0 isk in wallet
0 kill rights
1/3 jump clones (+5’s in currently)
Located in highsec

Max Orca skills, 5’s in research skills and production. Max boosting skills, Tons of reprocessing skills, and 4’s in pi skills. 5 cybernetics, currently with +5 implants. Shield, armor and targeting skills all in 5’s for the main ones. at least 3 in all ship skills, with amarr frigates at 5, with all t2 frigates unlocked.
Well worth the 32b it could go for, but i’m only asking for 27b. I am interested in a relatively quick sale, so all reasonable offers will be seriously considered.
Extraction worth is a little over 22b currently.

Comes with a free Orca that will be done in 3 days.

As you can see, many top skills, even if not learned yet have been bought. Saving you hundreds of millions of isk!


make it 20, and we can talk :smiley:

Done deal

You are online? Can transfer isk now

Yep. be sure to include account name for transfer please.

isk and acc name sent

ISK and account name received. Transfer process started.

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you should censor your account’s name too.

You can’t transfer character with PLEX since monday

Only 20$

any news?

he told me he would transfer this toon on march 13th and didnt get any news since than, any @ISD can check into this?

so still no toons and no answer from CCP ticket… can anyone confirm where the ticket for that kinda crap should go? Been waiting on a CCP answer for 2 weeks…