Storyline missions after ore rebalance

Lv3 distribution agent wanting 10000 Omber in highsec. Cannot mine it in there anymore and there is not enough omber for sale in the whole region.

Probably exact same story with lv4 agents in most regions wanting 8k Kernite.

-> Decline mission. Thanks CCP!

EDIT: changed from mission forum to here, might get read at some point by devs…


But the super carrier resurrection animation next quarter will make up for any mission problems.

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USIA Runners have mentioned this a few times. My personal thoughts are: in the short term, perhaps CCP could increase standing gains from mining storyline missions to account for decreased accessibility and make these missions more rewarding to complete in terms of time/effort(/ISK if importing)? @Mike_Azariah 0.01 ISK for your thoughts

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This is no problem if you can fly freighters. Just haul enough ore from jita/amarr to your mission system. (8k kernite in jita is around 9M at the moment, still leaving quite a bit of room for profits for +4 implants)

If you cant fly freighters, its bit of a tough luck for you because it usually becomes too time consuming with normal haulers to bother anymore.

Obviously CCP can’t see past the end of their pointed noses.
And once my time is up, EVE DECLINED


Already in discussion with CCP about this, as of last week. But always tag me for this sort of thing, please. Just because I had this one already in hand does not mean I will not miss the next.

thank you



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