Sale Canceled

Selling myself: Skillboard / Zkill

197m SP of almost pure subcap pvp skills
Can fly all subcaps (except Edencom BS) with near perfect skills.
1213 ship skins to look fancy
Has 5 L4 R&D agents running
Clones: +5’s, MG crystals, Blackglass explo, various Mindlinks all in hs + empty Thera clone

In NPC corp docked in Jita
Positive wallet/sec status
No kill rights

I am winning eve, as a final bow to the universe I lived and loved for all these years all proceeds of this sale will go to plex4good to help Ukraine.

Buyout: 120b

Eindride 97B if you change your mind.

Thanks for the offer but for that price I will extract it myself, which I will do anyway if it doesn’t sell before the end of plex4ukraine. I’m not looking forward to the clickfest :smile:

Bumpity Bump.

I bought a 200M toon for 130B yesterday if that could be a reference for you

Thanks, that’s pretty in line with my starting bid, not counting the massive skin collection which I haven’t valued in the sale.

Bump to the top.

Toon extracted in the end. Farewell capsuleers o7

120b isk ready if offer still up

Congrats on Winning EVE. Curious if the shell of the character is up for sale if you’re still around

I’m still not done extracting but will be in the coming days.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse :smile:

I figured I’d offer something odd because I like the direction you’re going while Winning and a good cause.

After you fully extract it I’ll offer 2.5b for the shell (approx 750 plex) then I’ll match that with a 750 plex donation on my side. Open to negotiations but the goal would be I would match your donation as you depart

Sorry that’s way to low for me to give CCP the 20€ transfer fee.

Unless you match my entire donation to plex4good which stands at 46k plex :upside_down_face:

What would make it worth the $20 fee? Given your $20 transfer would yield another $60 in donations between the two of us, do you have an idea in mind?

And great job donating the 46k! Wish I could even hit in that ballpark but if you had something in mind, holler for what would make it worth it and I’ll see if I can match it.

Tbh I think I’m good leaving like that.

Eindride out o7

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