Account Donation/Auction for Charity possible?

Hello Community and Devs,

I would like to know if it is possible to donate the rights of use of the account/auction my accounts/assets for charity - children/patients with disabilities, cancer etc.

Also would be cool if there would be a Wall of Fame/System/Station Names for such players whom donate accounts or assets for charity.

Thank you

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See YouTube vid “100 years of Suppressed Cancer Cures”
Makes you wonder…

Account transfers for any reason are against the rules regardless of the cause, as accounts are free there is nothing stopping you from going out and introducing these kinds of people to EVE and its possible that CCP might be able to look in to making a starter account type bundle that could be given out to charities that might include some sort of set of skins for ships or a set of T1 frigates etc to help them get started in the game, i mean i don’t really see what purpose giving a complete newbro access to 100mil SP etc would actually do for them as they wouldn’t have a clue what to do with the game

CCP has previously done “PLEX for good” drives in the past but those are normally for major disasters, as much as CCP would no doubt love to be able to help every charity under the sun its really not possible

I wonder If i leave my acc in my will can it be transferred to my nearest and dearest after my demise?

Just get the charity in question to install a gaming pc then walk in type username and password and stay in the room until the session is finished. Job done.

Why, why you hate them so :slight_smile:
I honestly wanted to mock OP to my heart’s content but i couldnt find anything that life haven’t tried on him already :frowning:

So… Youre saying these cancer patients would be using your account?

Well, you could always just have the cancer patient create a new account and transfer your char to their account. Pay the 20 dollar fee yourself.

On a side note, i have a disability. You could transfer your char to me.

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Nope, account transfers are prohibited regardless of the reason, anyone logging in to your account that is not yourself risks the account being banned

The real issue here is why add extra suffering to their lives by making them play eve instead of a more fun and easy game.

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