Missions not updated for Ore redistribution!

Details: Omber can’t be mined in Highsec.
10.000 Omber cost around 6 Million ISK in Rens.

Nice reward, CCP

This is a storyline mission and after doing like 10 Level 2 missions loosing 6Mil to get 0.11 Minmatar Standing seems like a great thing <_<


To make my point clear:
If a Level 4 Mission that was done in 20 minutes previously now would take 2 hours… it would be bad, right?
It’s the same for this mission just on a smaller scale!

@Brisc_Rubal - but this would require dev time!

Are you seriously surprised that CCP did not fix this? :thinking:

Now stop whining and go to low sec to mine Omber for 600k reward. :joy: (/s)

The fact that grinds my gears is, that CCP has just totally forgotten about mining missions and alike I think. Even if they want to update the system in the future, it’s pretty damaging to new players that accept a mission and then can’t find this ore anywhere around :frowning:
because a level 2 mining mission is not something you want to spend an hour on :frowning:

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What grinds my gears is that they just deleted the whole Jove storyline and rebooted it with Drifters and Triglavians. Lame.


So what you’re saying is that there is an opportunity for newer players to make isk massively undercutting the omber market until ccp fixes this? Adventure and profit?

You have a point though, Komi. Did you bug report that?

OR…it means ccp is killing off the mining missions! :open_mouth:

@CCP_Aurora !!!

I did file a report in case it is a bug (looks like it)

You guys know that the mission system is almost impossible to fix, so this is a mission that’s likely going to remain broken for a while. And they aren’t going to change the mineral distribution changes because it impacts a single mission.

Who says it only impacts a single mission?

The vast majority of missions won’t be impacted. Some will. I see almost no chance of them fixing any of them any time soon, because the code is too old and difficult to deal with, as they’ve said every time missions come up.

They told us that logging out to the character selection page was impossible, too. Then one day, it was done.

They never said it was technically impossible, as I recall. It was a policy decision about account safety.

I’m sure CCP has some plans for dealing with missions. They snuck in three new level two missions with a new system earlier this year. They just don’t want to spend/waste any time patcing a system that they consider obsolete.

This I agree with.

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They do removed a lot of asteroids from lv1 missions recently though.

But if they aren’t doing this again, you’ll still be able to find ombers and kernites in mission pockets, whatever sec it is.

That is a lie. The missions system has nothing at all to do with the question here, it is just a matter of adjusting the rewards. Furthermore, CCP has demonstrated that they are capable of using the mission system just fine to create new missions. The recent addition of new L2 missions, Dread Pirate Scarlet and the Burners are all proof of that. CCP just needs to fix their tools and stop being incompetent with them.

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As always, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

First, the question here is specifically about the mission system - it’s suggesting either we change the reward in this mission (hard to do), change the mineral requirement (hard to do), or put this mineral in high sec (which they just changed). Obviously, to fix the issue, they would have to go into this specific mission and change things, and that’s very difficult to do.

Second, you are making a massive assumption by claiming that they used the existing mission system to make new missions. This is an old mission, the examples you gave are of different, newer content made through different methods, as I understand it.

If I thought this was an easy fix, I’d just say “sure, let me go tell the guys to fix it.” I don’t believe it is.

Can they just delete this mission from the pool?

I don’t know. I doubt it. Like I said, if there was an easy back end solution to this, I would be pushing them to do it, since this is obviously broken now.

I think it’s much easier to just tell people to decline that mission than it is to try to fix it on the back end.