Another character I’m clearing up.

has 5,104,900 sp and 50k unused.

4 remaps

character link : EveSkillboard - Cartin Cazona

no wallet balance,
located in ammold
no killrights

Starting bid 1bn
Buyout 3bn

pretty sure I hit on all the things I needed to. Thanks for helping me get back after a 4 year hiatus!

Winning Bid : 2.6b

Auction ended 3/20/2021

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daily bump

just a bump


Daily Bump. Current bid 2.25b

FYI you cant do transfers with PLEX anymore, you have to use cash. Just cause that changed in the last 4 years

I didn’t know that. thanks

Not sure if this is allowed, but can I accept this in advance? like say "If no new bids are received by Saturday, the 13th, then this will be accepted?’ like a going once, going twice kind of thing?

If not, forget I said anything here.

Works for me, I’ll raise my bid to 2.5 and if nothing by saturday if you message on here saying no new bids i will transfer isk with info.

2.6bill offer

My bad guys. realized I didn’t put a date on the close. It’s this Saturday, the 20th. Will update original post.

You have the highest bid. Would you like to continue?

Yes indeed, please confirm the character is still for sale and i will send isk and account info :slight_smile:

Yes, It is still for sale. I will attempt to contact you in game as well, just to speed it up, as the next time I will be here is this time tomorrow.


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