What's with Kernite and Omber?

Watching the mineral prices dive, especially for mexallon, I can’t help but notice the major disconnect between kernite/omber and their respective mineral content. 100 ore selling in Jita for 5x-8x the price of the minerals from reprocessing (even with perfect refining) makes no sense to me.

Am I missing something obvious here?

im thinking the same thing…like what the ■■■■???

those are the two ores for the “Materials for War” storyline missions… due to CCP’s screw up with the ore distribution, you can no longer mine for omber/kernite in their respective places. So now, those who need it, have to travel further away possibly to get the ore they need, so its possible its been raised to similar for what the mission pays out for the implants given.

thats my uneducated guess.

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You see a screwup, I see a lowsec mining opportunity.

yea yea yea… still, they could have changed the missions around or not even messed with the ore distribution for those two in the first place.

They’ll fix it, sooner or later


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