to explain and defend, if questioned. Not because any outsider gets a say, but in the spirit of mutual understanding of each other’s ways.


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