58 yr ole gamer and Innocent...!

58 year old gamer, started with pong back in the 70’s, and I just want to state "58 YEAR OLD GAMER AND IM INNOCENT! I do not even know were to begin if I even wanted to hack a steam account!

Played eve since 2000 and have just returned to New Eden after a year off, but not too happy looks like my game acct (Steam) was banned for an acct violation, during the period of time when I had no access to the acct! Steam returned acct access to me a few weeks ago after finally tracking down the out of country culprit. Hope to be back with my ole toon most of you new as 'JesusChristAlmighty" and my Orca, SOON!



Welcome back!


Hi Dad


Kids these days…

Oh crap! Did I just say that out loud?

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Valve will lock down (“ban”) your Steam account if it’s compromised, requiring you to go through a long process of recovering it. CCP doesn’t care what you do with your Steam account, because they’re not affiliated with Valve, aside from using their platform to sell their product.

I can imagine that you fell for a phishing attempt on Steam (care to share what kind it was?), but how exactly did your EVE account get banned? Phishers on Steam wouldn’t really care about your EVE account, I’d think…

Glad you got your Steam account back, and welcome back!

I don’t think the EVE account got banned, just access lost as the Steam account was banned.

I would suggest putting a support ticket in via support.eveonline.com… No idea how it works with steam accounts, but they can atleast investigate.

thanks Exa, just hope support can get back to me asap on this, I lured back 3 other CAPS who invested many hours into eve like myself and now waiting for me to get access to my ole toon :JesusChristAlmighty with an Orca side kick lol, will see what happens, in the meantime I needed a fix and started this chick up Trish… in memory of my wife who we lost a few years ago, FLy Safe 07’’’


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thx Dom, yes I did put in a ticket months ago, and just last week wa sin CHAT with Support who said he would look into it further…

all I know is my 15 year old steam acct was hacked with no access to my steam library for 11 months, then out of the blue a month ago Steam contacts me by email stating, my acct was reinstated and available with its 70 game library with a few extra big titles thrown in by the hacker which they would let me keep no charge for my troubles, kind of weird, but at least i received some big titles free free… maybe ill submit yet another ticket… thx for your input Gerard

Destiny, first off , none of us know the minds of a scammer, be it a 13 year ole kid or 70 year old grandad, bottom line Eve game time was logged when I had NO access to Eve acct or any other titles in my Steam Library. had the habit of screen shotting everything and had a screen pic with date and current game time displayed, it shows 877 hrs before I lost EvE access and 968 hrs when I received acct control again creating and then creating “Trish” under my old acct no problem, but still not being able to login with the toon name under that old acct name in question “JesusChristAlmighty”.

Condolences for the loss of your wife, but it’s a nice little way to remember her. Good luck with recovering your main account.

Thank you Exa, just wondering about those words "Innocent until proven guilty. And here’s part of the long support email reply they sent back 2 weeks ago…this one on a new ticket

“”“2-A “You are responsible and liable for all activities conducted through your Account, regardless of who conducts those activities.”""

So what this bright CCP support person is stating is that even though a hacker, scammer, whatever!! steals my acct, commits the dirty deeds using my acct with me having no access once so ever to the acct still makes it my fault and responsibility for the violation that who knows who committed half way around the World makes it my fault? You FKn kiddin me!



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Terms and conditions aren’t necessarily legal - they write them to protect themselves and avoid liabilities. I.E we’d be liable for the results of identity theft if 2.A were true.

However, in this case the dispute as I understand isn’t what was done with the account, but your restoration of control of the account?

Good luck in getting your account back, they refused to reinstate mines claiming some obscure reason that i hadn’t made it difficult enough to be scammer proof and that i was solely responsible for protecting the login information?

I would presume that one of the other rules will be something along the lines of “it is your responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure you minimise the account being compromised”.

The statement you quote can only cover anyone that lawfully access your account (i.e. “My little brother used my character” cant be used as an excuse, and is also handled by another rule forbidding such).

Otherwise, CCP would be dealing with thousands of reimbursement claims based on mythical little brothers.

That’s materially different to a stolen account, and in the UK (EU), when children have purchased on credit cards etc, they have been reimbursed according to the laws.

What is? The boiler plate to prevent CCP being held responsible for account violation results, or the boiler plate to protect Steam from it?

If they are in the same document, they will be referred to each other should the case arise.

No legal precendent exists in a vacuum.

A child using an account is different from having an account stolen (loss of control through theft).