Kernite Anyone?

Before the vile patch hit, finding a good vein of Kernite in 0.5 - 0.6 was an enjoyable task for us mentally disturbed miners. Crap, now Kernite is dropping like the heavy rain is dropping up here in the NE this morning.

Matter of fact that’s all I have been mining up here last 4 hours, at 4 million a vent load and current prices (I’m dealing 320 - 399 per Unit) and with War going on I’ll be a billionaire by tomorrow night. Thanks dev’s for catering to those supporting Omega with their paper route money, now rock splitting can be dropped into the Shiiter… oxoxoxox o7

Adapt or die.

Leve your comfort zone of hisec and mine your kernite.

Plagioclase and Veldspar still give much more isk/m3 than kernite. Why you mine it anyway?

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I thought you just recovered your account like a day ago?

And yet youre talking as if youve been playing for the past year.

Also, hard to understand if youre complaining about the changes or in support of it.

He collects kernite. Duh. He has the biggest kernite collection in the world.

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Your venture will be very hard to catch in low sec.

You’re going to be fine.

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No solo, my first day back was write around Sept 20th, i was gone for a year when steam acct was stolen, I just relive the good times here, passionate about all the game has to offer, the minds a little flaky with the heavy PD meds i take daily so forgive my way of grammer or wordage used,

Mr. Yamota, did you by any chance have relational service ties to the famed battle ship Yamato World War II? or am I on the wrong page… 8(

And yes agreed, been with the vent about a week and doing ok, looking forward to vent upgrade soon, going to V3


OP is sus

I was in the lab doin tests anyway bro

ayeee Laddie, Agreed! 8)




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Well me family does eat, sleep and screw from the northern tribes to the southern range good sir, stop by en have a few manly pints of suds ya wont soon forget, anything over room temp is mules piss so beware… Laddie! 8)

PS… I see what I can do about getting ya one of them girls ya know, the ones that can suck golf balls through a garden hose, yee know what eee mean ayeee yeeess!

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Ayeeee. 8)

Meh, if you are in caldari space, and sold it cheaper than what Jita did, just for that storyline mission, id consider buying 8,000 of them off of you at a time… but at the moment i still have a stack of 120k from previous year moon mining…

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