Retiring from EVE, Liquidating Assets for PLEX for GOOD

On my way out of EVE, I’d like to take the opportunity to turn what little I’ve earned in my nearly 12 years of tedious grinding into some real-world good. To that end, I’d like to liquidate all I can and use the funds to purchase PLEX to donate to PLEX for GOOD.

From now through Sunday, May 3, individuals can search my inventory and contact me to make any reasonable offer for my stuff. You can reach me in-game by private conversation or EVE mail, or you can find me on Discord at Norrin Ellis#3256.

After this open shopping period ends, I will post auction contracts for inventory by location or container until all items are gone or through Friday, May 15, whichever comes sooner.

Prior to biomassing, I will spend all cash on hand to purchase PLEX for donation to PLEX for GOOD.

Until I am gone, I will also aggregate PLEX donations from anyone that does not have the 240 PLEX minimum to contribute individually.

Current ISK: 0
PLEX Donated: 160,645

I’m grateful to CCP for providing an opportunity to convert my fictitious wealth into something that might actually help real people with real problems.

The following people have completed purchase contracts to help with this project. Thanks to all of them for their support.

Lunarisse Aspenstar
Malin Hanssen
Lauralite Anne Brezia
Daichi Yamato
Ira Infernus
Natacha Coucoutoi
Wanda Fayne
Suicidaly Shadywn
DeMichael Crimson
Catherine Gillot
Alexis Clarke
My Butt Itches

EDIT: Item Valuation (Reasonable Offers)
I’ve had some questions about what I consider to be a fair item valuation. I want to give folks a good deal, but I would also like to donate as much as possible in the end, so I’m not giving away the farm for a handful of magic beans.

I use a combination of in-game inventory estimates, EVEMarketer, and Evepraisal data to determine fair pricing, and I generally apply a discount to the prices I research.


Best of luck with the sales and with your life!
GG o7


Going out with class, nice.



Rather than biomassing, you can sell your character and donate that plex as well. A 12 year old toon would certainly fetch a fair price.

Anyway, sorry to see you go. You seem like a good dude.

I siphoned off as much SP as the game would allow and sold the injectors. Seemed quicker and more profitable than trying to sell the character.


Are they tracking PLEX for GOOD $$ No? Didn’t think so. It’s going to end up in either a politician or large corporation’s pocket.

Blind fools.

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Respect !!!

You win ! Xaar

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Take care, Norrin. o7


Thanks to all the buyers that have participated thus far!

Current ISK updated from 309 bil to 315.8 bil!

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315 Bil ? Are you an undercover CODE. agent?

I am as carebear as carebears can be. I was a mission grinder for a long time. Then I worked for EVE Online Hold’Em before CCP shut down player-run gambling services. Then I mostly spun my ships, but still occasionally did a bit of PvE. Earlier this week, I sunk a lot of ISK into buying skill extractors to siphon off my SP and sell the injectors.

Then I made several billion from selling inventory to friends and going public with this idea.

Only kidding, kudos for the good deed and fly safe.

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Are you just accepting ISK in your thrift store or are you accepting plex as well?

Your Inventory holds zero items of interest for me.

Corpse 0 of 0


Thanks to some helpful folks in the posts below teaching an old dog new tricks, I will gladly accept PLEX equal to the ISK value for transactions.

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right click in assets and select move to plex vault

Put it in the PLEX vault? After playing for 12 years, I’d have thought you would have known about that by now.

Once it’s in the PLEX vault, I can’t use it like an item anymore and contract it to CCP PLEX for GOOD. Opening the PLEX vault only allows it to be used directly for services or selling it on the market.

move it into your local hanger from the vault, they are now teleported from the other hanger to your local one by magic

Okay, this is one of those learn something new every day sort of things. I’ve literally never had need to do this. Can you explain how?