Belt "abyss like" improvements

Hello everyone.

While lurking in abyss I suddenly realized - “Thats’ how asteroid belts should be”.
The belt should be hard to navigate for L+ size ships.
The belts can be vast.
Not every stone can contain useful ore.

Just imagine how it would be if a belt contained 100+ random rocks with precious ores hidden in deep pockets.

Frig size harvesters / drones would be more of use.
Rorquals/ orcas would have trouble navigating there.

So that is my idea for CCP.
Please think on asteroid belts remake to make it LARGE, remove “all rocks yield loot”. Perhaps like an abyss.

Thank you.

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The GSM would never let something like that through.

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Instanced mining!!

…a slippery slope indeed…

NO -1

The OP never mentioned instanced, that was just you.

His idea is that you can’t just warp to the beld and start mining. You have to move through the belt, not in a straight line, but manoeuvre through it. Would also make it impossible for rorqs to just warp out, since they first have to move out of the belt.

I do like the sentiment but I fear the EVE client would “grow” to a 100 Gigabyte base install size.
Those textures are huge and even though they look stunning to say the least, we have to consider that not everyone can use a 500Gbit/s fiber wire internet connection to support those data requests.

I can hear the hamsters crying already - distance checks, location checks, oh my.

I like this. Good luck programming a bot to maneuver through collidables. They would have to increase yield a lot to compensate though.

Not a lot, since yield is too high atm anyway.

20 mil worth of ore an hour is too high? Kek miners are poors or bots. Just afraid of ship prices becoming absolutely ridiculous if mining actually required attention.

You know apparently near zero about botting capabilities. Bots can be made to carry out fairly sophisticated combat it is a problem that WOW has both in pve and pvp.

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