(Darken Fate) #1

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Darken_Fate

-Logi V
-All race’s Cruisers Level V
-Cybernetics V
-2009 Character
-Has been an alt for most, if not all of its life and not a known name or character.

0 isk
Full set of +4 implants in active clone, no further jump clones
No kill rights

Located in Jita 4-4

(SubjectSeth) #2

Around how much real money is 13b isk? I am a new player looking to jump in with a headstart and I like your character.

(Darken Fate) #3

That would be around £110 ish in real money (GBP) if you were to buy PLEX on the official EVE store.

(SubjectSeth) #4

is there anything you have around 40EU or 50USD?

(Darken Fate) #5

I don’t myself sorry! This is my only char i’m selling. I’d definitely take a look around though, though I can definitely recommend just playing from your own new character. It’s very rewarding to feel like you’ve made your own identity :slight_smile:

(Darken Fate) #6


(Monty Green) #7

Do you currently have a price you are looking for?

(Darken Fate) #8

I’m open to offers but looking around the 13b range

(Darken Fate) #9

Bumping me :slight_smile:

(Lucinda Trade) #10

ill offer 10bil

(Darken Fate) #11

Looking for a little higher if possible so will wait out to see if I can get a better offer

(Lucinda Trade) #12


(Darken Fate) #13

Offer accepted if you want to send isk and account details

(Lucinda Trade) #14

Done ty

(Darken Fate) #15

Thank you! Isk/acc details received - beginning transfer now and closing post

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