Mining in Missions

Have they removed asteroids from L4 security missions ?


Yes. .

Just L4 or all missions ?

All non-mining missions is what the patch notes said. I don’t know though, sometimes CCP doesn’t catch everything.


I sometimes think that they only catch something when I start doing it


Some missions may still have mineable asteroids; I don’t think anyone has done a comprehensive survey to update EVE Survival or EVE Uni.

The information in Eve Uni and Eve Survival is currently incorrect

no they did not, they removed Ore Anomolies

there is still plenty of missions with ore in them


If you say so, boss.

dont say so, i know so…

the patch notes says ore anoms, the dev blogs said missions would not be touched for now…

And i run lv4’s and still mine in them.

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Well They are gone from every L4
I have done today

I didn’t know they had removed mining anoms

guess your not looking too hard then…this Duo of death btw…i know there are others.


They are gone from Recon and infiltrated outpost

and also that mission with the EoM guys… they replaced the ore rocks with asteroid objects

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Gone Berserk ?

And soon as stated all loot removed from missions to prevent mineral reprocessing that way.

Will people be refunded their scrap metal SP ?

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Why would they be refunded?

The value of scrapmetal reproc has increased, and the skill (and therefore the SP allocated to that skill) has become more valuable, not less. Why would there be a refund?