[Venture Racing] An End to an Era

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

Today I come before you as the Interim-CEO of Venture Racing, as our previous CEO and Founder, Norrin Ellis, has announced his retirement from active capsuleer duty. He has been the founder of the Venture Racing corporation, and participated in the Racing Leagues with varying degrees of success across the different racer-classes, since nine years and three days. A long time, even going by our immortal standards.

We would like to take this moment to wish him farewell, fondly or not, as he has made as many friends as he has enemies over the years. Norrin Ellis is, and we quote: ‘‘Retiring to a non-disclosed, planetside location to spend quality time with his Achuran girlfriend in a quiet place with lots of fresh air.’’

For those interested there will be an official send-off for Norrin Ellis in our visitor’s centre in Aunia at an, as of yet to be announced date. We will use the same opportunity to make the appointment of CEO official as well.

All the best Norrin, wherever your paths may lead.

Malin Hanssen,
Interim-CEO of Venture Racing.


Congratulations on your promotion to interim-CEO, Ms Hanssen. I’m sure the organisation is in very good hands. Must admit, though, to being pleased that Norrin is finally retiring from capsuleer life. He wasn’t very popular, and frankly, the thought of coming to your send-off makes my skin crawl.

Best wishes.

Thank you, for your congratulations as well as your honesty Mister Dorragg. As I said before, it is a given that with the successes of Venture Racing came friends and admirers in equal amounts as there were doubters and even enemies were made. Hence it hardly comes as a surprise that you might feel pleased at Norrin Ellis’ retirement.

However might I take away your skin-crawlies by saying that the retiree himself will not be present in person, as he is already riding off into the sunset, to quote the man himself. Therefor it might just as well be an opportunity, for people such as yourself who are not sad to see Norrin Ellis depart, to meet the new management, and/or meet with old faces from the glory days of the Racing Leagues.

Malin Hanssen,
Interim-CEO of Venture Racing.

Norrin has always been nice to me, he seemed quite generous, and although we raced in different leagues, he was one of the few fellow capsuleer racing pilots around, so I liked him.

Somewhat recently (in the past 1-2 years), my quite positive perception of the man was damaged when a trusted friend informed me about a severe flaw in this man’s personality, but more recently I’ve come to distrust the suspected source of this claim, and having never witnessed this flaw in person, I’ve decided to discard it as “unsubstantiated”.

The generous way he is retiring from capsuleer life is one I hope to emulate some day, if and when that day comes for me.

I wish you peace, Norrin.

-Ché Biko
Captain of sub-warp racing team 10-segrity


RIP @Norrin_Ellis o7


I guess you could consider me as one of the many aforementioned enemies of Mr Ellis. Can’t say I’m sorry to see him leave the cluster; for me, it’s just one enemy less. I do applaud his decision to retire to an ‘undisclosed location’, though. That’s very wise - likely the wisest decision he’s ever made.

Knowing that he will not be in attendance of his own send-off, I may well attend. Not to pay my respects, you understand, but to ensure he’s definitely gone. Regardless, I echo Mr Dorragg’s congratulations for Ms Hanssen and her career progression. Moving up the ladder is always difficult and will undoubtedly present a fresh set of challenges. Wishing you all the best, Ms Hanssen.

My regards.

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He will be missed, remembered and never forgotten.

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I am very sorry to see Norrin depart from capsuleer life, though I thoroughly understand his decision.
Norrin has always been a dear friend and though he is retiring from space, I’m positive that we shall keep in touch.
Congratulations Captain Hanssen on your promotion. I’m sure that it is well deserved and that you will do Norrin proud. I do hope to attend your event, and please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help in any way.


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